Updated: November 8, 2017

Flash Drive Reviews:

flash drives Best 64GB and 128GB Flash Drives Review - If you're of a certain age, you'll clearly remember the 3.5 inch floppy disks that were used to save documents so you could take your work with you from one computer to another. This was before you could just email it to yourself to be opened whenever and wherever you next saw a computer. And if you're even older than a certain age, you'll remember the floppy disks that really were floppy. These were 8-inch disks that held a whopping 175kB of memory when they first came out in the early 1970s. To compare that to present day storage devices: a 1 gigabyte device, such as a flash drive, is considered small, or even miniscule to some people. But that humble gig still holds 1,048,576 kB, exponentially more than the first floppies. Even later disks (early 2000s) held a tenth of this. Today, we need 2, 8, 16, 64, or 128 gigs of memory to do everything we need. Today, you'll find that computers do not have a disk drive. To save material, you can use a flash drive. It's the floppy of the 21st century. Only way bigger and way more efficient. This guide will take a look at the best 64GB and 128GB so you have the optimal storage for all your applications.

What is a Flash Drive? - The applications for a floppy disk were limited, but with a flash drive, you have the option to perform a host of tasks, including:

*Storing digital information, including documents, images, songs, and video.
*Transferring data from one device to another - all it needs is a USB port.
*Running applications, such as Open Office, Mozilla, games, videos, antivirus, and other portable apps.
*Create a password reset disk in case you forget the password to your Windows user account.
*Use a flash drive and ReadyBoost technology to boost performance on Vista OS.
*Use as an mp3. Save your songs, plug in, and you have your music with you.
*Password-protect the data in the drive.
*Lock and unlock your PC. This ensures that your computer cannot be used if the flash drive is not installed. This is helpful if you have sensitive information that you don't want to be accessible - or if you just don't like people playing on your computer.
*Web developers can run a website from a USB flash drive.

Buying Flash Drives

For a flash drive, 64GB is a reasonable amount of storage. 128GB is obviously more. But what does that mean? What can 64GB flash drives hold? And would you need to upgrade to 128GB flash drives? Here is what you can hold in your 64GB drive: 31,130 photos, 15,565 mp3 files (based on average song length), or 124.5 minutes of video. The 128GB model ups this to: 62,259 photos, 31,130 mp3 files, or 249 minutes of video. (These figures may vary depending on the manufacturer.) If you are using it purely for documents, either option should be sufficient. Let's take a look at some of the best rated 64GB and 128GB flash drives.

Best 64GB Flash Drives:

You can expect to pay from $100 to $200, and usually somewhere right in the middle, for 64GB flash drives. A great choice is the SanDisk Ultra 64 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive SDCZ40-064G-A11. But you can call it the Ultra. LapTopMag.com says that the Ultra is a "compelling option" because of the "rich feature set and easy portability." It offers easy operation - backup with only a touch of a button and no installation, small, compact design, and password protection and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) hardware encryption. It holds 16,000 3.5 minute songs, 19,200 images, or 128 hours of video. The ease of use and quickness of data transfer make this an excellent flash drive for students and professionals on the go. One of the complaints about the SanDisk Ultra was the high price; today, that has equalized, and you will find that the Ultra is priced at just about the average for 64GB flash drives. You can find it for $125. BestCovery, a consumer site which researches products and selects the top choices in any number of categories, chose the Patriot Memory 64GB Extreme Performance Xporter Magnum USB Flash Drive as the best USB flash drive for speed. BrightHub also liked the zippy little drive, which features up to 210x transfer speed (the fastest available), sleek aluminum construction, maximum compatibility with ReadyBoost and other applications, and ultra compact design. The Patriot Memory is $140. Patriot also offers a 128GB version that is just as well-made for just over $300. With this beast of a flash drive, you can store as much as some computers. Browse through other 64 GB flash drives on Amazon. Other popular brands include Kingston, Lexar, and Corsair.

Best 128GB Flash Drives:

The behemoth 128GB flash drives were introduced in 2009, and at first, there was a lot of confusion about whether they were real or not. There were many fakes being circulated, and this continues to be somewhat of a problem in 2010. Even reputable sites like Amazon were inadvertently selling counterfeit 128GB flash drives. Today, Amazon has removed these. To avoid getting a fake, buy from a reputable dealer, like Amazon (buy FROM Amazon, not just through Amazon), who will take a return of a counterfeit flash drive, and choose well-known brands. The Lexar Echo SE 128 GB USB 2.0 Backup Drive LEHSE128BSBNA is a reputable, solid choice. MacWorld says that because of its capacity, it is the most convenient storage drive for mobile users. The Lexar offers easy operation; when plugged in, it activates and continuously backs up your data. It has backup software for both PC and Mac built into the drive, back up of different versions of a file, automatic backup of a file when a change is detected, quick restoration of files, a 5-year warranty, and security encryption. The Echo SE is $352. Lexar also makes a 64GB version for $167. Another good buy is the Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB Hi-Speed, Super Hi-Capacity USB Flash Drive PEF128GMNUSB, which was mentioned briefly above. This is a high speed, lightweight aluminum flash drive that features easy plug-and-play functioning for PC and Mac. It also carries a lifetime warranty, making the $310 price tag a little more palatable. What about those cute flash drives that look like turtles, penguins, neckties, skulls, flowers, hamburgers, fruit, Zippos, and anything else you can imagine? Sorry. For now, you'll have to go with the sleek thumb drive look instead of the more fun options. These typically only hold a gig or two. For serious data storage, look at the top names, especially if you are purchasing the 128GB flash drives. Look here for 128GB flash drives. Back up your data, and make it much more easily accessible with the right flash drive.