Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews:

If you are an aging male, odds are you have some nose and ear hairs that are starting to grow a little too large for your liking. By age 30, men definitely see an increase in protruding hairs not only from their nose, but from their ears as well. The older you get it will probably only get worse, so dealing with it now is the best solution. Buying a nose hair trimmer or clipper can seem like an embarrassing thing, but millions of men own them. You do need some hair in your nose or ears as it is natures way of protecting those orafaces from getting dirt and other particles from entering your body. A nose hair trimmer should be used to simply cut or trim the hair shorter, not to pluck it out completely. Personal grooming devices like nose hair clippers will solve the unwanted hair growing from your nostrils or ears and do it in a safe manner. We have heard of many men using scissors that end up cutting themselves inside their noses and it's not good.
nose hair trimmer

How does a nose hair trimmer work?

The nose trimmer has a set of small rotary blades encased in stainless steel or chrome. Most of the trimmers have battery powered electric motors and tiny external combs are used at the front of the device to protect your nose from the blades and help put the hairs in position to have them trimmed. Each nasal hair gets cut as it gets guided into the nose clippers. All of the better nose hair trimmers can be washed in water while in use and cleaning is quite easy. Nose hair trimmers have a "probe" like design which allows the trimmer to enter your nostril area and seek out ungroomed hairs that need trimming. Beard and mustache trimmers are not proficient nor designed properly to take on nostril hair, so only use nose hair clippers on nasal hair. Many nose trimmers double as ear hair trimmers as well, but you will need a mirror to be able to see what you are doing. I usually have my wife do my ears for me since it's pretty hard to see even with a mirror. The leading brands of electric nose hair trimmers are Braun, Panasonic, Wahl, Oster, Remington, Norelco, Motokata, and Sharper Image. They cost between $10 and $40. You can find manual nose hair clippers that function like nail trimmers, but too many reports of sliced open noses leads us to think they are dangerous and not worth the money. Also worth mentioning, DO NOT pluck nose hairs. Experts say plucking nasal hairs with tweezers can actually lead to infections if you cause small lesions in your nasal passage. As for reviews online, we found several comparisons and ratings for mens nose hair clippers and trimmers on sites like Amazon.com and Askmen.com. We did find that Panasonic nose hair trimmers rated the highest and were the best value. You can see all the top selling nose hair trimmers online here.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer:

The Panasonic ER421KC Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer ($15) is a best seller on Amazon and the reviews definitely support that title. The Panasonic nose trimmer has a built-in LED light that allows you to clearly see what you are trimming. The cordless nose hair trimmer will cut nasal hair precisely and safely. It's ergonomically designed to help you manage your nose hair trimming and grooming. The hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades cut evenly so that you will be left with enough hair folicals to still naturally protect against dirt and dust. To clean the ER421KC, just immerse it in water and rinse. The Panasonic nose clipper runs on 1 AA battery which will last up to 90 minutes. Owners say it trims and cuts with ease, although the light feature is not necessary. BEST - Although we like the ER421KC, the Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer offers some features that make it worth considering. The Groom Mate has a patented rotary blade system that is guaranteed to never dull. As many owners have said, "it's very effective and yet simple at the same time". It's cheaper than stainless steel noise hair scissors and the perfect solution to removing those unwanted nose hairs or stray hairs growing on your ears.

Luxury Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer:

For those of you who like expensive gadgets, then Sharper Image is probably a store you shop at. In terms of personal grooming devices, Sharper Images does produce some fancy looking products. The Sharper Image Turbo-Groomer 5.0 Nose Hair Trimmer ($40) is more than double what the Panasonic costs and it gets worse reviews overall. We feel that the Sharper Image nose hair trimmer goes way beyond what the average person needs. There is an interchangeable head that works on clearing unwanted ear hair and it also does eyebrows, mustaches, bears, and sideburn trimming. It is waterproof and cleans quite easily like the Panasonic. The cutting head has rotary blades that rotate at 6000 RPM and trim hair down to 1/16th of an inch. As with all nose hair trimmers, there can be some "tugging" at hairs which can be uncomfortable, but many owners say if you use it properly there should little or no discomfort. Users say even with the "turbo" blade spinning so fast, the Sharper Image doesn't cut nose hairs any faster than cheaper models. We do like the look and features of the Shaper Image trimmer, but beyond looks, you can get the Panasonic for less than 1/2 the price and the same results.

Budget Nose Hair Trimmer:

Askmen.com features the Motokata Nose Hair Trimmer in a recent online article as a quality nose hair trimmer that features a nosevac which sucks the cut nose hairs back out of the nose rather than forcing them upwards further into your nasal cavities. We read several reviews online from actual owners and found that the Michael Motokata trimmer didn't perform up to the standards set by other nose hair clippers from Panasonic, Wahl, or Remington. The Wahl 5545-506 Dual Head Wet/Dry Personal Trimmer ($12) is an economical purchase for anyone looking to get rid of overgrown nose hairs. The Wahl trimmer uses a dual head design with both a reciprocating and rotary head to thoroughly cut down unwanted nostril hair. Consumers say the Wahl "is a good trimmer" and "is a nice value for the price". Rinses out under water just fine for no mess. We found this model # on Amazon.com, but it's also available on several other consumer product sites.