Updated: November 8, 2017

Computer Keyboard Reviews:

The most basic component to a computer is a keyboard. Anyone who uses a computer eventually gets a "feel" for their keyboard and knows just how far away from their hands certain keys are. Good typers can type over 100 words a minute and 10-key experts can enter in numbers and digits faster than you think. Beyond the letters, numbers, and symbols you find on a computer keyboard, there are other countless functions and shortcuts you can do. Things like alt-tab, esc, shift, control, and the up, down and sideways arrows all help us navigate documents, webpages and software programs on a day to day basis. Many keyboards are slightly different leaving an end user learning a new routine if they switch jobs or computers.

The modern keyboards are all cordless or wireless which allows for less wires and cables running underneath your desk. You can find ergonomic models like the Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 or keyboards just for gamers like the Logitech G15. No longer is typing the only necessity that consumers want from a keyboard. I have tried some of the ergonomic ones and found that my initial typing speed is just not as fast or accurate when I compare it to my traditional Dell keyboard. I'm sure over time I could adjust, but I have stayed away from ergonomic keyboards for now. I also prefer to have a 10-key function to the right of the letters and some keyboards don't offer this. That's one reason I don't like using laptops, the lack of a 10-key. I have also found that laptop keyboards break more often than desktop PC keyboards. My wife has a newer Dell Inspiron laptop and the J and T letters are always coming off. Unfortunately, when you order a PC online at Dell or HP, it's not like you get to choose from a big variety of keyboards. In a recent search at Dell, we had the option of a Microsoft Silver USB Multimedia keyboard, Logitech Cordless Desktop S 510, or the Logitech Laser Desktop MX 3200. Many consumers end up buying a keyboard to replace the one that comes with a standard Dell computer. The good news is that most keyboards aren't that expensive and should only set you back $40 to $70. Besides the mouse, the computer keyboard should be the most comfortable feature of the computer to use. Your hands will tire out if it isn't setup properly. If you are looking for in depth reviews on computer keyboards, you search will have to include sites like Extremetech.com and PC Magazine since very few sites dedicate space to these input devices. One of our favorite resources, Consumer Reports, doesn't have anything that I could find on computer keyboards. You can browse the top selling computer keyboards online here.

Top Rated PC Keyboard:

The Saitek Eclipse II ($69.95) is one of the best rated computer keyboards on the market. You can adjust the backlighting colors from purple, red or blue so the keyboard functions well in any lighting environment. Users say the keyboard is easy to type on and the solid construction keeps it sturdy and in place. The silver casing provides for a modern design around the 104 key layout. Connects to your computer via a USB 2.0 connection. You can find all the details and see a few photos online at Saitekusa.com. RECOMMENDED - the Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard with Backlighting ($70) which is one of the most popular on Amazon.com. The backlit keys are easy to find and type even if you are in the dark. The ultra-thin profile fits perfectly onto any modern computer desk and the typing is silent. You get a full size key layout and a soft-touch palm rest. the Logitech keyboard provides easy to find one-touch controls to things like media playback and volume. Owners say it's comfortable to use, quiet when typing, and well lit even in darker rooms.

Wireless Computer Keyboard:

One of the greatest inventions of our time have been wireless devices - such as the wireless keyboard for computers. We all know that having wires and cables all over is a big hassle, so buying a computer keyboard that is wireless can eliminate that headache. RECOMMENDED - The clear winner is the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 300 - an award winning keyboard with one touch access controls to video, email, music, and more. The programmable F-Keys make this wireless keyboard an intelligent tool. Features an automatic sleep mode, on/off switch, and an indicator light for battery status. The MK 300 comes with an 1200 dpi optical mouse. You can check out all the most popular Logitech keyboards on Amazon.com here.

Best Ergonomic Computer Keyboard:

The Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 ($46) is the most ergonomic keyboard around and gets excellent reviews from CNET and Amazon. Many people get strained wrists and hands from alignment issues but Microsoft has solved that with an innovative design. The keyboard features email and Internet hot keys for quick access to your favorite websites and programs/files. Owners can't say enough good things about this keyboard with compliments like "best ergo keyboard", "perfect keyboard", and "comfortable on the hands, wrists, and forearms". We found a solid review online that was done by CNET HERE. Another solid product is the Adesso PS/2 Ergonomic Keyboard with Touchpad ($65) which we found several quality reviews online for and it sells at Tigerdirect.com.

Best Gaming Keyboard:

A big segment of computer users are those that like playing games. Gamers require different aspects to their keyboards compared to the average user and we found the Logitech G15 to get the best ratings online and in magazines. The G15 has cool features like the GamePanel LCD, 6 programmable G-keys for macros on the fly, and illuminated characters. CNET gives the G15 a great rating and review HERE, and it's one of the few expert reviews where we saw the consumer reviews ranked it even higher. Comments like "spectacular" and "designed for the hardcore gamer" show that the Logitech G15 is the best gaming keyboard out there. UPDATE September 2014 - If the G15 is not enough for you, consider the newer Logitech G19 gaming keyboard should handle all your needs. With 12 fully programmable G-keys (3 macros per key) - this gives you 36 time saving commands per game and the color GamePanel LCD display keeps things like game stats or system information right in front of you at all times.

Kids Keyboard:

Kids love using computers because they are so interactive and allow them to really use their minds and imaginations. Finding a keyboard for kids is not easy since almost all the reviews we read for "kids keyboards" were not that great. One product that we did like was the Crayola 11071 Keyboard ($20) we found on Amazon.com. It's kid friendly in that certain keys were eliminated from the kyeboard so that kids don't accidentally "hit" the wrong keys. The uncluttered feel to the keyboard is what parents say is the best for their children. The keys are bigger than normal and the different colored keys help kids navigate the keyboard.