Updated: Oct 14, 2016

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Electric Tongue Jack Reviews:

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Do you own a trailer? Are you sick and tired of having to raise and lower it with the physical crank mechanism? What about purchasing the new and improved electric tongue jacks? The electric power jack will remove the physical strain required to crank your trailer up and down. The jack does all the work with a push of the button. I recently had my roof done and the guy who came to haul away the trailer/dumpster full of debris backed up his truck to the trailer and then used the electric tongue jack to raise the trailer up so he could haul it off.

The process took about 20 seconds. No straining or cranking involved. I asked him about the product and how much it cost. For those of you that need to haul a trailer or perhaps pull an RV or other vehicle, these electric tongue jacks work seemlessly. They range in price from $150 up to $500. You can find the jacks at RV shops, boating stores, and even some sporting goods and outdoor stores.

The video below goes over the basics of an electric tongue jack so you know what to expect:

Choosing an Electric Tongue Jack

The biggest variable is CAPACITY. We found most jacks range from 3000 to 4500 pounds of capacity. Etrailer.com was helpful in finding information about other features that are important to consider. LED lights for use at night are a big plus. Most come with 3 LED lights - that should be plenty for better vision at night. An emergency crank that is operable with a socket wrench is also a plus.

The Stromberg Carlson Trailer Jack - JET-3500 has that option. Water resistant enclosures and weather protected switches are a must. The jack should be versatile enough to work with almost all A-Frame couplers. A bolt on installation that is easy to do is recommended. The Husky and Barker jacks on most websites get excellent comments for ease of install. Some even offer a wireless remote control like that on the Husky 87641 Brute Electric Jack. You get 2 keyfobs with a 40 foot range. At the rated load, it draws 25 ampere - one of the most economical on the market.

Electric tongue jack reviews - We found plenty of owner feedback online at Campingworld.com, Etrailer.com, and at Amazon.com. The top rated brands include Husky, Jack Quick, Barker, and Atwood. Some of the cheaper models offered by Trailer Star got terrible reviews for lack of craftmanship and short lifespan. When you spend $250 versus $150 you get much better quality products. The reviews for the more expensive tongue jacks were superior to all of the cheaper ones. You can browse the best selling electric tongue jacks here.

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Best Electric Tongue Jack:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Husky 87247 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack is our top choice as well. After reviewing dozens of power jacks, the Husky brand offers the best line of jacks. The Husky 87247 is priced just a little over $200 and receives near perfect comments from owners. Customers say things like "flipping a lever verses cranking - it's a no brainer" and "makes life a little easier". There is no questioning the convenience of power jacks, especially for RV/Trailer owners that are getting older and don't need to strain themselves with a crank mechanism.

If you use your RV or trailer often, then this electric tongue jack will pay for itself within the first year. Features a ball screw to reduce friction, has a 3 sided LED light system, measured at a 18 inch full stroke with a 6 inch adjustable drop down leg for reduced wear on the motor. There is a similar version with a wireless remote that sells for about $50 more. The Husky 87489 has a smaller capacity at 3000LBs and consumer feedback is just as solid on this model as well. Overall the Husky electric tongue jacks are the ones to go with for performance, durability, and ease of installation. See Trailer Jacks HERE.

To check out how to use a trailer power jack - click the image below to go to video.

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RV Power Jack:

RECOMMENDED - The Barker Manufacturing Company 31558 VIP 3500 24" RV Power Jack is top rated on Amazon and for good reason. A buddy of mine who pulls his RV trailer down from Minnesota to the South each year is on the road for almost 3 months and religiously uses his Barker RV jack on a daily basis. Now that he is 65+, he says he doesn't dread having to raise or lower the trailer each day. One of the best investments he every made is what he says.

The VIP jack features a night light, 18" stroke, level, attached foot pad, powder coated and plated, 1 year warranty, emergency crank-thru head, sealed weatherproof inner tube, and customer support that is considered 'excellent'. The hitch up process is simplified with the Barker product and the install is easy per many comments we found online. Time and again The Barker 31558 gets 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon except for 2 occasions where the unit arrived damaged (while in transit). You can't fault the manufacturer for something like that.

barker power jack More videos and resources are here on our Electric Tongue Jack Resource Page.

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