Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Reviews of the Best Graco Baby Products:

Graco is a leading producer of baby products like car seats, high chairs, swings, cribs, playpens, strollers, and baby monitors. The Graco Swyngomatic was the first product that came to market and it sold millions. Other recognized models from Graco over the years have been the Pack N' Play Portable Playards, the Travel System, and Quattro Tour stroller. In 1998 Graco acquired Century Car Seats which only added their quality product lines. If you have a baby today, it would be hard to avoid Graco products (unless of course you don't like them) since they make everything a baby would ever need. I have purchased several of their products with my 2 kids (now 5 and 2) so I have some firsthand experience with how they work. The Graco car seat I bought was easy to use, comfortable for our newborn and inexpensive. The 2-in-1 High Chair/Swing was an even better buy. The swing easily adjusted to the high chair and vice versa with very little work involved. Besides a few operator errors on our part, the Graco swing/high chair was the perfect combination for us and is recommended to all all those with new babies. Below we will review some of the current line of products offered by Graco and see how consumers and expert alike rate them.
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Graco Car Seat:

Graco makes a wide line of car seats - infant car seats, toddler car seats, youth booster car seats, and car seat accessories (bases, etc). In determining which car seat is right for your child, you need to consider age, weight, and height. The top 2 Graco infant car seats are the SnugRide Car Seat - Metropolitan ($120) - parents like the double infant head support cushion, the great safety ratings, and said it was easy to get in and out of the car, and the Graco Infant SafeSeat?Step 1 Infant Car Seat Central Park ($190) - accommodates a child rear facing up to 30 lbs., has an ergonomic handle, and a 5 point harness with front adjustment. For toddler car seats, we recommend the Toddler SafeSeat (Step 2) ($170) - comes in a variety of patterns and color schemes, has an easy wash seat pad, reclining position, cupholder, and three harness height positions so your growing child stays comfortable. The Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seats ($90) from Graco are another top seller with excellent parental reviews, the only drawback on many of these models is that the straps and buckles are not always easy to undo after regular use. For car booster seats, Graco leads the field with their Graco Turbobooster Booster Seat Line ($60) - parents say it's lightweight, easy to move, and easily converts to a backless booster seat. The Graco Platinum Cargo Booster Seat ($80) is another good toddler car booster seat that has plenty of padding for a comfortable ride. If you need just a booster seat in your car, then the Graco Backless TurboBooster is what you want. They come all sorts of colors and patterns for about $20. One item that we bought when our kids were younger were extra infant car seat bases. They cost about $40 each (pretty expensive in my eyes), but they do eliminate having to take the base out of the car everytime you want to use another car. Having an extra one for Grandma's car or a 2nd car saves lots of time during the first year or so. You can browse the top selling Graco car seats here.

Graco Strollers:

Ideally you want to get a stroller that matches your infant car seat, but whatever works will do. Most important is that the baby car seat will attach to the stroller for easy of use. Most have a universal latching system that lets you quickly drop the car seat onto the stroller and go. Graco makes some excellent baby strollers and we did our research to find the highest rated models per owners and experts. Keep in mind that Graco makes compact strollers, full-size strollers, and double strollers. The new Mosaic LX Stroller ($130) from Graco is getting excellent reviews by all users. It comes with a rain cover, detachable head pillow, fold down easily, has a storage basket, and is very durable. All parents said it was easy to maneuver and they like the fact it will take the Graco SnugRide or SafeSeat infant car seats. The SnugRide Stroller is made just for Graco SnugRide infant car seats, but for $60 you can't go wrong. Plenty of features make this stroller easy to push. If you want to buy a combination stroller/car seat, then the most popular one on the market is the Graco Passage Travel System ($170) - you get both a solid and durable stroller and the SnugRide car seat. Other top compact strollers include the MetroLite LXI Stroller, LiteRider Stroller from Graco. At around $60 both are proven winners that will last through the toddler years. If you want a bulkier full size stroller, then consider the Quattro Tour Deluxe for $130 - frame is made of durable aluminum, offers plenty of storage, folds down in seconds, and has a 4 position reclining seat. The Graco Quattro Tour Travel System ($250) is another option with this model where you get the car seat as well. Other full size strollers that are popular are the Vienna Stroller, Glider Stroller, and the Spree Stroller. If you happen to be blessed with twins or 2 kids under the age of say 3, then the Duoglider LXI Stroller - Metropolitan ($170) is a great way to fit both kids in one stroller. The Duoglider by Graco is top rated and highly ranked with parents straddled down by 2 little ones. RECOMMENDED - You can see the most popular Graco strollers online here.

High Chairs:

Once your child is old enough, having a high chair is an essential part of feeding and interacting at the kitchen table. Graco high chairs are safe, convenient, and comfortable. The best full featured high chair from Graco is the Graco G Fashion Contempo High Chair ($120) - comes with a 6 position height adjustment, dishwasher safe tray, and folds up nicely. The Harmony highchair ($90) got great reviews as well for easy mobility, stores easily, and adjusts quickly. How about a basic high - no bells and whistles - just something that will enable me to feed my baby. The Easy Chair Highchair from Graco sells for about $45 and is a no frills option - removable vinyl seat pad, 3 position recline, and easy to clean tray. For all those traveling adventures, we strongly suggest the Graco Travel Lite Jungle Pals Table Chair - this is the best portable high chair on the market and reviewed highly by all parents. Why settle for a dirty highchair used by other kids when you can easily travel with this portable highchair. The patented locking mechanism provides a secure fit at all tables. "It's the best $35 I ever spent" says one parent.

Pack n Play Graco - Swings, Bouncers, and Playpens:

Looking for that perfect swing to put your baby to sleep with? Graco swings are made not only for your little ones enjoyment, but also to soothe them to sleep when they are cranky or "over tired". The top selling Graco swings are the Graco Lovin Hug Swing - Bancroft ($80), Graco TravelLite Infant Swing ($40), Lovin Hug Swing - Theresa ($90), GRACO, Swyngomatic, 2-speed infant swing ($80) - how can you go wrong with a product that's been around since 1955, the Graco Baby Einstein Lovin Hug Swing ($100), and the Silhouette Infant Swing - G Collection ($140) - plays 10 songs, has a mobile that rotates, and 2 speed vibration modes. The Laura Ashley Travel Bouncer ($70) is a lifesaver that plays 5 lullabies, has a baby activated bounce mode, and a washable seat pad. The Pack 'n Play Playard ($160) is the newest innovation from Graco with a full size removable bassinet, a folding changing table, fold up easy, and works as a play area for smaller toddlers. The Graco Baby Einstein Play Yard ($100) is another top rated playpen/playard for toddlers - parents like the colors and toy panel but did mention they wish the music would play longer than 2 minutes. Check out the top rated swings, bouncers, and playards from Graco here.

Graco Recalls:

As with any infant/baby/toddler product on the market, safety is the #1 concern for all parents and there are stories where babies are injured or even accidentally killed while in or using a baby product. Although these situations are rare, Graco has put up a customer service recall page with all the latest news or recall details on any of their products at http://www.gracobaby.com/customerservice/recall.aspx. Another excellent source for baby recall items is direct from the source at the Consumer Product Safety Commission at Cpsc.gov.