Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Cradle Swing Reviews:

With newborns you never know what to expect when you get them home. Some are fussy and colicky babies that never seem to be able to sleep. Parents are sometimes desparate just to sneak in a few hours of sleep and cradle swings are a great way to do this. Our son was a bit fussy and we used a Graco cradle swing with him. He would always fight the sleep, but after a few minutes of soothing rocking from side to side or front to back, he would eventually fall into a deep slumber. The cradle swings can be loud since the motorized mechanism has to move a child that weighs between newborn weight and 25 pounds. We put the cradle swing in our master bathroom where there was also a fan that we used to give it some background noise as well. The motion on these infant swings resembles that of riding in a car and we all know that this will generally put little ones out like a light.
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Fisher Price is the clear leader in cradle swings as their products are bought at an amazing rate on Amazon.com. Graco is a well known name in baby gear, but a few years back they had some recalls on their swings which put a damper on their sales. They are now doing ok again with their Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center which costs quite a bit more than the competition at over $150. The Papasan cradle swing is the #1 seller on several baby websites and reviews support it completely. Some owners mention that the motor runs a little loud, but otherwise it does the trick and will put cranky newborns to sleep, or at least keep them pacified with a gentle rocking motion. Make sure you do the research before buying any swing and keep in mind that not all kids like the swinging motion. Experts advise you to test out a friends or relatives with your baby before splurging on a new unit. Also, an infant swing usually only holds a child up to 25 pounds so the lifespan of a product like that is not very long. Don't think you're doing yourself a favor by buying one of these when your 4 month old gets cranky. Look for cradle swings that have comfortable, padded seats, a choice of speeds for swinging or vibrating, and some music that can be played while the cradle is in motion. A mobile above the infants head with some characters or plush toys is a nice benefit, but certainly not needed. Many of the websites that reviewed cradle swings mention that you should probably not be buying one of these used since it could be defected and cause an unnecessary injury to your baby. You will find these in stores like Walmart, Toys R Us and Target. You can browse the top selling cradle swings here.

Best Cradle Swing:

The Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing ($120) is the top selling cradle swing on Amazon.com with over 1000 parental reviews listed for you to read. Nearly 70% of those reviews rate the Papasan cradle swing as a 5 out of 5 stars. The swing can move either front to back or side to side with 6 different speeds, 8 songs and nature sounds. The motorized mobile up above your infant has 3 characters - bird, dragonfly, and butterfly. The Nature's Touch Baby Papasan Cradle Swing will soothe any infant to sleep with a gentle swing and melodic tunes. The seat has a 2 position seat recline and you can insert a head support for your baby. Parents say they like the fact that the Fisher Price cradle swing folds up nicely so you can store it easily. Another feature that many owners comment on is the "nest like" seat that is well padded for your infant. The downside to these baby swings are that you need to keep putting 4 D batteries into them. We advise buying some rechargeable batteries if you buy this model. Some parents said the lifespan of a product like this is short, so buy it early or not at all since your infant will soon outgrow something like a cradle swing. See all the most popular infant swings online here.

Top Rated Cradle Swings:

We don't mean to only list Fisher Price in this section, but their Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing ($110) comes highly recommended by parents and experts alike. With rumors of this model being discontinued soon, we advise to you purchase it soon while it's still available. The Aquarium cradle swing offers soft lights, music, and aquatic sounds which babies do find to be quite soothing. The mobile features 4 plush ocean creatures and the aquarium water globe includes lights and swimming fish. There are 6 speeds to choose from on the motorized swing and you also can select from 3 ocean sounds or 8 different songs. This cradle swing requires 4 batteries to run as well. Owners say the motor can be a little loud and others note that the music can get old, but overall it's a great buy. Some children need a soothing side to side motion in order to sleep and this swing certainly does that. Great for colicky babies.

Infant Swing:

Not too long ago Graco had some recall issues with some of their swings, but the Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center seems to be an exception. Although the price tag is rather steep at $150, the Graco cradle swing does get good reviews on those who left comments on Amazon.com. The swing is slightly different than the others listed above from Fisher Price in that the Graco simulates the mothers womb and it's meant for fussy newborns. It features 4 seat position, 4 cradling motions, 3 seat reclines, and 6 speeds on the motor. Overall impressions from parents are that the infant swing from Graco is well built and sturdy, but may not be worth the $150. Look for it on sale during the holiday season. See all the top rated Graco infant swings here.