Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Men's Electric Shaver Reviews:

Most men we talked to really hate shaving everyday before they go to work. It's a daily hassle that never goes away and often leaves your skin irritated and scratchy. Even with the latest technology, getting a close shave can be hard to come by with electric shavers. Some people do a combo shave -- using an electric razor for certain areas, then switching to a regular razor for tough-to-reach areas like the neck and throat. The most popular electric shaver manufacturers are Braun, Norelco, Panasonic, Remington, Wahl, and Shavertronics. You can browse the list of best-selling men's electric shavers at Amazon -- they have great prices and tend to be the best when it comes to shipping and customer service. In general, you can expect to spend $35-$45 at the low-end for an entry-level electric shaver, and up to $200+ for a deluxe model. See our recommendations below.
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Choosing an electric razor - The first thing to consider is whether you want to go with a foil shaver or rotary shaver. We prefer the foil shavers like the Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver although we have tried the Philips Norelco rotary shavers and most of those do just fine as well. The rotary shavers typically have 3 heads (sometimes 4) that spin with cutters. The rotary shavers are probably a bit quieter than the foil types and cleaning them is simple. The Norelco we tested allows you to lift the lid and dump the facial hair shavings into the garbage or sink. You can wash it out as well since water won't ruin it. We recommend using compressed air containers to really give it a good cleaning. The foil shavers have 1 or 2 floating heads that features oscillating cutters which give you a slightly closer shave than the rotary types (at least that is what we found). Features have come a long way on men's shavers over the years and now you will find battery chargers that your shaver sits in while not in use. Charge it up in hours and it will give you dozens of shaves. No more cords to deal with as most are all cordless shavers now. Most have a low battery warning light or indicator so you know when it needs a good charging. Self cleaning systems are great, but even without that feature, modern men's electric shavers are easy to clean under the sink with running water and a good shake. You will find that several of the Norelco models have long hair trimmers built in, but we have found them less than adequate for shaving or trimming sideburns and goatees. A shaver that has both US and international voltage options is a huge plus if you tend to travel out of the United States often. Electric shaver reviews - Consumer Reports is perhaps the best place to start as they tend to update and test men's shavers every year or so. Their latest test features over 16 models and they tested them for shaving, cleaning, noise, and features. Braun finished in the first spot for foil shavers, although this is no big surprise as they have dominated the #1 position on Amazon.com for years. They score an excellent in all areas. When it comes to rotary shavers, we saw that CR rated the Philips Norelco 1250X/46 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor fairly high, and from our experience the shaver deserves it's high praise. Panasonic makes some excellent wet/dry rechargeable shavers such as the Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano which rates highly with owners and comments online in blogs and forums show that the Panasonic holds up over time quite well. You can read the hundreds of consumer reviews that have been posted on each model and get a good idea of the pros and cons to each brand or product. Check out the most popular electric shavers for men here.

Best Electric Shavers

We've used Braun and Norelco electric razors for more than 15 years (mixed with a variety of others on a trial basis). RECOMMENDED: The Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System may be the most technologically advanced shaver out there today. It's main innovations are the power comb (which lifts problems hairs for easier cutting), Pulsonic technology (which vibrates the skin and hairs 10,000 times per minute, making hairs stand up), and the super-cutting Gillette blades. The Series 7 belongs to the family of self-cleaning razors - you plop it down upside down in a little charging/cleaning stand after use, and it is automatically cleaned, charged, and lubricated (a cleaning cartridge is supposed to last for a month and costs around $4-$5) -- it's also fully washable under a stream of water if you choose. It runs for about 50 minutes on a charge - enough for 10-20 shaves. Having used it, I can say it is the best electric razor I've ever used, though still not QUITE as close as a blade -- but read some of the reviews on Amazon -- almost 300 men have taken the time to rave about how much they love this thing. If you are buying a shaver as a gift, you can feel confident that the man you buy this for will be more than satisfied with it (it even converts men over 50!). Buy the Braun Series 7 here.

Another popular Braun shaver is the prior generation Braun Series 5 590cc ($125) with it's new foil design that is perfect for cutting hairs growing in various directions. The foils are very effective at trimming which keeps shaving time to a minimum and will eventually be less irritating on the skin. It also comes with a charging unit that cleans the head with an anti-bacterial solution. You get a two-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Best Wet/Dry Foil Shaver

The Panasonic ES8103S Pro-Curve Linear Wet/Dry shaver is one of the best wet/dry foil shaver on the market. A wet/dry foil shaver can be used in the shower or with shaving cream. There is no cleaning unit provided, but you can do it quite easily manually. A 5-minute quick charge function can be a lifesaver. Panasonic only offers a 1 year warranty and no money back period on the Pro Curve (browse other Panasonic shavers..) If you want just a basic electric shaver, then reviewers suggest going with the Philips Norelco Reflex Plus 6843XL for around $50. There is no self-cleaning base or quick charge feature, and it takes almost 8 hours to charge. The Norelco Reflex Plus can be used either corded or cordless, but is not water resistant so don't rinse it out after shaving under the tap.

Best Rotary Shaver:

We've owned both Norelco and Braun shavers, but the best rotary shaver we've seen is the Philips Norelco 1250X/40 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor. Rotary shavers are great at handling longer hairs and are more likely to be chosen over foil shavers by men who shave less often. Rotary electric shavers don't shave as close as foil shavers, like those from Braun. The triple-blade rotary disc technology has improved on a closer shave. The individual floating heads help give you that close shave on the contours of your face and neck. Check out the Philips Norelco 1250X/46. Comes with frustation free packaging and owner reviews and comments are near perfect for this model. We found consumer opinions posted online that said things like "quiet and great shave" and "if you can afford it, best shave you'll ever have". At $180 it is expensive, but considering you don't have to buy a new electric shave that often, it's worth the investment. Give your face a break.

Electric Shavers vs Traditional Shaving Cream:

Most men will tell you that using shaving cream to shave their face results in a cleaner shave, but it is more time consuming and not as convenient in todays world. With an electric shaver you can shave right in your car on the way to work or anywhere since they are cordless and run on batteries. Also, I have never cut myself using an electric shaver, yet it happens almost every time I shave with a razor. The big disadvantage of using an electric shaver is that it's hard to reach curves and contours of certain parts of your face and neck. That leaves whiskers still growing and an uneven shave. Newer electric shaver models have improved on complete coverage, but it appears they will never shave as cleanly as a razor with shaving cream.

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