Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Paper Shredder Reviews:

With concerns about the dangers of identity theft and worries about privacy, it has become increasingly important for businesses and individual to properly dispose of documents and records. That's right - we're talking about paper shredding and paper shredders. Not the most glamorous business products, these handy units do the job of protecting sensitive information and data and keeping it private. There are a few types of shredders - strip-cut shredders slice documents into long thin strips, while cross-cut makes the confetti style shreds. Strip-cut fills up a trash bin quicker, while cross-cut shredders can be more expensive. Fellowes paper shredders are among the most popular and widely respected. They bill themselves as "the worlds toughest shredders". Below we have some paper shredder reviews - best shredders for home use, business use, and commercial applications.

If you want reviews on these machines, we say start with Consumer Reports and see what they say. We have owned several over the years and most of the models that we have tried below the $80 mark just don't shred very fast or efficiently. Most get bogged down within a few minutes of running and their motors stress just to keep up. Websites like Paper-shredder-reviews.com and Epinions offer up complete, in-depth reviews on all models of shredders for home and office use. Most experts agree that the cross cut paper shredders are the style to buy for the best results. Also, most say you should purchase "more" shredder than you may think you need. The wastebasket or bin under the shredder mouth should be easy to access and emptied when full. Head to head reviews from Money Magazine and the Wall Street Journal helped us compare the different models and brands on the market. Amazon is a great source since they have customer comments and feedback on their website for all the most popular shredders. You can browse the top selling paper shredders online here.

Home Use Paper Shredders - Reviews

RECOMMENDED - For home use, the Fellowes 32197 Powershred SB-97Cs Shredder is less than $200 and is perfect for a home business operation, or just home financial and banking records that need to be properly disposed of. The SB-97Cs is a heavy duty personal shredder that will reduce your documents down to 5/32 x 1 1/2 inch confetti particles - virtually eliminating the chance that someone could piece together the pieces and steal your information. It is relatively quiet and does a clean, efficient job. The SafeSense technology keeps safety a priority - the shredder stops shredding when the paper entry is touched. The paper entry is 9 inches wide and will shred up to 17 pages per pass, credit cards, and even staples. I personally take out staples to keep the machine running quicker and when the 10 gallon wastebasket gets full I just empty it and keep shredding my documents. You get a 7 year limited warranty on the Fellowes and total daily capacity is roughly 1700 sheets. Once or twice a year I run my shredder and get rid of old tax documents, insurance forms, medical claims, etc. Works like a charm and is well worth the investment versus buying the cheaper paper shredders that just bog down and get you frustrated.

Fellowes Paper Shredders

About the size of a trash can, Fellowes makes industrial strength paper shredders for business use. The Powershred C-480H is one of their most powerful units. It meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for High Security Cross Cut Shredders, and is designed for offices with 10 or more users. In can shred 7 pages at a time into tiny showflake style particles. Constructed with hardened steel cutters, paperclips and staples are no problem for this shredding monster. It sells for just over $4000. The Powershred C-480C is a little cheaper at $1600. It handles all the normal paper duties, plus has a special slot for CDs and DVDs. A removeable waste basket makes it easy to empty the shredder when full. RECOMMENDED - If you are need a reliable office paper shredder that will be used by multiple people everyday, then go with the award winning Fellowes Powershred C-420C 22-24 sheet Confetti Cut Shredder which sells for less than $1200 and should solve all your paper shredding needs. There is a turbo jam release which clears all jams safely and efficiently. The C-420C handles CDs, credit cards, staples, and paperclips so even when office workers are just shredding paper, it will handle the load. The machine will shred 22 to 24 sheets per pass with a maximum of 14 feet per minute. With a 12" paper entry width and a 32 gallon pull-out basket for all the shredded documents, you should be able to get through all your paperwork. You get a 20 year warranty on the cutter and a 2 year warranty on the machine. The confetti shreds guarantee that your shredded documents are unreadable and the information on them can't be stolen for identity theft or other purposes. Check out all the most popular Fellowes shredders here.

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder:

Some home owners and those working in smaller offices require a more heavy duty shredder compared to those that are sold mostly for "personal" use. Many companies don't need the more expensive Fellowes we mention above, but their small office does require a durable and reliable shredder to take on daily shredding. RECOMMENDED - The Fellowes Powershred C-120 18-20 sheet Strip Cut Shredder is a top ranked model that falls somewhere between high end home shredder and low end office shredder. The Powershred C-120 is powerful enough to handle 18 to 20 sheets per pass and it shreds at a rate of 20 feet per minute. The paper entry width is 9.5 inches wide so it can shred most types of paperwork or documents without a hitch. The 20 year warranty on the cutter and the 2 year warranty on the machine are added benefits when buying this Fellowes. Fellowes say the shredder works best in offices with 5 employees or less. One owner says "it's the best confetti shredder for our office" and another calls it a "reliable workhorse". The one thing that resounds in all the reviews we read about this shredder is that owners were happy they had spent the extra money to get a heavy duty shredder that has less jams than cheaper models and keep their shredding going strong.

For mobile paper shredding needs, companies like Allegheny Paper Shredders brings the solution to your work site, and destroys and shreds sensitive documents right in their portable trucks. North American Shredding is another company in the mobile, onsite shredding business. Their website is Northamericanshredding.com.

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