Updated: November 8, 2017

Bluetooth Mouse Reviews:

Finding the Best Bluetooth Mouse - Why do you want a Bluetooth optical mouse? Isn't a standard mouse good enough? Yes, it's good enough. But it doesn't offer the utmost in convenience, it doesn't take advantage of wireless technology to make your day a bit easier, it won't travel with your laptop without cords, and it takes up a valuable USB port. All of these reasons apply, but another reason that a Bluetooth wireless mouse is a nice addition to your computer system is that it just has more options, more features, and is more fun to use than a traditional mouse. So why not? And because Bluetooth technology is coming down in price and becoming much more reasonable, buying a wireless Bluetooth mouse is comparable to buying a standard one. But are all Bluetooth mice the same? Can you just pick up the one that's on sale or the one that coordinates best with your color scheme? You absolutely could, though getting quality in this case would be pure luck. Here are some tips for choosing the best Bluetooth laser or optical mouse.
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Choosing a Bluetooth Mouse - Choosing a Bluetooth wireless is easy, but it's good to have a handle on what exactly you want. A Bluetooth optical mouse detects movement using light. You'll see a red light underneath the mouse - red is common because it requires less power to run. These are great for desktops because they work well on desks, tables, or other hard, relatively smooth surfaces. If you want a mouse that can handle other surfaces, as you would if you have a laptop, a Bluetooth laser mouse can be a good choice. It is yet more accurate than the precise optical mouse and good for those times when you don't have a desk handy and need to use your mouse on your leg, a bed, or some other nonstandard surface. These tend to be more expensive than the optical versions, though that is starting to equalize. The advantages of both the optical and laser mouse are that they do not build up debris and dust as their predecessors did. These were the mice that had the ball roller for motion. They tended to get less precise and harder to use as they built up debris from your table or desk, and they required a mouse pad in order to work. Laser and optical versions have eliminated the need for a mouse pad and do not accumulate dust inside their actions. You will also want to think about the size of the mouse (there are more compact models that are better suited to laptops) and the type of battery indicator it has. Make sure that the mouse you get is compatible with your CPU. There are those that are compatible with Macs, PCs, or both. Finally, set your budget. You can spend anywhere from $20 to more than $80 for a Bluetooth mouse, so make sure you set a price limit. You can find a good, solid, reliable mouse even if you have a smaller budget. You can browse the best selling Bluetooth mice online here.

Best Bluetooth Mouse:

The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter 8000 is a great choice for those with a moderate budget. It features high definition laser technology, scrolling 4-way button, zoom wheel, handle rotation, laser pointer, built-in button to control PowerPoint presentations, and 5 buttons for easy navigation. It was named by BestCovery as one of the best notebook mice, and because it uses Bluetooth, it frees up a USB port for your other devices. BestCovery praised the Notebook Presenter's compact design and great portability. You can find it online for under $40. For $10 less, you can get another BestCovery pick, the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. This has an ergonomic design, LED battery light indicator, high definition laser technology, 4 buttons for navigation, and MAC/Windows compatibility. Both the 5000 and 8000 were recommended products from PickyGuide, a convenient and comprehensive consumer website designed to help you get the most for your money. Another PickyGuide top choice is the Kensington Si670m Bluetooth Wireless Optical Notebook Mouse 72271 for PC or Mac. You get tired just saying that, but in all other areas, this Kensington Bluetooth wireless mouse is designed for your convenience. It features 4-way tilt scrolling so you can quickly and easily navigate with just a move of the finger, mid-size body with rubberized grip, on/off button to conserve battery life, and instant and clutter-free connectivity. Amazon reviewers have called it "exceptional" and "excellent." One problem is that it may be a bit small for very large hands. If this is a problem for you, you may want to select a mouse with a bigger size. The Kensington Si670m Bluetooth optical mouse is $46. When looking for a Bluetooth mouse, keep LogiTech in mind. They are a well-known name and consistently produce top quality products at affordable prices. View the most popular Logitech Bluetooth mouse models here.

Bluetooth Mouse for Gaming?:

Many gamers are not convinced that Bluetooth is the way to go. There is a little lag time that most users would not even notice but that can be detrimental to those playing a fast-paced game. Razer has tried to fill this niche with their gaming mouse. The Razer Orochi is especially popular. This mouse has a different look than a traditional mouse because it is designed to allow your fingers to assume their natural position, which ironically, takes some getting used to. It is optimized for gaming with Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, dual mode wired or wireless functioning, Synapse Onboard Memory, and precision 3G laser sensor. The Razer gets consistently positive reviews from Amazon users, and it received a great review on PCGamingCorner, which said that it was the first mouse dedicated to gaming and that "it exceeded our every expectation." It is comfortable, accurate, and portable. They found fault with only one aspect of the Razer: its price. It costs $70. Still expensive for a mouse, but not bad if you're a serious gamer who wants a reliable Bluetooth mouse. You can see the Orachi in action on this YouTube video here. Logitech and other big companies have Bluetooth mouse options for about $20, and $30 to $40 is really the range where you can find some of the best quality for the price. It will make your notebook or desktop experience so much better.