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When you think of a pickup truck used for work, you think of hauling around materials from jobsite to jobsite but often you forget about tools and smaller equipment that needs to be stored in the bed of the truck. Most truck beds are wide open and lack any security if you want to keep personal items or tools stowed. You have to use the cab of the truck, but that's not always the easiest way to do it. Truck boxes, often called truck tool boxes, are the best solution to your needs.

They are easy to install, come in a variety of sizes to store all your stuff, and will keep thiefs away with solid construction and locking mechanisms. No toolbox in a truck is completely safe, but they are attached to the bed of the truck securely enough that a thief would have to go to great lengths in order to try and take it. So, you are ready to proceed and buy a pickup truck box but first you need a quick buyers guide on the styles and designs that exist so you can make an educated decision and get the best product for your situation and needs.

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The video below shows the basic functions of a Weather Guard Truck Box so you know what to expect:

What to look for in a Truck Box ?

You'll need to consider the size of the box. Will it fit properly in your truck bed? What will you store in the box? Tools.. Personal items... work equipment? What type of material should it be made of? Pick from polyethylene, steel, aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. Not everyone needs a high end steel truck box to store valuables, often owners just need a secure spot to keep fuel cans, basic tools, or things that need to be stored in a waterproof environment. Steel boxes are the most expensive and the strongest material available.

The styles range from underbody, top mount, cross bed, fender well, flush mount, side mount, and hitch mount. Weatherguard makes some of the best cross boxes, hi-side boxes, and lo-side boxes on the market so look for their brand name when shopping online or in stores. You need to determine where in your truck bed you want the tool box to go. Tradesman produces top rated aluminum cross bed boxes for full size and small size pickups. Some truck owners want to utilize the entire width of their truck bed with a storage box and others just need a fender well or side mount box to hold their supplies. Again, you can mix and match the different sized boxes and actually have multiple truck tool boxes mounted on your truck. If you just need to transport items back and forth from jobsites to your home and will not be leaving valuables in your truck chest/box, then consider a cheaper plastic variety.

The Titan Poly Plastic Truck Toolboxes work great on mid sized trucks and are still durable and solidly constructed. We found the best selection online at websites like Toolboxesdirect.com and Truckboxshop.com. The top brands are Delta, Weatherguard, Better Built, Tradesman, JOBOX, Delta, ProTech, Aluminknox, Trailboss, and Deflecta-Shield. You will be able to buy many of these online at the websites we listed above and you can go to your local truck accessory store to find products closer to you. I found several truck boxes at our local auto supply store - the ProTech Crossbody Aluminum Truck Box and the cheaper Deflecta-Shield Full Lid Truck Box. They offer free truck box installation so look for deals like that so you can cut down on the expense to have it installed.

One other website we need to mention is Northerntool.com which lists dozens of truck boxes on their site and several have reviews you can read to compare specs and performance across brands. How much does a truck box cost? We get that type of question all the time and we have to say they range from $100 up to $800 or $900. You should be able to get a good quality truck tool storage box for about $300-$500. You can browse the best selling truck boxes online here

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Best Truck Boxes:

Hands down we found the best comments from experts and reviews from owners for the Weather Guard truck tool boxes. Their steel saddle box model 116-3-01 fits all full size pickups with 8 foot beds and sells for around $675. Includes a steel divider tray, level holders, and 2 keys. Features the One-Touch latch mechanism The box is suspended on the side of your truck leaving room for more storage under it. The Weather Guard Aluminum Cross Box sells for $799 has twin covers so you can open it from either side of your truck.

The extreme protection lock will guard and protect your box from break-ins and the mounting brackets require no drilling to install them. You can see the entire inventory of truck tool boxes on the Weatherguard website at Weatherguard.com.

To check out how to use and install a truck box - click the image below to go to video.

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Top Rated Tool Box for Trucks:

Not to be outdone by Weather Guard, Delta makes some of the best selling truck boxes and we found their products online at Amazon.com. They carry truck storage products like crossovers, truck chests, innerside boxes, topside boxes, underbed boxes, and drawer storage units. Delta makes the JOBOX steel truck chests you see in stores as well as the aluminum line of Delta Pro and Champion truck chests. The Delta aluminum crossovers sell for $279 and the aluminum innersides go for $239. The Delta Pro Series are considered the best quality and their single lid, heavy duty crossover starts at about $400. Their website will give you the proper model for your make of truck.

Another top seller is the Challenger Tool Box which can be found on the Cabelas.com website and comes in black or brite. It's made of heavy-duty, diamond plate aluminum and gas shocks lift the lid for you. It's got a narrow design which leaves plenty of room in the truck bed for other items. One reviewer with a F-150 truck says the truck box is perfect for holding "lug wrench, snow chains, rope, blanket, etc". Browse the Delta truck boxes here.

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Plastic Truck Toolboxes:

Plastic tool boxes are very popular amongst truck owners that want to save a little money and don't need to protect valuables. Lots of truck owners just want a box or chest where they can keep work tools or other supplies in an organized manner and be able to get to them quickly without rummaging around the cab of their truck for loose tools. The Titan Plastic Crossover Box for Midsize Trucks ($269) is perhaps the best plastic storage box on the market. The Gull Wing Crossover box is made with durable, ABS plastic polyethlyne which is both dent and rust resistant.

The UV protection on it will keep it from fading in the sun. Both lids open towards the middle of the box giving you the option to get into your things on either side of your truck. The self-adjusting locks will keep your belonging safe and water free. The Titan Single Lid Chest is another smaller option at $269 or you can get the storage chest for $215. Some simpler plastic storage bins are available on Toolboxesdirect.com if you want to find something for about $100.

More videos and resources are here on our Truck Box Resource Page.

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