Updated: October 14, 2016

Mechanics Creeper Reviews:

Whether you are a weekend warrior changing the oil on your car or an experienced mechanic that works in an auto repair shop, owning a mechanics creeper is a must. Yes, we've all seen the guy across the street from us that gets out a piece of cardboard and slides himself under the car to change the oil. It's not only uncomfortable and dirty, but buying a mechanics creeper isn't all that expensive. There are several that sell for $40 or less and do just fine for the periodic oil change or engine check. We would agree with all the experts that if you are under cars on a daily basis doing repairs and checks, go with a more expensive creeper like the Dale Adams Enterprises 6031 The B1 Mechanics Creeper. It sells for $115 but the reviews are very positive. Which creeper is best for you? Where do you buy one? We answer all those questions down below.
mechanics creeper

Choosing a Mechanics Creeper - The most important feature in a mechanics floor creeper is comfort. You want a sturdy backboard (reinforced) so that your back muscles will be supported properly. Stay away from the cheaper plastic mechanics creepers or those made with plywood. A padded backboard will help your shoulders and back. Some owners have complaints about head/neck padding - there isn't enough in some models. Wheels - Another key feature are the wheels. Mechanics will tell you to go with urethane ball-bearing wheels and avoid the steel wheels. You want wheels that will ride smoothly over rough floors, air lines, loose tools, etc. A garage creeper should have a low profile design and be made with a material that is easy to clean. Getting solvents and oils off shouldn't be a hassle. Also, consider capacity - most of the high end mechanics creepers can handle up to 300 pounds. The Bone is a very popular creeper that advertises itself as being able to maneuver over "gravel, broken concrete, sand, or in-shop obstacles". Not all reviews support that claim, but owners agree it's better than other products at getting under broken down vehicles in outdoor conditions. Mechanics Creeper Reviews - Want opinions from experts and consumers? We found dozens of online reviews on Amazon.com and Northerntool.com. Also, the Tractorbynet.com forum has some quality discussions on mechanics creepers with pros and cons for several specific models. Top brands included Torin, Dale Adams Enterprises, Whiteside, Lisle, and ATD. You can browse the best selling mechanics creepers here.

Best Mechanics Creeper:

RECOMMENDED - The Dale Adams Enterprises 6031 The B1 Mechanics Creeper is top rated on several websites and in talking with auto repair shop guys, this is the one name that came up most. For those that work in professional shops, auto lifts raise the cars up so you don't have to use one of these gadgets, but anyone that does car maintenance at home could surely use a mechanics creeper like this one. The 5" easy rolling polymer tires allow you to roll over grates, cracks, cords, dips, etc. The 1 3/4 inch ground clearance makes this one of the lowest creepers on the market. "The Bone" as it's referred to, sells for about $115 and owners say it's well worth it. The creeper measures 47 inches long by 25 1/2 inches wide with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. One guy that works in a diesel truck repair shop mentions how the design lets him smoothly and effortlessly maneuver under the trucks tires without worry. If you are just changing the oil on your vehicles, may not be the best investment. We recommend this product for hard core car/engine enthusiasts who spend hours under cars.

Garage/Shop Creeper:

RECOMMENDED - Not everyone wants to spend $100 or more on a creeper, so we found the Torin TR6452 4 Position Headrest Shop Creeper for under $40. Features a 4 position headrest, 6 wheels with durable rotating casters, a padded bench, and all steel construction. Works great for those occasional car repairs that require you to get under the vehicle. The biggest compaints are that there is no place to put tools on the creeper and that it would be nice to have locking wheels. These tend to be complaints for most of the mechanics creepers we researched. Torin is a reputable name in the industry and they make several designs that you should at least look at before purchasing anything. Browse the most popular Torin mechanics creepers here. Even the real cheap plastic creepers get decent feedback from consumers. Considering an oil change only requires a few minutes under the car, even the most basic creeper should do the job.