Updated: May 27, 2015

Seat Cover Reviews:

Why Get a Seat Cover? - Many car owners make the decision to protect their seats with seat covers. If you are using your car a lot, it is easy to accidentally make your seats look less than perfect through accidental rips, spills and stains. Also if you have a dog who rides around in your car, that is another way to get your car seats extremely dirty and covered with pet hair. So why get a seat cover? If you are thinking about ever selling your car, you definitely want to keep it in good shape to preserve the resale value. There are also people who opt for seat covers because they want to enhance the look of their seats. You can buy seat covers that have interesting designs, which will make your seats stand out. Often people buy seat covers because the damage has already been done, so to speak, and they are looking to improve the look of that car and regain that new car feel. Often you can find seat covers that match the interior color and material of your car. Some people even order custom-made seat covers to match the covers of particular types of seats. View a variety of seat covers available for purchase online here.
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Seat Covers Buying Guide - Many seat covers are universal. This means that they can fit seats in any kind of car. In fact, these universal seat covers usually slide right over the current seat, so you can install your new car seat covers in minutes. You can view a video here about installing seat covers in your car.

Buying universal seat covers is less expensive than getting custom seat covers. It is possible to select from a wide array of different types of seat colors in a variety of color and patterns. Automobile seat covers are made out of a variety of materials including leather, sheepskin and nylon. The advantage of a leather seat cover is that it is fashionable and also durable. Sheepskin, on the other hand, is known for being comfortable and warm. Nylon is a great functional choice and can be easily washed as well.

Seat Cover Reviews - You can shop for seat covers online in stores like Amazon.com or if you want to look at seat covers in person, you can find them in big chains like Walmart as well as most automotive supply stores. If you are looking to enhance the interior of your car with a designer look, one good option is the Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Seat Covers, Floor Mats, Steering Wheel Cover 5-pc Set for under $90. These are also universal seat covers that will fit with most seats. This set comes with matching floor mats and a steering wheel cover. You can also get other seat covers by Ed Hardy, for example, the Ed Hardy "Tiger" Bucket Seatcover for $25. Reviewers were thrilled with the appearance of these seat covers. We found more reviews at Amazon.com, Autoanything.com, and in car forums. Most people wanted to know what particular brand fit what car. Check with the service department at your local car dealership if you have any questions as to what style or type will fit your make and model of automobile. You can browse the best universal seat covers here.

Best Seat Covers:

One highly recommended seat cover is the Axius 5040617 Braxton Universal Bucket Seat Cover. A set of 2 seat covers is $20. This universal seatcover has the "superfit" flap which is designed to fit on your chairs without any wrinkles. This seat cover had positive reviews on Amazon. Some customers had looked at other alternative custom fit covers for hundreds of dollars and were very pleased to find these inexpensive Braxton Universal Bucket seat covers. People were also impressed with how quickly you can install these covers. We also looked for recommended seat covers in different chat forums including Priuschat.com, Allfordmustangs.com and Clubfrontier.org. We found that seat covers by GTCovers and Wet Okole were consistently recommended.

Sheepskin Seat Covers - If you are lookingfor Sheepskin seat covers, definitely consider the Sheepskin Bucket Seatcover, Champagne for $44. These seatcovers are made from real sheepskin and also synthetic materials. They are designed to fit most seats. Reviewers commented that these sheepskin seat covers kept the seats warm in the winter. They also found the seats to be very soft. With all the different colors, styles, and patterns available, it's best to view the most popular seat covers here.