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I recently was shopping for a pogo stick for my 9 year old daughter and found out that pogo sticks have come a long way since my childhood. One of the kids in our neighborhood had recently sported a new pogo stick and all the kids seemed to have a good time trying it out so I figured I'd buy one for my daughter.

Technology has really boosted the bouncing ability on modern pogo sticks but you can still purchase the old fashioned spring powered pogos for about $40 to $60. What I did find was that there are newer versions with air spring designs from Flybar or Vurtego that allow a user to hop several feet into the air without much trouble at all. They are part of a new extreme pogo stick industry that is taking the sport to a whole new level.

The Vurtego V3 Pro and the Flybar 800 both sell for around $200 but reviews from owners are overwhelmingly positive on these high end pogo sticks. I know these would be too much for my daughter, but my son (13 years old) thought they looked cool enough to try out.

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The video below shows the Vurtego vs the Flybar pogo stick:

What to look for in a pogo stick?

Most sporting good stores sell pogo sticks and often you can find the cheap ones in toy stores like Toys R Us or even at Target or Walmart. We looked online at Amazon.com since they carry the leading brands and found some excellent consumer feedback on all types of pogo sticks. One of the main concerns of people forking over $200 for the best pogo sticks is that they will last.

Durability on most was quite good as much of the owner comments were from those who had owned the pogo sticks for more than a year without a problem. Another concern of mine was about safety since these improved pogo sticks jump quite a bit higher than the ones I grew up with. Most parents (and experts too) agree that wearing a helmet is always a good idea, especially with the sticks that go up 4 feet or higher.

Kids pogo sticks still seem harmless enough, such as the Deluxe Pogo Stick listed on Amazon for under $50. The design remains the same with a handle up top, a spring mechanism in the middle and foot rests near the bottom. Get the pogo stick going up and down and see how long you can balance and jump on it.

Overall, your kids will increase their coordination and ability to balance on these things. Some companies have recently published videos of their high flying pogo sticks so you can view them before buying. Amazon has quite a few of these pogo stick videos you can watch on their product pages. You can browse the top selling pogo sticks here

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Best Pogo Stick:

RECOMMENDED - Want to talk about fun, the Vurtego V3 Pro Pogo Stick comes in 3 sizes - small, medium, or large - so that all ages can have fun with it. This high performance pogo stick is a great way to get exercise as you learn to master it's capabilities. The air spring technology is the magic behind this exciting pogo stick. Owners say the cardio workout you get when on it is amazing - "helps my core strength and balance" says one customer. It's recommended for ages 12 and older sinc the jumping capability from it are superior to the average pogo stick on the market.

The Vurtego pogo stick is $300+ but in reviews we read, owners say it's worth the $$$. The V3 is both lightweight and strong giving you the ultimate workout on a stick. The stainless steel slide shaft is rotated 45 degrees providing added strength. The manufacturer says that protective gear is a must - that includes helmet, gloves, good pair of shoes, and elbow/knee pads. The video on Amazon shows this in action and it's looks awefully fun.

To check out how to use a pogo stick and learn tricks - click the image below to go to video.

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Flybar 800:

In our research for pogo sticks no one name came up more often than Flybar. They have produced top performing pogo sticks for years and their popular models are the 1200 and 800. The Flybar 1200 is more expensive and reviews were no better, so we RECOMMENDED the Flybar 800 Pogo Stick at just under $200.

With the potential to jump up to 4 feet off the ground, the Flybar 800 is definitely not a little kids toy. Meant for those 12 and older, it supports 80 to 180 pounds. The elastometric spring system will help vault you high into the air so you can do tricks and then land safely (hopefully). The video we watched on Amazon shows some expert riders performing on this pogo stick. The Flybar is adjustable based on your weight and ability. Start with a lower setting with the thrusters and work your way up.

The longer you set the piston, the higher the bounce. Professional skateboarder Andy MacDonald was one of the driving forces behind the Flybar extreme pogo sticks as he wanted something to experiment with beyond his skateboard. A few reviews mention that they "couldn't get the pogo stick to jump as high as adverised" but the vast majority had no problem at all so we assume it was operator error. My 13 year old has been having fun on this and he's still working on his height. He wears his protective gear in case he takes a bad spill, but for now the Flybar 800 is performing like we thought.

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Basic Pogo Stick:

Many of the advanced pogo sticks are meant for kids 12 or older, so we wanted to list at least 1 product designed for younger children. The Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is what most beginning pogo stickers should have. Designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 9 it comes fully assembled. The metal frame has a softer foam cover and the extra wide foot pads provide the added stability that youngsters need to gain confidence.

The Flybar Maverick junior pogo stick supports kids 40 to 80 pounds in weight. The Deluxe Pogo Stick for beginners as parental reviews are mostly positive on this one as well. For an alternative - check out Stilts Here.

More videos and resources are here on our Pogo Stick Resource Page.

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