Updated: May 27, 2015

Replacement Air Filters Reviews:

For all of you that have ever gone to get the oil changed in your car, you know how it can be when the service guy starts asking about your air filter. Like many people, you may not have a clue what it even does let alone where it's located under the hood. We often say "go ahead and replace it" and it costs another $15 bucks or so. Many times they could be cleaned and used again, but the salesguy doesn't tell you that part. I started replacing the air filters in my cars years ago since I found out how easy it is. With the advent of websites like Youtube, you can watch a video of 'how to put in a replacement air filter' and be done with it in about 10 minutes of your time. You can also buy a better quality air filter that will last the entire time you own your car - with proper cleaning of course. Replacement air filters are fairly cheap and on some cars you will find that the overall miles per gallon you are getting increases. I buy all my air filters online at Amazon.com because they have an easy to use "parts finder" section of their automotive directory that lets you search by your vehicles make and model.
replacement air filters

Choosing a Replacement Air Filter - The air filter is part of the intake system in your car and is crucial to the fuel/air mixture that your engines needs to run at the highest level. Air filters tend to get dirty overtime as they do their job of filtering out dirt and debris. Many are cheap enough that you can simply replace them while others (see below) are better quality and can be cleaned and used for years. Car buffs tend to buy the more expensive air filters from companies like K&N because they are looking for superior performance (things like acceleration and MPG improvement). The higher quality replacement air filters will cost more and potentially save you a few bucks down the road. The theory goes that the high flow air filters from K&N work better on cars with lots of HP (horsepower) therefore delivering more power when the driver needs it. There have been dozens of reviews done on air filter performance in cars - the ones from Bobistheoilguy.com and Autoblog are worth a look and websites like About.com and Carreview.com go over all the details on the latest car air filters for intake systems. The good news for consumers is that the price for these products is not that expensive and considering it's purpose, it's not a bad idea to replace your air filter with a better quality product every few years. Most car supply stores like Napa Auto Parts and AutoZone tend to carry all the leading brands. You can browse the best selling replacement air filters here. For installation instructions, watch the video we have posted below - it shows how easy it can be - perhaps your first DIY car repair.

Best Replacement Air Filters:

RECOMMENDED - The top selling brand are the K&N Replacement Air Filters which range in price from $30 to $50. Most are back by a million mile warranty and they can be cleaned over and over again. While you might spend a bit more for a K&N, they will last a lifetime on your car and help improve overall performance. Most of these replacement air filters only fit certain models and makes of cars, so you will need to visit the part finder page on Amazon here. Just plug in your make and model. On older vehicles, you may have to do a more custom search for the right air filter, but they do exist. What kind of performance improvements are we talking about. Most reviews mention a slight increase in MPG while others say acceleration is better. The most noticeable performance benefits tend to be seen on older cars (100,000 miles or more). Check out top selling K&N air filters here.

High Performance Air Filters:

RECOMMENDED - We've already mentioned how simple it is to change out the old filter with the new one. Watch the video below for details if you need it. The only tricky part is finding the correct filter for your car. Amazon will solve that if you wish to shop online using their search tools. We did a search on their website for our 2002 Chevy Tahoe to see what air filter would fit. I picked out a K&N part and checked to see if it would fit our car. At first it came back as no fit, so we entered in a few more bits of info (trim and engine), the database then shot back a filter that would fit on our SUV. I paid $35 for the replacement air filter and installed it myself. Much easier than I had thought possible. The washable filter is high-flow and made with multiple layers of cotton fabric and supposedly will improve the horsepower and torque on the vehicle. I like that the filter is reusable and can be cleaned. The manufacturer recommends cleaning every 20,000 miles but some can last up to 50K miles before a cleaning is necessary. I have yet to see a change in MPG, but hoping it improves as the car gets older. View top rated replacement air filters here.