Updated: November 8, 2017

Ebook Reader Reviews:

The market for ebook readers has taken off in the last year and this year is expected to really define this field - especially amongst the manufacturers to see which ones come out on top. Amazon.com has run their online store (originally designed to sell books) since 1995 and they understood the need to develop an ereader as books become digital and are no longer physical products. Now you can download an entire ebook, magazine, or newspaper to your Amazon Kindle device in seconds. Think about that convenience, no need to shop online or in a store for a book, you get the ebook download right to the Kindle and the device can store over 1000 books. With hundreds of millions already sold, the Kindle will surely lead the pack in the new year and we expect Amazon to blow away the competition. Unfortunately, those that bought the Nook may be kicking themselves and eventually switch to the Kindle.

If you are looking to purchase an electronic book reader, expect to spend $200+ - the Kindle is closer to $260, but price wars may bring that down as we move into 2010. An e book reader is certainly the future when it comes to reading books. Not only are most ebooks cheaper than the paperback version in stores, it's really convenient to have it on a ebook reader device like the Kindle. The Amazon ebook reader is simply the best choice as of now. Amazon has become the Apple of books. Much like Apple created the iPod and sells music via iTunes, Amazon is setup perfectly to sell their portable ebook reader via their website and practically give away the books that you will download and read on it. The other digital book readers from Barnes & Noble and Sony are trying to compete with the Kindle, but it looks like it could be a losing battle. The problem for those competitors is that the vast majority of online book sales go to Amazon right now so they will have to find a way to get those online shoppers of books to convert to their technology and website. Some tech experts have talked about an ebook reader for the iPhone but that is still not practical. The small screen on an iPhone, we believe, will hamper it's ability to take sales from the Kindle. Apple will have to come up with a new device - which they have proven to be good at (just look at the iPhone and iPod). We have read dozens of articles with a comparison between all the handheld ebook readers - most agree that the Kindle is the way to go, while others say we should all wait another year for improvements on these digital ereaders. My wife just purchased the Kindle for Christmas and so far she loves it. She reads about 3 books a month so it's a great investment for her. The new Kindle also handles PDF files which is another features owners really like. I have had the chance to use the Kindle a few times and I have to admit I am impressed. For the most part I'm not an early adopter of tech devices (no iPhone yet) but the ability to take a few books with me on a trip without taking the physical product sounds enticing to me. In fact, my wife and I could share the Kindle and take multiple books each when we go to places like Hawaii for the week. The backlight and screen make for a device that is readible in almost any lighting scenario. The interface is easy to use and intuitive. Are there any drawbacks to these ebook readers? So far no color screens, this helps keep the battery life lasting long (about a week). Also, you can't give the ebook to another user of the Kindle after you are done with it. I don't like this feature, but I'm hoping that future software upgrades will allow this to happen. I know that I share books with my friends after reading them but not having that option with an ebook purchased on the Kindle just seems silly. Where can you buy these products? The Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition is offered on Amazon and you can buy the Nook from Barnes & Noble at their website or in stores. At the time of article (early 2010) - the Nook was having issues with distribution and some people didn't get theirs in time for Christmas. Of course the Kindle is offered right on Amazon. Amazon claims that on Christmas Day 2009 they sold more ebooks than regular books - it seems the times are a changing. RECOMMENDED - We suggest you shop online at Amazon since they do offer both the Sony and Kindle - you can read literally 1000's of reviews of the Kindle and see what others have to say. You can browse the ebook readers online here.

Best Ebook Reader - Amazon Kindle:

RECOMMENDED - It's hard to go against the top selling Amazon Kindle which was one of the most popular gift items this year. Just like music downloads have killed CD sales, the ebook devices will start destroying the physical sales of books at bookstores. The Kindle comes in 2 sizes - the 6" model and the 9.7" DX. The key features to the 6 inch Kindle are - it's slim at just over 1/3 inch and it's lightweight at under 11 ounces. Get your book downloads in less than 60 seconds - so far my wife has seen her books arrive in about 30 seconds. All books are downloaded wirelessly via the 3G network of AT&T. The Kindle holds up to 1500 books and a single charge of the battery will last up to 1 week. The built in PDF reader - great for personal and professional documents. The list of books available for download to the Kindle is increasing by the day and it currently stands at about 400,000. Want something a little larger that stores even more books, consider the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7). The DX is almost twice as much but the screen size is impressive and many college students are in line for this one. The big difference between the 6" model and the DX is that the DX has a larger screen, holds 3500 books, and has a auto rotation display. The one drawback is that the wireless coverage is only in the U.S. while the 6" Kindle has global wireless coverage.

Amazon Kindle vs Nook vs Apple Tablet:

Which one should you purchase? Our gut feeling is that the Kindle will dominate this market in a year or so. Apple may come out with a competing product, but Amazon may be too big to stop by that time. Who wants to spend $250 and then have to change devices. The others, like the BN Nook and Sony eReader will have a tough time surviving the blitz of the Kindle online. Amazon will have a big incentive to keep improving on the device and the software that goes with it so that people will want to go to their website and download ebooks. Amazon does an excellent job of cross selling their other products when visitors are on their website and they can afford to give away ebooks (with minimal margins) as long as they are selling their ereader devices with bigger margins (just like the Apple concept with music downloads). We expect to see Amazon sell millions of Kindles in 2010 and if you are a big book reader, it makes sense to go with them. The seamless experience is what I appreciate and that is what will set the Kindle apart from the others.