Updated: May 23, 2015

Opteka Lens Review:

Opteka makes converter lenses and filters for digital point and shoot cameras and telescopic lenses for 35mm SLR cameras. The company was founded in 2002. Opteka also sells tripods, flashes, power grips and digital picture frames. Although Opteka is still a fairly new company, they have already made quite a name for themselves with their great prices and innovative photography products. In this guide, we'll take a look at Opteka's most popular lenses, including the fisheye and telephoto lens, with information on prices and where to buy. Should you buy an Opteka lens? When it comes to Opteka lenses, there is a bit of controversy out there as to whether or not these are good lenses to buy. We read through a variety of Opteka lens reviews on Amazon.com, as well as photography forums including Photography-on-the.net and Ephotozine.com. As it turns out, quite a few professional photographers are a bit disdainful of Opteka lenses. They are quick to point out that these are lens converters. Secondly, quite a few reviewers mentioned that there is chromatic aberration around the edge of photographs. Professional photographers, especially those who earn their living with this trade, feel that these Opteka lenses are very low quality. On the other hand, no one can deny that these are great lenses for the money. The answer as to whether or not the Opteka lens is for you depends largely on what you will be using the lenses for. If you are a professional photographer who is used to a high quality lens, you will probably be frustrated with the Opteka. For beginning photographers or amateurs on a budget, the Opteka will allow you to experiment with different lenses on a very competitive budget. In general, Opteka is great for the novice getting their feet wet, and is not really meant for the pro.
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What Lenses Does Opteka Sell? - If you are looking for lenses for digital or film cameras, Opteka provides a variety of options at different price points. Amazon lists all of Opteka's best-selling lens here. A few of these options include:
-Opteka 500mm f/8 High Definition Telephoto Mirror Lens for $100
-Opteka 500mm f/8 High Definition Preset Telephoto Lens for $100
-Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 Manual Focus Aspherical Circular Fisheye Lens for Digital SLR Cameras for $300
-Opteka 650-1300mm High Definition Telephoto Lens for $269
There are also lenses specifically for digital cameras. A few of these options include:
-Opteka .42x High Defintion II Wide Angle Panoramic Macro Fisheye Lens for Digital Cameras for $40
-Opteka 3.3x High Definition II Telephoto Lens for Digital Cameras for $60
-Opteka .45x High Definition II Wide Angle Lens for Digital Cameras for $40
- Opteka Platinum Series 0.3X HD Ultra Fisheye Lens for $99
If you have ever looked into buying lenses for your camera, one thing will quickly be obvious to you when you review Opteka's lens pricing. These are some inexpensive lenses. For photographers on a budget, Opteka's lenses are truly an exciting product. After all, without a lot of money, in the past it would have been impossible to buy a lens at all

Opteka Fisheye Lens Reviews:

Fisheye lenses are great for close up action, nature shots, and landscapes. With these types of lenses, you can create really unique images as objects are pulled closer and distant objects are in the background. Amazon rankings for Opteka products are generally quite high. Most reviewers are taking into consideration the amazingly cheap price point. For example, the Opteka .35x HD Super Wide Angle Panoramic Macro Fisheye Lens for Canon EOS / EF is well liked and sells for only $30.(1) This lens increases the visibility of existing lenses with wide angle views. The macro lens is detachable. Reviews on this product explain that the price is amazing for this type of lens. A few reviewers mentioned the chromatic aberration around the edge of the image, but made the helpful suggestion that a photo manipulation program can correct that. You can watch an amateur photographer experiment with a fisheye lens in this video here. The video will quickly give you an idea of what you can achieve with this lens. Amazon also sells the Opteka Titanium Series which runs from $124-$229. These are lenses for camcorders, which offer fisheye effects. For a bit more money, people were very satisfied with results.

Opteka Telephoto Lens:

A telephoto lens is a lens with a long focal length. In fact the physical length of the lens is shorter than the focal length and this construction makes distant objects appear to be larger. The telephoto lenses from Opteka on Amazon also have great reviews. Again, people are clearly taking into consideration the deal that they are getting for the money spent. For example, the Opteka 500mm f/8 Preset Telephoto Lens (2) sells for $80. This lens comes with 3Soft lens pouch, Front and Rear Lens Caps, T-Mount Adapter, and a 10 Year Warranty. This lens should give the magnification of 10x power binoculars. Another positive comment that reviewers have made is that you can travel with your Opteka lenses and not have to worry about breaking a lens that costs thousand of dollars.