Updated: October 14, 2016

Headlight Restoration Kit Reviews:

If you have owned your car long enough, you may notice that the headlights are not illuminating the roadway like they used to. The plastic headlight lenses that you see on many cars often get an oxidation effect which leaves them hazy. This means that when your lights are on, say while driving at night, you are not getting the best illumination possible. In reports we read, many drivers don't even know this has occured to their headlights because the change is gradual and not something you would immediately notice until it gets bad. I recently went to sell a 15+ year old Saturn and saw how bad the headlights looked. The car had been parked outside for years and some experts say that UV exposure can worsen the hazing effect. Perhaps that is what happened, but after using a headlight restoration kit on the headlights they looked almost brand new. I did the same thing on my 1997 Mercedes and had similar results - I did replace the headlight on that car as well. Many of the car headlights we saw cost between $20 to $30 for the headlight and headlamps are much more expensive with prices from $100 to $300.

headlight restoration kit

Choosing an Headlight Restoration Kit - There are several headlight lens restoration kits on the market and Sylvania and 3M make the best products. Turtle Wax, Mothers, Meguiar's and Rain X also have competiting restoration systems for purchase, but in tests they don't perform as well. In any event, we suggest checking out the top sellers on Amazon.com so you can compare features, read owner comments, and see what the prices are. We used the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit on both our cars and would recommend it for ease of use and price ($25). The video we posted below will show you the actual steps to put on the solution, sand, and repair the headlight lens. Watch the video and take the kit to your car to see the same type of results. Don't just listen to us, Consumer Reports recently did an article on how to 'shine up your hazy headlights' and they too agreed that the Sylvania kit was the best of the bunch. 3M offers the Headlight Lens Restoration System for slightly cheaper and it too gets excellent reviews. The only issue with the 3M product is that it required a power drill and sanding disks so if you aren't confident using a drill in tight spaces, avoid this kit. The complaints we read online for the 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System is that it doesn't work on all shaped headlights as well and even the slightest mistake near the cars paint could cause scratches. Still worth a look for the price if you are an experienced DIY individual. The idea behind all these restoration kits for headlights is that you slowly remove the 'milky' surface of the lenses with an abrasive. The sandpaper material will get out the rough spots and slowly restore the headlight to it's near new condition. For $20 or so you can't expect miracles, but you should notice significant improvements and better headlight vision while driving at night. You can browse the best selling headlight restoration kits here.

Best Headlight Restoration Kit:

RECOMMENDED - If you have those yellow, hazy headlights, then the Sylvania Headlight Kit should fix most of it. Plastic headlight lenses tend to go bad after a while (we are talking years), but these kits can nearly restore the lenses to new status in a matter of 30 minutes. The Sylvania Restoration Kit requires you to take on 3 basic steps to get the results you want. The good news is that no tools are required and in half an hour your headlights will be looking great. You'll need to prepare the headlights, sand/polish them, and then seal them with something called UV Block Clear Coat. The video below demonstrates the 3 steps and you can follow their instructions precisely. I say watch the video once or twice and then get out to your car. Everything you need to do the repair job is included in their kit. Clouded headlights will be a thing of the past in your household. I used this exact same product and got incredible results with a mid 90's Saturn SL2 and a late 1990's Mercedes E Class. It's a cheap and effective way to improve your headlight performance without having to shovel out more cash for new headlights/lamps when they may not be the problem.

Headlight Lens Restorer:

RECOMMENDED - For those that are proficient at DIY projects around the house, we suggest trying the 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System. It's not that much more complicated than the Sylvania system listed above, but you will have to use a power drill (basic one) so that the sanding and buffing are done properly. The video on the Amazon product page will walk you through the process and give you a good idea if it's something you can tackle. Clouded plastic headlights are unsightly and this do it yourself solution does work. The sanding pads, pad holders, buffer pads, polish and instructions are all included. 3M has tried to make this product as easy to apply as possible and most of the 600+ reviews online are very positive for the restoration headlight system.