Updated: May 27, 2015

Car Floor Mat Reviews:

I recently bought a used Mercedes S430 and one of the few things that needed to be replaced were the floor mats in the car. The mechanic who takes care of the maintenance and repairs on our cars recommended that we go with the all weather car floor mats which would hold up well in our area - we live in the Pacific Northwest. Once I saw the heavy duty quality to these mats, I agreed on the spot. We ordered the custom fit floor mats and the total cost was about $200. Depending on where you live in the United States, you'll have to decide on carpet floor mats or the all weather variety. I have found that the carpet floor mats in cars tend to warp and fold up on the edges as they get older. This leaves the carpet of the car underneath more and more exposed and open to damage from mud, water, food, sand, etc. In some parts of the country where they sand or salt the roads, shoes can track in a lot of debris that could potentially damage the carpets in your car. Floor mats (durable ones) are the best protectant you can buy.

What to Look for in Floor Mats for Cars? Really the first question you need to ask is - Do I go with the all-weather mats or the carpet floor mats? We say that it depends on the weather in your part of the country and also what your prefer in terms of looks. Once I saw the heavy duty floor mats I was sold, but some people prefer the carpeted look. They both have advantages and disadvantages that we will consider. There are car owners that keep one set of each - a winter and summer set. That may not be the most practical choice for you but it's worth thinking about. All Weather Floor Mats for Cars - If you haven't seen these, definitely check them out before going with carpet mats. They are designed to hold up even with snow, mud, sand, and other debris put on them. The heavy duty rubber material is easy to clean, which is why I prefer them. The kids are always eating or even drinking in our car and no matter how careful they are, the mats do take a punishment from spills, but I just hose them off and they look like new again. The grooves on the mats help keep the spills, debris, etc. from going anywhere else. Lift the mats out, shake them off, spray them, let them dry and put them back into the car. The all weather mats will cost you more than the carpet option, but I say it's worth it. Most brands make custom fit designs that fit almost any car, truck or SUV. They are recommended for car owners that live in rough weather regions where snow, mud, sand, and other debris is likely to get into your car via shoes. Many have lifetime warranties. Perhaps you life in a sunny, warmer weather climate like California or Arizona. Carpet floor mats in your car may do just fine and still look great. Carpets can be cleaned almost as easily as the all weather mats, although I would say you better clean them more often as stains and ground in dirt are harder to get off if they have been there a while. Car Floor Mat Reviews - It's always a good idea to read up on expert or consumer reviews before buying anything. We think that the best sources for reviews are at Jcwhitney.com, Factoidz.com, Caranddriver.com, and Amazon.com. I have not seen anything from Consumer Reports on this. It would be nice to have a study to see how well carpet or all-weather hold up over a 5 to 10 year period. Cargo liners are another protection product that SUV and truck owners need to consider. Our Chevy Tahoe has carpets in the rear cargo area, but I see many newer SUV's with a much better liner installed. Pricing is still expensive on these, but for $100 you get a solid product that should last for the life of the car. You can browse the best selling car floor mats and liners here.

Best Floor Mats for Cars:

RECOMMENDED - Top brands like WeatherTech and Husky Liners are ones to consider first. Consumer reviews are very positive for those 2 brands. A few people mention that some fits aren't "perfect" but the vast majority can't say enough good things about them. They look great, keep your carpets from getting dirty, and most can be had for less than $100 (for a set of 4). Amazon has a great "custom fit" function on their website where you can enter in your car make and model to get the exact fit for the floor mats. Automotive stores carry these mats, but most don't have the inventory or selection that Amazon does. Which ones is better - WeatherTech or Husky Liners? We found several head to head comparisons online and in car magazines, with Husky winning out. It's a slim margin, but Husky Liners get slightly better feedback. The mats are easy to install and they will prevent soiling of your carpets. The Husky Liners have the Sta-Put nibs on the bottom side that help the mat stay in place. The rubberized non-slip material is durable (won't crack or break) and your vehicle will be protected from mud, water, dirt, gas, oil, and even battery acid. Most of these all-weather mats are available in black or tan colors.

Top Rated Cargo Liners:

Cargo liners make a lot of sense especially if you tote around kids, sporting equipment, pets, groceries, etc. The backs of our cars tend to get a real workout as we through things into trunks or the rear of SUV's. Putting down a cargo liner will surely keep your car in better shape. Cargo mats and liners range from $60 to $120 and they are custom fitted to go into almost any vehicle. The Rugged Ridge 12975.01 All-Terrain Black Rear 2-Door and 4-Door Cargo Liner is a top rated one that sells for less than $80 and consumer reviews are very good. They are precision engineered and will fit the contour of your vehicle. Again, select the year of your car, the make and model, and see what is available. We found several listed online that are designed for specific makes like the Honda CRV, BMW 3 Series, or MINI Cooper. The materials for these liners are made with durable rubbers and the grooves help keep debris on the mat so you can clean it off easily.