Updated: November 8, 2017

Wireless Keyboard Reviews:

Choosing the Best Wireless Keyboard for Freedom and Convenience - It seems like nearly everything is wireless today, why should your keyboard be any different? Everyone who owns electronics knows that "spaghetti" erupts in the back of entertainment centers and computer tables. The network of cables and wires gets jumbled, and it's a mess. Good luck finding one specific cable! Wireless peripherals help to tame the mess back there and streamline your home or office computer use. If you have been considering a wireless keyboard and mouse, you've come to the right place.
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What is a Wireless Keyboard? - This is just a keyboard. The one key difference is that instead of having a cable to connect the keyboard to the computer, it connects via an RF transmitter that is plugged into a USB or PS/2 port or Bluetooth. Here either the computer is Bluetooth enabled or a dongle is put into a USB port, and the computer and keyboard are allowed to communicate.

Pros and Cons? - Everything has pros and cons, and wireless keyboards are no different. People like to get them because they offer greater portability. You are not attached to your computer and so you have a better range of motion available to you. The advantage that Bluetooth has over an RF transmitter here is that you can work within 30 feet of your computer with no interruption. With an RF wireless keyboard, your range is limited to about 2 to 10 feet. Another great advantage is the lack of cables, which we mentioned above. Not only does it look better, it gives you more room. You can simply move the keyboard, without worrying about the cable, out of the way to use your work surface for different tasks. You can work in bed, on the couch - wherever you are most comfortable. These can also be used with laptops or with multiple computers in the same home or office. Wired keyboards do have something on their wireless counterparts in that they are plug-and-play. That's exactly what you do to get your keyboard to work: you plug it in, and there you go. With a wireless keyboard, you have to install and configure specific software in order for it to work. This isn't difficult but it does make the keyboard unusable right out of the box.

What to Look for in a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - Think about what you want the wireless keyboard mouse combo to do. If your answer is "type," then a standard keyboard and mouse will work beautifully. However, there are models that have additional features. A serious battle gamer, for instance, may want a keyboard like the Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard because it offers 10 dual mode macro programmable buttons, 10 multimedia keys, and 17 replaceable custom combat keys. For most people, that would be too much clutter and confusion; for a gamer, it may be just right. Some keyboards offer features like the ability to access the internet or play CDs, which you may find useful. Keep an eye out for the features you want, and only get the ones that you will use. Otherwise, you are going to get a needlessly complex keyboard that will cost more. One cost-saving feature that many keyboards come with is a mouse; they are often bundled together and this can save you money and hassle. Don't forget about comfort either. You can find standard keyboards or those with ergonomic designs. While some people find them difficult to get used to, others find them to be saviors during long work days. Your mouse should also have a pleasing design. Today, they are much more sleek and contoured than they ever were before, and you can get a great fit. Again, you can add extra features or keep it simple. The Apple Magic Touch, for instance, doesn't have any buttons. Instead, it responds to a touch from your hand. You can opt for a more expensive laser mouse or a less expensive optic mouse. There are a lot of choices, and most of it is concerned with your comfort and convenience. Choose what works for you and your budget. One more feature to look for before we get into contenders for the best wireless keyboard: price. Cost ranges from the very sleek Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard for about $140 to the Connectland 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard (Multimedia Hot Keys) and Optical Mouse Combo for $20 (Connectland 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard [Multimedia Hot Keys] and Optical Mouse Combo). RECOMMENDED - We found dozens of wireless keyboard reviews online at websites like CNET, Amazon.com, and Consumersearch.com. Many owners reviews are quite in depth and point out all the features that either work great or lack usefulness. You can browse the best selling wireless keyboards here.

Best Wireless Keyboards:

LogiTech consistently leads the pack when it comes to wireless keyboards. ConsumerSearch chose their Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 as the Best Wireless Keyboard. This LogiTech wireless keyboard is on the pricier side but it features brightly backlit keys with illuminated characters; yes, you can type in the dark, but people with low light levels in offices also find it helpful. There is also a PerfectStroke key system to ensure optimal comfort with each quiet, smooth keystroke. The K800 runs on power from the included universal micro USB cable and has a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a very small unifying receiver in the computer. This keyboard is a tremendous success with consumers and costs about $90. Other LogiTech options, as recommended by ConsumerSearch include: Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 for $45 - this one comes with a mouse. LogiTech G19 for $165. This was named the Best Gaming Keyboard. View all Logitech wireless keyboards here. If you want a budget model, try the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard. HP's model features a black finish, silver accents, low profile keys, quiet operation, Scissor Switch design, advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology, range of up to 32 feet, multimedia keys, 3 buttons for volume, HP TouchSmart PC hot keys, and compatibility with Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. The keyboard alone is $35; with a mouse, you'll pay about $54. People with Macs need wireless keyboards, too! For them, the Apple Wireless Keyboard is ideal. It rates exceedingly well with consumers and features a sleek, ultra-thin design and an anodized aluminum enclosure. Even PC lovers have to admit that Apple knows style. The extended layout includes document navigation controls, numeric keypad, and special function keys - all of which are low profile and quiet. Bluetooth technology is built-in. This sleek little number is $69. Brands like HP, LogiTech, Apple, and Microsoft can deliver the type of product you want, whether it is an advanced wireless keyboard with touchscreen or a simple, everyday keyboard.