Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Coin Counter Reviews and Buying Guide - Best Money Sorters:

When I was growing up I used to count all my change and put it in those tubes to take to the bank. First you had to sort through all the coins, then count them into groups - 50 pennies, 40 nickels, 50 dimes, 40 quarters. I would always recount my totals just to make sure they were correct before placing the coins into the money tubes. It was fun as a kid to do this, but as I started to accrue more change over the years I realized how tedious this task could be. If you only have $20 or so then the process isn't so bad, but once you start getting into the $100's the task can take hours to do. I once had about $550 worth of change at my parents house when I was a teenager, it was a great way to save money because at some point it's hard to spend that kind of change versus regular bills. I took the entire amount on a road trip to Lake Tahoe (Nevada) when I turned 21 and decided I would get it exchanged at one of the casinos coin counting machines for real dollar bills. They do this service for free and still do as far as I know. You can buy coin counters for your home, although the majority of the machines I saw online were for small business owners that need to count through their coins each day and return the excess to the bank.
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The consumer coin counters don't always get the best ratings as I found on Amazon.com but parents didn't buy these for their households to be perfect. Many are just a way to get kids to save a few bucks and have fun doing it. We have listed a few of the top products for home coin counters below with names, prices, and descriptions. We realize that serious business owners need more professional coin sorters and counters to help clear out their registers everyday. Royal Sovereign makes a line of coin counters and sorters - click to see their listings. The Accubank AB410 is a high quality machine that will do the job in most stores. The Ribao CS-50 Professional High Capacity Coin Counter/Sorter ($450) is a reliable counter which does speeds of 2300 coins per minute which can be found online at Letterfolders.com. Banksupplies.com is another excellent online source for coin counters with a few of their machines priced below $200. Supposedly the average person has something like $100 in change sitting around their house in piggy banks or change containers so get it all together and use a coin sorter and counter to add up your totals. It's amazing how change can add up over a year or two.

Best Home Coin Counter:

The Magnif Digital Coin Counter and Sorter ($50) is a cool machine to have around your house when adding up all that change you have accumulated over the last year or so. The digital coin sorter electronically sorts and counts coins and a grand total is displayed on the front of the machine as it counts. The hopper can handle 50 coins at a time and you can have the Magnif fill coin wrappers if you wish to get them ready for taking to the bank. We found this coin counter online at Homecoincounters.com plus several other models to choose from. Some of the money wrapper motorized coin sorters I have tried in the past haven't always done a great job of stacking, sorting and counting coins. I feel that the Magnif counter does the best job of all of counting pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters, and even the new dollar coins. It will definitely save you time if you constantly are filling up the spare change jar at home and need to count it out. I found that my kids liked the idea of counting money and so I also purchased them a Discovery Amazing Money Jar Bank ($15) which keeps track of your money as you put it through the opening in the top. An LCD display keeps the running total and it does a good job of recognizing the value of each coin (I was surprised). Good educational toy to get your kids to save a little money from their allowance. Amazon maintains a list of the best-selling coin sorters here.

Top Rated Office Coin Counter:

Small businesses that deal with a lot of changes and coins each day must have an easy way to count the money and sort it out at the same time. The Accubanker AB410 Coin Counter ($249) is just the counter of choice for many small business owners. The compact and fast machine will count up to 600 coins per minute and can handle 300 coins at a time. It's much more powerful than the home coin counters mentioned above and will speed up your coin sorting process instantly. The Accubanker AB410 features an easy to read screen which provides information like quantity and value of the coins being sorted. It's recommended for banks, supermarkets, retail locations, movie theaters, and any other place of business where coins are accepted as payment. For a professional coin counter and sorter, go with the Accubanker.

Public Coin Counters - Money Sorters:

For years I have been using my banks coin counter at Wells Fargo. The only stipulation on being able to come into the bank and have them count your coins in their machine is that you need an active account with them. My son loves visiting the bank each year when we take his piggy bank full of coins and see how much money we have saved. As the bank employee pours out the coins, the machine quickly siphons through the various pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters while it keeps track of the total on the side of the machine. The first year we took our huge jar full of coins and were astonished that it added up to almost $600. I like that the usage is FREE to customers. If you don't mind paying a little to get your spare change counted quickly and turned into cash, consider using the CoinStar systems found around the United States. Often located in or near shopping and grocery stores, the Coinstar machines can count up to 600 coins per minute. You will literally turn your coins into cash in minutes. There is a catch however. Coinstar, for their efforts, takes roughly 8.9 cents per dollar that is counted. For the latest details on fees see their website HERE. The machines will spit out a voucher that you can redeem for cash within the store or buy products. The one way to get FREE counting and no payment due is when you exchange the coins for a Gift Card or eCertificate. Use their "machine locator" search function on the website (type in your ZIP code) and find the location nearest you. I found 4 machines within a 2 miles radius of my house.