Updated: November 8, 2017

Laptop Stand Reviews:

The term "laptop" is somewhat of a misnomer. Your lap is actually one of the worst places for your computer while you're working. Laptops have a lot of technology stuffed into a relatively small package, so they need to circulate air to keep themselves cool. When we put them on our laps, beds, couches, or other soft surfaces, air can't move in or out. This can overheat your computer and cause it to shut down. In the long-term, it can impact the functioning of your machine. Whether you paid $1000 for a Macbook or $300 for a Toshiba, you want to protect your investment. A simple way to do this - and a much less expensive alternative to replacing your notebook - is to use a laptop stand. These can help keep air circulating and help you position your laptop at a more comfortable height.

Laptop Stands for Every Use - Whether you work in an office, bring your notebook back and forth to school, or even work while traveling, a laptop stand is a great idea. It will help keep your computer cool, as mentioned, but it will also either elevate your computer or position it at an angle that is more comfortable for you. If you like hunching over your computer all day, these stands may not be for you. For the rest of us, a simple change in position can relieve physical tension and discomfort and help us become more productive, whether we're working or shopping. Laptop Stand Features to Look For

*Size does matter. A notebook stand won't be ideal for your netbook; a stand designed for PCs may not be right for your Mac. Take note of the dimensions of your computer and then find a stand that fits.
*Style. Do you want a laptop cooling stand with fans or ventilation? An ergonomically-designed riser or vertical stand? Do you want a stand that rests of the floor and brings your laptop to sitting level? Do you want one that is designed for car travel? Think about where you work: if you're at Starbucks as much as you are at the office, you want lightweight portability. If you want to catch up on emails while you're stuck in traffic, you want a mounted car model.
*Features. You can find laptop stands that have USB ports, rubberized feet, adjustable heights or angles, foldable design, included keyboard, fans, and more. The number of bells and whistles you opt for will also affect the next feature on the list...
*Price. Laptop stand prices are all over the place. Typically, you will pay less than $80. And sometimes a lot less. Don't go for the cheapest - but don't necessarily go for the most expensive. Take a few minutes to look at the features and check out some reviews. We'll help you out by taking a look at some of the top models.

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Best Notebook and Laptop Stands:

When you're looking for laptop stands, most of the models will talk about being compatible with PCs, so we're going to start with a Mac laptop stand for all the Apple users out there. The Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand is designed specifically for Macbooks and Macbook Pros; it reviews very well with consumers and Gadgeteer calls it the "ideal desktop companion" for these Apples. The mStand is as sleek as your Mac with its single-piece brushed aluminum construction. It features a stand that raises your Mac 6 inches, which puts it at a much more comfortable height when you're working at your desk or a table. The stand is very sturdy at 0.10 inches thick and over 4 pounds. The rigid material is designed to support your computer effortlessly and stably. The raised design keeps your computer cooler than if it were sitting on your desk because it facilitates air flow. The aluminum is a heat sink, pulling the heat from your laptop. The mStand also has rubber feet for protection, a hole in the back for cables, and full access to your IR port, optical disk drive, and release button. This laptop stand is $50, a great deal that will help you extend the life of your (expensive) Mac. Look here for more laptop stands designed for Macs. Now for the PCs: LogiTech has several models that review very well with consumers, including the LogiTech Notebook Riser. TestFreaks gave the Riser a score of 9.7 out of 10, and CNET said it was a good "flexible ergonomic" stand with useful features. They did note, however, that if you have a thinner notebook, you'll want to test it out before you buy to ensure a proper fit. It fits perfectly with bigger laptops. The Notebook Riser has a comfortable ergonomic design, three different tilt angles, and rubber-soled swivel base. You can use your external keyboard and mouse to optimize comfort. The LogiTech can be used with PCs and Macs with up to a 15.4-inch display. As one reviewer said, "With this riser, I'm no longer the Hunchback of Notre Dame!" Better posture for $30. The LogiTech Express and LogiTech Alto laptop stands are also well-reviewed by consumers and are recommended by AskMen and other sources. See Logitech laptop stands here.

Cooling Pads:

Keeping your machine cool is a concern for every laptop owner, and you can find cooling pads that either work to ventilate your computer and allow its internal fan to do its work or those that plug into your computer via USB and run their own fan. The problem with the USB fan stands is that they can be loud, actually block your computer's fan and impede air flow, or their fan(s) are not located in a position to draw air and cool your computer. It is important to choose well. Try the Zalman Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000. This was BestCovery's pick for Best Cooling Pad. The 3mm thick aluminum panel has been diamond-cut, sand-blasted, and anodized to offer a sleek appearance that is exceptionally strong. It has a fine curvature, two centrifugal fans for high air pressure and quick cooling, and 928 high capacity vent holes. The combination of fans and vent holes is crucial because this allows the cold air to circulate and cool the entire computer. You'll find the Zalman for about $55. Be very, very careful when choosing a USB fan cooling pad. If it has a poor ventilation system, those fans are not doing any good. Look for models like the Zalman that feature the complex system of vents. Or go with a cooling pad like the ThermaPAK HS17A Laptop Cooling Heatshift Pad. The ThermaPAK is designed to cool the entire laptop but it uses no fans. The plus side of that is there will never be any noise. It works by enhancing air flow with its grooved channels and organic cooling crystals that draw heat away from your computer. A CNET study found that the ThermaPAK kept laptops more than 10 degrees F cooler, vastly outperforming USB cooling fans. It is the ultimate in energy conservation, requiring no power. You don't even need to refrigerate it; the heat simply dissipates. This is a great deal at $22. Get top rated cooling pads here - and choose these with caution!