Updated: May 23, 2015

Guide to Canon EOS Cameras:

Get Your Best Shots with Canon EOS Cameras - What's the secret to a great photograph? There are so many elements that go into it, it is hard to say for sure. The subject, the lighting, the crispness of the color or the mood of black and white. A photographer's eye can see beauty, or at least interest, in even the most ordinary things. No matter how good a photographer is, though, he needs a great camera that is able to keep up with him. Canon is undeniably one of the top names in the photography world and has a stellar reputation for providing top quality in all of their products. Canon's EOS line is the best of the best and is ideal for the budding photographer as well as the veteran. Find out if the EOS line can help you turn your vision into a reality.
canon eos cameras

The Canon EOS - EOS was the goddess of the dawn; the best light to shoot in, and the EOS is the very best camera with which to shoot it. Canon's camera borrows its name from the Greek goddess, who was the sister of the sun and the moon. It is a perfect name because these high-quality cameras can help you capture the subtle rays of morning, the dying light of dusk, and anything in between. The name also stands for Electro Optical System, which is based on the EF (electrofocus) lens mount. This type of lens mount, which is featured on all EOS cameras, is a bayonet-style and electrical contacts facilitate all communication between the camera and the lens, unlike FD systems which have levers or plungers. This allows for greater versatility and options for the photographer. Beautiful photos begin with great lenses; Canon's EF and EF-S lenses provide you with advanced optical and microelectronic engineering, as well as precision manufacturing to ensure you have the best shot every time. Buying a camera can be confusing; even if you know you want a Canon EOS, you have a lot of decisions to make before you purchase your camera. Do you want a professional quality camera? Prosumer? Consumer? What are you going to be using the camera for? What is your budget? Where do you start. Start here by looking at some of the best EOS models to get an idea of what they can offer you. To help, Canon has a product selector at their website that will help you choose a great camera by your ability level and the type of camera you want to use (digital, film, etc.). Look at their Product Advisor link and their EOS comparison charts for more information. You can browse the best selling Canon EOS cameras here.

Professional Quality Canon EOS:

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III is one of the best professional-quality cameras in the business. A review in CNET says that if you've ever seen a "gaggle of huge white lenses" at a sporting event, you've seen Canon's preeminence at work. The EOS 1D Mark III is the top choice for sports and news photographers and anyone else who needs to get their shots in while they can - which also makes the Canon EOS a great tool for the paparazzi. Let's take a look at the 10.1M dSLR version of the 1D Mark III: this incredible Canon SLR features:

*10.1 MP CMOS sensor for amazing imaging, low noise capture and great sensitivity and accuracy.
*Up to 10 FPS
*Burst rate of up to 110 full-resolution JPEG images
*Precise AF system with 19 selectable AF points
*DIGIC III Image Processor
*3.0-inch LCD display
*14-bit A/D converters
*Integrated Cleaning System
*All metal camera body
*Weather-resistant build
*Viewfinder with 100 percent coverage.
* Digital Photo Professional software for raw processing

CNET called this camera "outstanding" and said buying one was a "no brainer." From superb design come superb pictures. The EOS 1D Mark III is $3900. Cameras in this line can reach up to 7000; quite an expense, but for the professional, it's also quite an investment. Canon EOS 5D line is also of professional quality, and this model incorporates HD quality video as well. These can be found here.

Canon EOS 30D: Aspiring Professionals and Serious Amateurs - For those who love photography and want to advance their art, Canon suggests the EOS 30D. CNET, Imaging-Resource, CameraLabs, Photo.net, and many other sites and sources give the 30D top marks. Out of 125 Amazon reviews, there are 109 5-star, 11 4-star, 3 3-star, and 2 2-star reviews. We're not sure what was going on with those 5 people. We speculate they work for Nikon. Anyway, among the Canon EOS 30D's offerings:

*8.2 mp resolution is great for detailed, crisp photo-quality 16- x 20-inch prints
*2.5-inch LCD monitor, which is viewable at angles up to 170 degrees
*Lithium ion battery powered
*Compatibility with EF and EF-S lenses and EOS accessories
*High (5 frames per second) and low (3 fps) speed consecutive shooting
*Buffer for 30 JPEGS or 11 RAW images
*3.5 percent spot meter
*Wake-up time of 0.15 seconds
*Shutter lag time of 65 milliseconds
*WiFi connectivity with Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E1A
*ISO settings in 1/3 increments from 100 to 1600
*Direct print button
*9999 images per folder

As an update of the EOS 20D, the 30D addressed and tweaked all the criticisms of the earlier model to produce the best camera for serious students of photography. Find yours for $830. Other great choices include the Canon EOS 400, 400D, and 500D models (see them all here).

Canon Rebel: For the Photography Lover:

For novices or people who just love great quality shots, the Canon EOS Rebel series is ideal. Take your pick of the models; they're all very well reviewed and will deliver top Canon quality. Let's look at the Canon Digital Rebel XT. This is a very small, very light camera which features:

*8.0 mp CMOS sensor
*DIGIC II image processor
*3 fps shooting with 14 frame burst
*0.2 second startup time
*7 point AF with superimposed focusing points
*Metering patterns, AF modes, custom functions, and flash exposure compensation are all user-selectable
*Direct Print
*USB connectivity

As Canon says, this camera provides "Simple, limitless performance." It is about $700 new and you can find used models on Amazon starting at $400. There is a reason why Canon is virtually synonymous with photography. Their cameras not only deliver the best quality, they help you to deliver your best quality. Put your trust in a Canon EOS, and you'll be amazed at what it helps you see.