Updated: November 8, 2017

Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews:

Why is a Laptop Cooler Necessary? - A laptop cooler is designed to help laptops reduce their temperatures. Often laptops fans can't cool the laptop enough to get it to a workable temperature level. I used to have a Toshiba laptop and for the longest time it would crash for no apparent reason. I ran all kinds of tests and diagnostic on the computer with little success. Finally, someone pointed out to me that my laptop may simply be shutting off because it was overheating. I did tend to leave the laptop on for long periods of time, and I am sure that didn't help the situation. Sure enough, once I got a laptop cooler, the laptop-crashing problem was a thing of the past. Laptop cooler pads are also helpful for those who use their laptops in bed or on the couch. Your laptop can overheat very quickly without a cooler pad if you put it directly on a blanket. Of course, when it overheats, it shuts off. Not only is this bad for your computer, but you can also lose sensitive data. Obviously, excessive heat isn't good for your laptop and that is why laptop coolers can be essential. However, to a degree, whether or not you need one depends on your computer, and how and where you use it. If your computer suddenly overheats and crashes, it may also just need a cleaning. Vents can get clogged with dust and reduce airflow. This dust can block the laptop's ability to cool itself effectively.
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Types of Laptop Cooler Pads

There are two kinds of laptop cooler cooling methods. One is passive coolers, which sit beneath the laptop. These very frequently are cooling crystals and they serve to allow better circulation all around the laptop. The next type of laptop cooler is active crystal, which move air or liquid away from the laptop. A USB plug often powers the active crystals. They have a fan that works to keep the heat away from your computer. Another thing to keep in mind when you choose a laptop cooler is that cooler pads can run off of a power adapter or use a USB port. Some laptop coolers also come with add-on features like keydrives, and memory sticks. Often people who need to cool their laptops find that they can create a workable laptop cooler on their own without even spending any money. Laptop cooling pad reviews - We found countless reviews on Laptoplifestyle.com, Technotalks.com, Everythingusb.com, and CNET. Perhap our favorite site is Amazon since they have hundreds of owner reviews posted with in depth comments about each particular model. The laptop cooler reviews give you pros and cons to each one allowing you to make an informed buying decision. But where do you go to buy a laptop cooler? You can browse the best selling laptop cooling pads online here. Some of the top brands are Logitech, Belkin, Evercool, ThermaPAK, Xpad, Syba, and Targus.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad:

We looked at a variety of forums including Forum.notebookreview.com, Techsupportforum.com and Forums.macrumors.com to find the best laptop coolers. We also looked at sites like Bestcovery and Amazon.com. According to Bestcovery, the Zalman Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 is the best. This notebook cooler sells for $57. The ZM-NC2000 notebook cooler is designed to be straightforward solution to the problem with little noise. The surface is curved aluminum. There are vent holes for air. The surface also has a anti-slip strip that keeps your computer from sliding off the stand. This laptop cooler does have a USB cable and USB ports are on both sides of the cooling pad. The Zalman Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 has a on/off switch and also a control for handling fan speed. Reviewers really like this laptop cooler, and they mention that the Zalman NC1000 is a smaller version of the side product. In the reviews we saw, most people mention that this laptop cooler is indeed quiet and does its job of keeping things cool. They also like the feature of the adjustable fan speed. Owners think that the fact that it has a USB connector on each side is actually a big convenience. You can change the positioning of the USB cable depending on what you are doing. Reviewers also appreciate that this notebook cooler fits larger computers. This cooling unit is good for 15.4" and probably 17" notebook sizes. However, it is not that heavy if you need to carry it. On the other hand, you really wouldn't want to transport it with you to a cafe. The pricepoint too is appreciated by purchasers of the Zalman Notebook Cooler. As one reviewer points out, paying $60 is well worth saving a computer. Another popular laptop cooler among the reviews we saw is the Thermaltake CLN0008 Massive23 CS 23cm Aluminum Notebook Cooler which also sells for about $60. This laptop cooler has a LED fan and on/off switch. It also claims to be "ultra silent." The Thermaltake Notebook Cooler is good for 10 inch to 17 inch notebooks so it supports a wide range of sizes. Bestcovery says "One look at the enormous 230mm centrally-mounted fan should convince you that Thermaltake means business with this model. The full mesh mounting surface enhances heat dissipation by absorbing more of the heat from the bottom of the laptop case." In the reviews we saw, people felt that this laptop cooler worked very well, and was indeed extremely silent. BEST - The #1 seller on Amazon and an excellent product is the Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad (N100) - it's the one I bought and it's worked perfectly. Take a look online and see which one makes sense for you - view the top rated laptop coolers here.

Notebook Cooler:

If you are looking to spend a bit less money, the Targus PA241U Podium CoolPad is highly recommended and only $25. The CoolPad is not a fan like the other laptop coolers, but instead is has adjustable pegs, which raise the laptop and non-slip pads to keep it still. The device also has a support bar. Although this is decidedly a lower tech approach to the laptop cooler, it actually provides you with create ergonomics due to its unique angle. The air running below your laptop helps keep it cool. Reviewers were thrilled with the price of the CoolPad and also very happy with the way it kept their computers cool. However, over time reviewers did mention that the device will begin to fall apart. But keep in mind that this is accounting for extended periods of heavy usage. Reviewers also loved the ergonomic design of this stand. They mention that the podium positions notebook keys in a very comfortable position. Another major benefit to the CoolPad is that you can easily stick it right into your laptop bag and take it with you on the go. We also looked at CNET for their suggestions for lower price laptop coolers, they recommended the Xpad Laptop Desk which is a $29 laptop desk. It offers a protective layer between you and your laptop. According to CNET, this Laptop cooler may be overkill for small computers. The laptop is placed on raised panel. Heat escapes from the bottom of the computer. CNET also suggests the BlueLounge Cool Feet. These are simple rubber feet that attach to the bottom of your laptop. They also give a great ergonomic angle. However, according to CNET, these "are better for giving your system a more ergonomic angle than for cooling." BEST - We suggest looking at the Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler. It's a USB powered cooler - no batteries or adapters required. Owners say it's quiet, reliable, and uses very little power. The Antec cooling system will help keep your notebook running smooth and cool.