Updated: May 27, 2015

Yakima Bike Rack Reviews:

There has been a resurgence in interest in cycling for both fitness and as a primary mode of transportation in the past few years. More people have been discovering what cyclists have known all along: sometimes the view is better from a bike. Not everyone has the luxury to live on the doorstep of a great riding trail, so it is often necessary to transport your bike so you can experience a larger variety of terrains. Maybe you want to take your bike on vacation or bring it with you to work or school to run errands. In any case, bike racks are a must. They increase the versatility and practicality of owning a bike - and allow you to travel anywhere and then some. What is the best bike rack for you? Yakima bike racks offer the right fit for both your vehicle and your life.

Yakima has been making top quality racks for over two decades; as they say, "We're a bunch of active, outdoor enthusiasts who play hard and work hard so you can play hard. You've got trails to blaze, rivers to tame, and mountains to attack. We want to make sure you and your gear get there safe and sound. We like to call our products 'destination hardware.' Because that's what we're about, getting you to your destination." And you will get to your destination thanks to superior design and materials, ultimate functionality, and stellar appearance.

How to Choose Your Yakima Bike Rack

There are several factors that inform your decision, including the make of your vehicle, the type of bikes you will carry, the type of security measures you need, the materials from which the rack is made, the convenience, and of course, the price. Knowing what you need and want will help make it easier to choose from the vast selection available today.

*Vehicle Make and Model. Yakima provides a convenient tool that allows you to enter in the make and model of your vehicle to help you determine the right type of rack (http://www.yakima.com/dealers/default.aspx?fitmycar). For instance, if you own a 2005 Toyota Camry without a hitch, and you want to carry two bikes on your roof, the Yakima tool will recommend that you try the Copperhead, Forklift, or Highroller rack systems. They list the features of each, as well as the price. The Copperhead, a "great" recommendation, is strong, functional, and has an appealing appearance. It comes with a Copperhead Q Towers Base system, and is about $497 for the bundle, which includes the mounting hardware and crossbars. The Copperhead rack itself can be found on Amazon for $89 - $99. You can buy the hardware separately; the Q towers cost about $137 for a set of four and the cross bars are about $70. If you choose to purchase separately, make sure you get all the necessary components.
Another option for our Toyota example is the Highroller, the "best" recommendation for your car. This is a high-end rack designed to fit the widest range of bikes. The Yakima Highroller has an easy release mechanism, integrated SKS cables for security, adjusting sliding wheel tray, double-sided wheel strap, Universal MightyMounts or MightyMounts. It is designed for the utmost convenience, usability, speed, and appearance. It is about $179 for the rack itself, and $657 for the complete bundle on Yakima's website. Get the Yakima HighRoller Bike Rack here.
These are just two of the options available for one particular car. The best way to determine the right rack system for you is to use the "Fit My Car" tool Yakima offers and then browse through the options. It will ask the make, year, model, how many bikes you plan to carry, and how you want to carry them (on the roof or on the back). Another great feature of this tool is that it gives you various options - all quality racks that perform beautifully - in different price ranges. You can also choose to purchase a complete bundle or just the rack. The options are designed to make choosing your rack as easy as possible.
*Type of Bike. A rugged mountain bike tire is different from a leisure bike tire which is different from a road racing bike tire. Your rack should accommodate your bike. And if you need it to accommodate more than one style, you need to make sure that is possible. The Highroller and the SprocketRocket are two Yakima models that are compatible with virtually any bike. For other models, check to make sure that your bike will fit securely.
Yakima bike rack reviews - If you want some unbiased, independent owner reviews to look at we found dozens posted online and in magazines. Mtbr.com has dozens of in depth consumer reviews for Yakima racks and REI.com and Road Cycling also have owner feedback listed on their websites. You can browse the top selling Yakima bike racks online here.

Yakima Bike Rack Features to Look For:

*Security measures. This is of the utmost importance. There is no sense bringing your bike somewhere if you constantly worry about it being stolen, or even simply falling from the rack. At least one wheel of the bike, as well as the frame, should be secured. As important is the bike's position in the rack. Is the bike as safe on the end as it is in the middle? Yakima's most popular rack, the Steelhead, for instance, has an SKS-lockable skewer and an aerodynamic fork mount for added stability. The bike cannot be removed from the rack while it is in the locked position. The rack itself, which sells on Amazon for $107 - $119 (get it on Amazon here), also locks onto the car itself. Why waste your investment by having your rack stolen?
*Materials. Stay away from painted racks. Exposure to air, sun, and moisture causes fading, peeling, and rusting. Yakima bike racks are made of heavy-duty durable, yet lightweight, corrosion- and rust-resistant materials that will keep your Yakima bike rack looking great for years. A light weight is important so you don't burden your vehicle and can easily install the rack yourself.
*Convenience. This is a biggie. Imagine going on a grueling hill climb. You're exhilarated and happy to be back at the car. Do you want to dissemble your bike? Take the time - and energy - to mess with a rack? No, and Yakima knows this. Many Yakima bike racks are designed not only to quickly and easily install - often with no tools - but they also make taking your bike on and off a breeze. The Holdup 2, for instance, allows you to load your bike in less than ten seconds. See the top rated trunk mount racks here

What is the Best Yakima Bike Rack for You?

Yakima recommends roof racks for the greatest security, stability, and ease. However, that is not possible for everyone, and they also make a line of hitch, trunk, and truck bed models. If you have a hitch, a model like the StickUp is ideal. The StickUp can carry two bikes and loads very quickly. It includes a hitch tongue, high end wheel straps, and other measures to protect both your bike and your vehicle. This is likewise with trunk models. The QuickBack 3 can accommodate three bikes with quick loading and is the world's fastest installing trunk mount. It is designed to keep your bike secure and your paint job unmarred. Yet another choice is a truck rack. These sit up over the bed of the truck, allowing you to use your bed space and keep your bikes securely fastened.
Ready to Shop for Your Yakima Bike Rack? Your first stop should be the Yakima site's "Fit My Car" tool. When you are armed with rack model information, always check Amazon for prices. You can often find the racks and components for less than other retailers. As soon as your rack is delivered, you can be ready to go in no time. Hit the road and have no worries. View the most popular hitch mount bike racks from Yakima here.