Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Pool Float Reviews:

During the hot months of summer there is nothing better relaxing in a swimming pool. Even better is floating on a pool float and letting the suns rays rejuvenate you. We recently moved to a home in the desert that has a pool so I looked into buying the family some pool floats to enjoy the water. They have advanced in the last decade as I remember the blowup mattresses that we used as kids. Today you will find swimming pool loungers, recliner pool floats, and tubes. The pool float chairs make it so you almost never have to get wet while basking in the sun on top of the water. I prefer the floats that let you just barely submerge part of your body so you can stay cool while still being in the sunshine. Most swimming supply stores carry pool floats as well as stores like Sports Authority, Walmart, Target, Frontgate and online at Amazon.com. Many stores will only carry these summer items on a seasonal basis, but you can always buy them year round on the Internet. Pricing is all over the board - minimum cost is about $15 while the high end floating chairs go for $100. Look for brands like Intex, Swimline, Swimways, PoolMaster, Aqua Leisure, SportsStuff, Kelsyus and Texas Recreation.
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Chaise loungers for swimming pools are the best for luxury floats. You literally rest on the waters surface - many have cup holders so you can have your favorite beverage at arms length. Pool floats and loungers are often inflatable, but many of the newer models have part blowup and part mesh. Your body is supported by the mesh, but at the same time you are submerged into about a foot of water - your head stays dry on one end and your feet are out of the water as well. Some of the pool floats for kids are similar, except instead of lying down, the smaller kids stay upright with their feet and legs in the water while their shoulders and heads remain above water. One of the classics in this category is the Texas Recreation Sunray Pool Float which features a raised headrest, while your body gently floats along the surface of the water. It gives you enough buoyancy to feel comfortable, but also to get cooled off in the water. Great for lounging on the water - priced at $90. Pool float chairs like the Poolmaster Water Chair Lounger are just as popular - 2 armrests make you very relaxed while your neck, head, and body are fully supported. The Intex Floating Recliner Lounge is another top seller - features 2 air chambers, 2 cup holders, and 18 gauge vinyl. Perfect for pools, lakes, etc. One step up from the Intex lounger is the sportsstuff Siesta Lounge (see below for full review). It's slightly more expensive but offers a more durable design and built to last whether used in lakes or swimming pools. The last of the "best" loungers is the Kelsyus Floating Lounger - it sells for under $50 but reviews say it's the best value as it's durable and comes with an easy to use carrying bag. Pool float reviews are abundant on websites like Amazon.com. You can browse the most popular pool floats here.

Best Pool Float:

RECOMMENDED - It's easy to choose the Kelsyus Floating Lounger if you want to relax in a swimming pool and stay cool. The older pool floats always were more like a mattress that wanted to keep you above the water and dry. What I like about the modern floats for pools is that they allow you to submerge just enough to stay cool. The Kelsyus is just that and at less than $50 we say it's a good value too. The inflatable floating lounger lets you soak up the suns rays while letting your body stay cool on a hot day. It's easy to inflate and the best part of all is that when you are done, the pool float folds up nice and compact and fits in a carrying bag. The float includes a backrest and extended ottoman for the ultimate comfort. The mesh material has held up so far, although we did read one review from someone who said the nylon fabric was "too easy to tear". Unless you are trying to jump into the floating lounger, I think the mesh will hold up ok. Great product and easy to use in any pool or water environment. I'm even thinking about taking ours to a lake this summer and test it out there.

Floating Recliner Lounge:

RECOMMENDED - Perhaps you are looking for something a little more durable and meant for water activities beyond just swimming pools. The sportsstuff Siesta Lounge is probably what you are searching for. SportsStuff is well recognized in this industry and they have a huge variety of inflatable towables if you are into boating on lakes. The Siesta Lounge is only $50 and owners say it's a "great value". It features a heavy-gauge PVC bladder and a full nylon cover. You get an inflatable backrest and a mesh seating area. Comes with zippered storage compartments and molded cupholders. In our eyes it is a step up from the Kelsyus (above), but not everyone wants this much for their pool. The feedback from owners say it's an "awesome pool chair" that is also "perfect for floating on lakes". Some have even tried tubing down slow moving rivers in this lounger. If you want a durable pool float chair or one that will handle just fine on a lake, go with the Siesta Loung. Looking to go a big cheaper, consider the Intex Floating Recliner Lounge at just $30. Features 2 cup holders, 18 gauge vinyl, and heavy duty handles, this floating lounger for pools is a good buy. I prefer the mesh type floats that let you get a little wet (and help you stay cool), but the Intex will keep you dry and relaxing on top of the water.