Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Britax Car Seat Reviews - Best Britax Car Seats:

When it comes to infant and baby car seats, Britax is the leader in the industry. Although a relative newcomer to the United States, Britax has sold car seats in Australia, Europe and England for more than 30 years. Their excellence in safety and engineering has helped gained a solid following amongst parents and even high end auto makers like Porsche and Mercedes Benz. The Britax car seats and child booster seats are more expensive than the competition, but the quality construction and safety record are what sets them apart and parents appear eager to pay the price for their little ones. Just recently Britax expanded their line of stroller products to include new models that are lightweight and easy to maneuver with all-wheel suspension. We will go into detail as to why the Britax car seats can fetch such a premium and go over consumer reviews where particular features are described as being "the best".
britax car seats

The best selling Britax car seat is the Britax Marathon ($270). This convertible car seat is rear facing for infants and toddlers 5 to 33 pounds and forward facing for 1 years olds and kids up to 65 pounds. All reviews from parents were very positive on Amazon with high ratings for the comfort foam and EPS protective foam, the tangle free 5-point harness, patented HUGS system, one hand recline adjustment, and the removable, washable fabric cover. The Britax Roundabout is another convertible car seat that gets great reviews from parents for its versatile tether and safe guard LATCH connectors and Consumer Report magazine gave it an "excellent" rating for its safety features. Most owners say the price is not an issue since the seat can be used for years to come. Lastly, the adjustable straps are "the easiest on the market to use" says one reviewer which makes the car seat a "best buy" from both men and women. The Decathlon LATCH Car Seat - Hampton model ($285) from Britax is the most popular selling Britax product on Amazon.com. Parents like the 3 different slots for the crotch strap since that is often an area of problems with other car seats from Evenflo or Graco. The Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat in Park Avenue ($300) is another hot seller on Amazon and even with the big price tag, owners say it's a great buy. They like the easy to adjust shoulder straps, the fact that it is big, (great for tall kids), great safety features, soft fabric and fun designs. The only drawback we read about was that the size (as we mentioned it's big) gets in the way in smaller model cars like a VW Jetta. The Britax Regent Youth Seat ($250) is meant for children 1 and older and can hold kids 22-80 pounds. The tangle free harness and extra thick foam padding make this another great buy from Britax. The Britax Companion Infant Car Seat ($200) is rear facing only and meant for infants 4-22 lbs and up to 30 inches tall. Although it is heavier than other competitors models, parents say the added safety features and its sturdiness make it better. For forward facing car booster seats, the Britax Parkway and Britax Monarch are considered top rated as well for about $100. The Parkway is good for children 30-100 lbs and from 30 inches to 60 inches tall while the Monarch is best for kids 38 inches to 60 inches tall with the same weight features as the Parkway. Some kids/parents complain about the headrest wraps as being uncomfortable, but just as many said they liked the added safety feature for protection. Britax has always been known for having creative car seat covers and they recently released a collegiate product series of seat covers for parents that want to support their alumni. You can browse the top selling Britax car seats here.

Britax Strollers:

Britax took their name brand with infant car seats and developed a line of baby strollers that matches all others on the market. Although they are innovative, they are not complicated in any way for parents to use them. The 3 top sellers are the Britax Preview, Britax Vigour, and the Britax Verve. The Britax Preview stroller sells for about $140 and is an excellent lightweight stroller option that is compatible with the "Companion" car seat. Owners say the Preview maneuvers easily in restaurants and folds up nice and compact. The one drawback is that when the Britax Preview is opened up the seatback is always in the upright position which means if you want to attach the Companion car seat you will need to lower the seatback before doing so. The Britax Vigour Reversible Stroller and Travel System ($350) is a high end stroller with lots of great features like working with the Companion infant car seat. The stroller is rather bulky and heavy and may not be worth the price. It's one of the few Britax products where consumer reviews were not as good as we would have thought. Many people said that yes it was nice but those that owned other Britax products didn't feel that it lived up their standards for the cost. The Britax Verve is a unique looking stroller that sells for about $200. It has a stylish look would go well in any metro area. It's 3 wheeled design keeps it compact, light weight (aluminum), and easy to fold/unfold. Parents say it's easier than other strollers to get into tight space in stores and on the street.

Britax Recalls:

As with the other manufacturers of child safety restraints for cars, Britax has some issues with government recalls for various reasons. You can check out your product online at http://www.britaxusa.net/support/recall.aspx. Britax has direct links to model # and product. A few of the Husky and Wizard restraints have some recall instructions on their site so be sure to check out the latest details.