Updated: October 14, 2016

Running Board Reviews:

I recently went out to replace the running boards on my wifes Toyota 4Runner. The car came with running boards when she first bought it years ago, but they have been damaged to the point that they need replacing. Running boards, also referred to as nerf bars or step bars, are popular accessories on trucks and SUV's. Whether you own a Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, etc. putting a step bar or running board on the side of the vehicle can be a great addition. If your truck or SUV is raised up at all, then step bars are a necessity if you want to be able to safely get into the car. My wife is shorter, so having the running board on the 4Runner is essential. Our Chevy Tahoe came with a decent running board and it's still in good shape. My sister has a Dodge RAM truck and she bought aftermarket step bars in order to get in and out of the truck without needing help. They cost anywhere from $100 to $700+ depending on size, style, and materials. The top brands are Westin, Lund, Bully, Smittybilt, and Aries.

Choosing Running Boards - Let's start by defining just what running boards are. They are placed between the front and rear wheels along the side of the truck or SUV so that you can step on them to get into the vehicle. They tend to be a little wider than step bars or nerf bars and I've stood on them to wash our Tahoe in our driveway. My kids probably couldn't get into the car without them. Side bars, step bars, nerf bars and tube bars are narrower and smaller in design than running boards. I see more aftermarket step bars than running boards as they tend to be bought after the initial purchase of the truck. You can find lots of step bars online while running boards can be a bit tougher to track down for your particular vehicle. You want running boards or step bars that are slip resistant, easy to install (no drilling), a lifetime warranty, and a quality stainless, aluminum or chrome finish. Want to read running board reviews or find out what owners think of their step bars and tube steps? Amazon.com is a tremendous source online with dozens of consumer reviews that have been posted on their website with in depth feedback and opinions on almost every product. You can browse the best selling running boards, step bars, and nerf bars here.

Best Running Boards:

Many of the running boards we found online require mount kits or brackets in order to install them properly. Again, make sure your vehicle will accept any running board you end up buying. Amazon does offer a nice feature where you can "make sure it fits" by entering your vehicle (year and model). We saw a Toyota 4Runner running board for the 2010 models online for about $350. Lund also sells similar products. Some vehicles look better with step bars or tube steps instead of running boards. Make sure you look at a variety of styles before committing to anything. Runninboardwarehouse.com carries a huge inventory and should be able to provide what you need. You can view the most popular running boards online here. We ended up purchasing the 5" Gladiator running boards that fit our 2002 Toyota 4Runner (Sport) just fine.

Step Bars for Trucks:

The most recognized name in the industry is Westin, and you can find over 500 products listed online at Amazon. View the Westin running boards and step bars and find the style and design that look the best and fit your truck or SUV. Almost all the reviews we found for Westin are nearly perfect as consumers say their step bars are easy to install (no drilling required) and they offer quality warranties. Other top brands are Lund and Aries, although the reviews we found for their step bars are less favorable than what owners think of their Westin bars. Check out the top rated step bars for trucks and SUV's here.