Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Comforter Reviews:

When the temperatures start to drop in the fall and winter, having a comforter on your bed can make all the difference between a good nights sleep and no rest at all. Your body needs to stay warm during the cold winter months and I have always found that adding a comforter to the top of my bed keeps me warm and cozy throughout the night. Even with flannel sheets my wife is often chilly, but having a down comforter on our bed for extra insulation makes it perfect. We used to have a basic cotton comforter and recently upgraded to a down filled blanket. Living in California for years we had no reason to for a down comforter but once we moved north to Portland, Oregon the winters were colder and having some extra warmth during the cold nights made sense. We have tried electric blankets, but prefer the comforters along with flannel sheets. Most comforters run between $50 and $200 - they should last for years and ultimately will save you money on your heating bill if you turn the heat down at night once into your warm bed.

Choosing the Right Comforter:

Often comforters are made out of down, silk, satin, microsuede or goose down. You can get comforters for all bed types - king, queens, twin, daybed, etc. The luxury comforter sets will cost upwards of $500 for the Hungarian goose down, 400-thread count, and baffled to maintain loft and prevent cold spots. Croscill comforters and Ralph Lauren comforters, were the nicest we saw with king comforters costing $450. Down comforters are great for cold weather areas, they will definitely keep you warm at night. The popular reversible comforters are great for changing the look of your room and bedding in minutes. For those of us who are allergic to real down, there are alternative down comforters to keep the allergies away. Thomasville and Nautica offer some excellent flannel or denim comforters which still hold the heat and look great. Sometimes it's a good idea to buy a duvet, essentially a cover for the comforter. A white, down comforter looks terrific, but if you spill something on that beautiful white look, it will be ruined. Having a duvet cover will protect the comforter from stains and keep it in perfect condition. Where to buy a comforter? It seems that all major department stores carry a variety of comforters - sometimes only seasonally. We prefer stores like Macy's or Target. You can browse the most popular comforters and sets here.

Best Comforters:

Is there really one comforter that stands out amongst the rest. I would say no. One of the top sellers online is the Royal Hotel's 1200 Thread Count Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter which sells for $150. It's allergy free, hypo allergenic, and beautiful. You can go with the goose down alternative which is cheaper at $60 to $70 for the Chezmoi or Natural Comfort collections. The majority of the top sellers on Amazon all get excellent reviews, so no matter what you purchase, you will be happy with the product. The goose down comforters are recommended for dry clean only, while the heavy fill alternatives are machine washable and dryable. This makes caring for them simple and easy. We found that Amazon carries all bed sizes including twin extra long and European. Queen and king size comforters are the most common. I bought the Natural Comfort full size comforter for my daughter - her older cotton comforter just wasn't cutting it anymore and she absolutely loves the look and feel of the white goose down alternative. Turn down the heat, buy a quality comforter, and get cozy.