Updated: November 8, 2017

Privacy Filter Reviews:

Why Privacy Filters are So Useful - Have you ever been on your laptop and felt like someone next to you was seeing all your information? I know that I have frequently had that experience on a plane. If you are watching a movie on your laptop, its annoying. However, if you are actually doing something private like checking your bank account, this lack of privacy can be a real issue. A privacy filter allows you to protect your privacy by blocking others from seeing your screen. You can still see what is on your laptop when sitting right in front of it, but the people around you can't. There are a few types of privacy screens including privacy filters for desktop computers CRT or LCD, and then also privacy filters for laptops. In addition to keeping your screen private, privacy screens also have a few other functions. They can protect your screen from dirt and grime, and they can also cut down on glare. You can Browse the best selling privacy filters here.
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How to Install a Privacy Filter

- View the video above to check out a review and demonstration of installation of a privacy filter. A few things to note include the fact that unless you have a 3M privacy filter, you need to remove all dust and marks from your screen before placing the film protector on it. This means that it can take a long time before getting your filter onto your screen properly. You also need to watch for potential air bubbles. It is also essential to make sure that you are choosing the right size privacy filter for your screen. Otherwise any information on the edges of the screen that is not covered by the filter will still be visible to others. When you are shopping for your privacy filter, be sure to check for the size that is indicated.

You can view the top rated privacy screens/filters for your computer here.

Best Privacy Screens:

We looked at a variety of resources including the forums at Notebookreview.com and blogs like Gadgeteer and Gizmodo to find the best privacy screens. Most of these reviews recommended 3M (see all 3M privacy filters here). 3M is the largest manufacturer of LCD privacy filters and their filters come in different shapes and sizes. LCD privacy filters are made out of film, which covers your whole screen. Unlike some of the other privacy filters, the 3M filter stays on your computer by means of clips which attach to your screen with an adhesive. Therefore you don't need to worry about things like air bubbles, which is the case with other privacy filters. The 3M Privacy Filter- 3M PF15.4W Widescreen Notebook privacy screen costs about $45. This 3M privacy filter is for notebooks with a 15.4 inch diagonal viewing screen. The filter dimensions are 8.18 inches X 12.09 inches. 3Mís privacy screen has what is called microlouver privacy technology. This means that people who pass by can only see a dark screen. Reviewers on Amazon.com recommend this filter. They say it does a great job protecting their privacy. One thing to note is that 3M has a logo on the edge of the filter which some reviewers found a bit annoying. Reviewers felt that it was well worth the price of the privacy filter to protect their security. One reviewer also advised that if your screen is really bright, you may need to turn down the brightness of your monitor a bit to take full advantage of the filter's capabilities. There is also 3M Privacy Filter for Standard Notebook Computers with a 14.1" diagonally measured display for $42. The blog Gadling reviewed the 3M privacy filter and recommended it highly. However, they pointed out a few small flaws. For example, if someone else is at about 45 degrees from you, they can make out some of what is on your screen.

Fellowes Privacy Filter - The Fellowes 17.0-Inch Laptop/Flat Panel Privacy Filter (4800301) sells for about $50. This privacy filter protects 17 inch laptops or flat panel screens. Reviewers love this product. It is important to note that the fellowes privacy filter has a glossy side and a matte side. However, either side functions to maintain privacy reduce glare and prevent scratches and smudges. If you have a larger screen on your computer, there is also the Fellowes 4800501 19.0-Inch Laptop/Flat Panel Privacy Filter that sells for $73.

Additional Privacy Filters - One popular choice for a privacy filter is Targus 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Privacy Filter that sells for $120. This privacy filter is made for 22-inch LCD screens. Reviewers state that this LCD privacy filter is amazingly effective. In fact, one person mentioned that her colleagues at work keep asking her why she is in front of a blank computer screen. There is also the option of the Green Onions Supply RT-SPF10141W/M Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 14.1-Inch Laptop LCD screen -1 Piece that sells for $30. The Green Onions Anti-Glare Screen protector attaches easily to your screen. Reviewers highly recommend this privacy filter, which is also designed to protect from glare. See all Targus privacy screens here.