Updated: May 27, 2015

Parking Mat Reviews:

Thinking about buying a parking mat for your garage? Instead of spending $1000's like some homeowners when they put down epoxy floors in their garage, you can save that money for something else. The car parking mats that go in your garage serve several purposes, but the most important is that they will protect the floors from stains and spills. Concrete flooring is very common in most garages and motor oil leaks can leave them damaged and stained for good. Why not simply put a protective covering down under the car so that any leaks or 'salty road slush' will not ruin your garage floor. Some people put down aluminum pans to catch any oil that may leak from the vehicle, but these are tacky looking and not easy to clean. You end up just throwing them away after a few months and replacing them. We suggest purchasing a quality, heavy-duty parking mat that will last for years and keep your garage flooring tidy and clean. How much are parking mats? What size do they come in? We answer all these questions and more down below.

Choosing a Parking Mat for Garage Floors - Size is probably the first thing to determine when going to buy a parking mat. Not all garages are the same dimensions and some cars are larger than others. Do you want a full size mat or something that will only protect under the main engine area? We say it's better to be safe than sorry, so going with a large sized parking mat is the best solution. More coverage means less opportunity for leaks or spills to get on the actual flooring of the garage. Some of the smaller mats are great for things like motorcycles - they measure 4 1/2 feet by 9 feet. The larger ones tend to be 7 1/2 feet wide with lengths measuring up to 18 or 20 feet. The longer your vehicle, the more mat surface you need. Those with RV's may need a custom design or perhaps be required to purchase two mats. Consider the weather conditions outside as well. Anyone that lives in a snowy or wet climate knows that water, mud, dirt, and even loose gravel are easily tracked into garages. Those states that lay down salt when it's snowing or icy can wreak havoc on garage floors once the car is parked and the tires shed these materials. With a durable parking mat, these messes won't matter. When it comes to cleaning the mats, just pull it outside and sweep it off or spray with a hose. I have even used a leaf blower on mine - great for getting off leaves, gravel, etc. What are mats made out of? You will find a variety of materials ranging from rubber, plastics, nylon, and vinyl. Find one that is heavy duty and features non-skid materials. Garage floor parking mats range in price from $50 to $250. REVIEWS - Plenty can be found on Amazon.com and Autoanything.com has lots of consumer feedback. You can browse the best selling parking mats here.

Best Parking Mat:

RECOMMENDED - One of the top sellers online is the Auto Care Products Inc 70716 7.5-Feet by 16-Feet Heavy Duty Clean Park Garage Mat. The size is about perfect for covering the flooring under any automobile. Catches oil, mud, slush, and pebbles that inevitably come off the tires and undercarriage of the car. The Snap-On edges are easy to install and your garage floor will be protected in no time. The heavy duty vinyl surface will keep engine leaks and liquid spills on the mat so you can easily clean them. Whether your current garage floor is unprotected or has a nice epoxy finish, these mats will save it from further damage. If you need a custom size - perhaps for an RV or larger vehicle - check with the manufacturer. Often they will recommend getting 2 mats and cutting them to fit your required dimensions.

Garage Floor Parking Mats:

The Park Smart Clean-Park Silver Mat - X Large: 9 ft. x 20 ft. rates very high amongst owners and the heavy-duty 20-mil vinyl exceeds the expectations of most. The raised plastic edges on the mat will hold in gallons of liquid. Car snow melt and any other water will catch on the mat. Problems with oil leaks, the Park Smart mat catches those too. A few say it's overpriced at $200 and we agree with that - if you can find a better price somewhere then go for it. I rarely see these mats priced below that. The installation takes less than an hour - the pieces Snap-On to each other. You can determine the final configuration of the shape. Many owners say it's easier to make the mat indoors where it's warmer - don't try snapping the thing together in a freezing garage.