Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Potty Training Chair Reviews:

Potty training is one of the last stages that a toddler goes through that takes them completely beyond a baby. It's also one of the most trying and difficult things to accomplish as a parent if you are not armed with the proper technique and time to make it happen. Most certified doctors and child psychologist will say you can start potty training after the child is 2 and usually not before (although some children are ready at a younger age). To potty train your child should not take 6 months or even 6 weeks. Most studies show that the average 2 to 2 1/2 year old can be potty trained in less than a week and more often than not in just 3 days. Keep in mind that boys usually get this concept after girls do so don't be upset if your 2 old boy doesn't become potty trained like his older sister did at 2. There can be some setbacks along the way when doing potty training, but being consistent and using proven methods and techniques are what will make it happen. You can't expect your child to learn how to use a toilet if you are not consistent with the process. Dedicate at least a weekend and perhaps even a week to "going potty" in the potty or toilet with your child and you will see results if you follow a plan.
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There are countless potty training tips out there and we say find one that you feel comfortable with and go with it. Again, it's proven kids that are ready to learn can do it in a few days and if it doesn't happen it means either you didn't follow the program or your child just isn't ready yet and you should try it again in a few months. You need patience and positive reinforcement to get past this stage and a fun potty for your child. Basic potty chairs are one piece and usually quite simple and portable and should be easy for your toddler to squat on. A potty chair with a removable cup is what we recommend for easy cleanup. We used the Potty N Step Stool product with our daughter and it worked fine. If you have an older child (3 to 4) you can always consider a potty seat or toilet seat that fits over standard round toilets that your child can sit on instead of the smaller potty chairs. Some kids get anxious when they are over the actual toilet when they are first learning, so go with what makes your child the most relaxed. Travel potty chairs and seats are often both portable and disposable which makes them easy to take with you. Some of the more sophisticated potty chairs play songs or have Elmo's voice on them rooting the child on. Have plenty of real underwear or pull ups available during this process so you can quickly get your child on the potty and attempting to go pee. We read dozens of reviews on Amazon.com and Epinions as well as visited baby supply stores to see which baby potty chairs work the best and are easiest for kids to get potty trained on. See the results below. You can browse the top selling potty chairs online here.

Best Potty Chair:

The BabyBjorn Potty Chair ($25) is the overall winner for potty chairs with almost all reviews on every site being extremely positive. The chair comes in a variety of colors that fit both boys and girls preferences and the removable inner potty make it easy to clean. Parents like the rubber grips on the bottom and the sturdy backrest and arm rests which make this hard to tip. It fits children in a variety of weights - one women had both a 25lb daughter use it and later her 42lb son learned on it. Parents like the simple construction with "no spaces for bacteria to collect" which keeps it sanitary and clean. The splash guard is adequate for boys so no more peeing out of the potty chair. Most owners say they ordered a 2nd Baby Bjorn Potty Chair to put in an upstairs or downstairs bathroom so the child was always familiar with the chair and could get to the potty on time. See all the most popular potty chairs online here.

Top Rated Potty Seat:

Once again the Baby Bjorn products seem to dominate this category. The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer - ($30) - this ergonomic seat is both comfortable and safe for little ones sitting on adult size toilets. The seat is adjustable so you can have it fit any toilet seat. The curved and slanted splashguard helps prevent splashes and there are no sharp angles or points to hurt your child on. Parents say this is great for traveling needs or when using public restrooms. It's secure and keeps your child away from unclean surfaces (a big concern of parents with potty training kids). We found that many of the parents that bought the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair also ended up buying the Toilet Trainer as a transition from little potty chair to big toilet. Both Baby Bjorn products are available on Amazon.com or Target.com. See the top rated potty seats online here.

Dr Phil's Potty Training Method:

Dr Phil, the famous TV psychologist, has his own potty training tips and you can find them on his website at Drphil.com. The general method is to get a doll that will wet themselves if they drink too much so the child can see how things work. The child will "teach" the doll how to go on the potty. Both child and doll drink liquid and then you have a big celebration/party after the dolls goes successfully. The doll then gets big kid underwear and your child will have an incentive to perform to get the big party too. Keep having your child drink the liquid and keep asking them if they need to go. If they pee in their pants or have an "accident" as most kids say it's ok. Once they have achieved any success (even if it's just a little), through the big party and call their favorite super hero or character on the phone to have them tell what they did. It's a great positive reinforcement for any kid and will build on their potty training skills.

Potty Training Techniques and Secrets:

One way to get started in the potty training process is to buy a book on the topic and get up to speed on a particular method or plan. Then you can get the necessary supplies and set aside time to do it. The 4 most popular title (all offered at Amazon) are Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro ($10), Potty Training in One Day: A Guide for Today's Parents ($15), Potty Training 1-2-3: What Works, How it Works, Why it Works ($10), and Early-Start Potty Training ($11). All books provide some great tips and secrets on making the experience both positive and successful on the first attempt. The Sesame Street - Elmo's Potty Time DVD ($9) is a popular potty training video, but the reviews we read were mediocre at best and most parents weren't really sure if it helped or not.