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Getting the Best Car Polishers for Your Vehicle - Oil changes and regular tune-ups can help maintain the engine and prolong the life of your car, but don't neglect the exterior either. Polishing a car is one of the best ways to keep up appearances and to help road salts, moisture, and the elements from leaving their rusty fingerprints on your vehicle. They are also used to repair scratches and to remove rust from the surface.

Regular washing and waxing is important to build a layer of protection for your vehicle, but car polishers will help you keep small scratches or rust spots from becoming big problems. There is an ever-expanding array of car products from which to choose; which car polish and polisher will work best for you? We'll take a look at some of the best.

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The video below shows how to pick the best car polisher:

Car Polish vs. Car Wax

Before we get into the best polishes, let's talk about the difference between wax and polish. If you want to shine up your car so you can impress a date, for instance, you'll want to use car wax. This helps bring out the shine and gloss of your paint job. It can also protect your car from the elements. Polishers are different. Say you've parked in a parking lot next to another car. The driver of that car gets out and slams his door right into the side of your vehicle. Don't get parking lot rage, get a good polisher.

Chances are good that you can remove the scratch by polishing it out. Likewise, if you notice that a spot of rust is forming, you can buff it out. The sooner, the better. The terms "wax" and "polish" are often used interchangeably, so make sure you look before you buy to ensure you're getting what you need. Turtle Wax T-468 Ice Liquid Polish, for instance, is actually a wax, not a polish. You'll want to wax after polishing, but make sure you know which is which. See Car Care Kits Here

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Best Car Polishes:

A good choice for a polish is Mothers 08616 PowerPolish. This is a polish, not a wax! It is designed to remove swirls and scratches and prepare your car for a final wax coat. PowerPolish has a self-refining formula so you can achieve uniform results. PowerPolish is meant to be used with mechanical polishers (which we'll talk about in just a bit).

An Amazon reviewer said his cars looked so good, it didn't look like they even needed wax - but he put it on anyway. Good decision, and good point. Even if your car looks shiny or glossy, you'll want to do both steps to preserve your paint job. You can buy a 16-ounce bottle of PowerPolish for $10.

Another one to try is Turtle Wax T-27R F21 Liquid Car Polish, 20 ounces. Turtle Wax is a name you'll see again and again when you're looking for car products for detailing. This Polish is actually a polish. Turtle Wax has created a unique blend of urethane polymers to fill in light scratches and swirls.

You can apply once a year, and it is safe for all types of finishes. You can buy 20 ounces for a bit over $7. This can be applied with a microfiber cloth, such as Meguiar's X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Clothes. You can find 3 for $8.

One more good option to consider is Klasse All In One. This is not a wax, but an all-in-one acrylic formula. It does the job of a polish by clearing away oxidation, swirls, old wax, and other blemishes. In addition, though, it bonds to your surface like a wax and provides the same type of look as a high quality carnauba wax.

One or two applications a year should be enough to keep your car looking good. Reviewers like the ease of use, and best of all, the results. This costs $16 for 10 ounces. You can browse the best selling car polishes and waxes here.

To check out how to use car polishes and give your car a brand new shine - click the image below to go to video.

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Best Car Polishers and Buffers:

You can apply many types of car polishes with a microfiber cloth, but some, like the PowerPolish, are meant to be used with a polisher or buffer. These are great for restoring a fresh-from-the-dealer shine. You can find car polishers from the usual suspects, including Black and Decker, Dewalt, Craftsman, Meguiar, and Porter. Let's take a look at the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP, which you can see explained and demonstrated below:

This is a 6-inch variable-speed random orbit polisher with a 4 amp motor. It runs at 2500 to 6000 OPM; the random polishing action ensures that you get a smooth finish without swirl marks. It is almost a foot long and 5.75 pounds. With the 7424, you will get polishing pad, wrench, side handle, and user manual. You can find this great polisher for about $120 from various online retailers and auto parts stores. You can get replacement pads for about $9. Reviewers call this an excellent tool for do-it-yourselfers.

Another quality sander is the Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher. This costs a bit less than the Porter at about $40. This is a random orbit buffer, so as with the Porter, you will not get swirls on your finish. It also includes a 10-foot cord, comfortable 2 handle design, 1 foam applicator bonnet, 2 polishing bonnets, and a 2-year warranty. It can be used on vehicles or boats to provide professional detailing results.

RECOMMENDED - We trust the Maguiar's name in the automotive care industry and the Meguiar's G110v2 Professional Dual Action Polisher - is the best in class. When downward pressure is applied, the internal circuit increases torque automatically giving you consistent buffing power. Speed ranges from 1800 to 6800 rpm. Owners say this buffing machine works great on cars, RV's, boats, motorcycles, you name it.

Maintaining the appearance of your car is important, not just for vanity's sake but to extend its life and to keep small, cosmetic problems from becoming huge issues that may affect the performance of your vehicle. It is a great idea to polish and wax your car - and take the extra few minutes to make sure you're getting what you need. Check out the top rated car polishers and buffers here.

More videos and resources are here on our Car Polisher Page.

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