Updated: November 2017

Selfie Stick Reviews:

The term 'selfie' has exploded amongst cell phone users and everyone that follows social media. 'Selfie' is officially in the dictionary. It's defined as 'taking an image of oneself using a digital camera' - most often on a cell phone camera. Selfies are shameless self promotions of us while on vacation, relaxing in the sun, hanging out, doing just about anything. For those of us with shorter arms, 'selfies' are not that easy to take since we don't have the reach to get our arms out of the way and be in the picture. That's where a selfie stick was invented. It's a pad/stand for your phone to sit in with an extendable arm that you hold onto and take the photo. A selfie stick allows you to take pictures of yourself (or a group) from a slight distance without struggling to do so. The selfie sticks have Bluetooth remotes so you can take great photos with our iPhone while not having to strain to do so. The phenomenon has taken the world by storm and teens and older users of cell phone are using selfie sticks. Disneyland was having such a hard time controlling crowds with selfie sticks (getting in the way of others as you can imagine) that Disney banned the use of selfie sticks at their parks. The future of selfie sticks could be limited - depending on how people abuse their use of them. We are on the fence in terms of keeping or outlawing them in public spaces.

Choosing a Selfie Stick - First off, you want to get a selfie stick that is compatible with all types of cell phones. The MPOW iSnap is good with iPhones and Samsung Galaxy. You'll need built-in Bluetooth remote control and an adjustable head (270 degree is perfect). The stick should be extendable - over 30 inches is typically enough to get good self-photographs. The self portrait stick should be easy to adjust and put your phone into so you can quickly take those photos when the moment is right. Most selfie sticks cost between $10 and $20 - pretty cheap considering the convenience you get. We've tested the MPOW on several vacations and it does an excellent job of allowing our family to get quality photos without needing someone to take the photo for us. Just extend out the stick, place your phone in the holder, and click the button on the handle to get your photo. There is even a professional selfie stick from Fugetek that is extendable up to 49 inches and is compatible with digital cameras, GoPro, and mobile phones. We did read several less than positive reviews from owners of Sony phones that mention the selfie sticks are always able to fit their phones properly. Buyer beware on that. Otherwise, most selfie sticks perform as advertised and provide you with a nice opportunity to take self photographs without having to set timers and run into the picture. I do wish that anyone using selfie sticks would respect the people around them and not put the selfie stick in our faces as they prepare to snap a photo. Browse the best selling selfie sticks here.

Best Selfie Stick:

RECOMMENDED - The MPOW iSnap X One-piece is the top seller and for good reason. At $20 it's a good investment if you like taking selfies. Comes in 3 color options. Group photos or self photographs are simple with the stick. The built-in Bluetooth remote control makes things easy to use. The 270 degree adjustable head allows you to get just the right angle for any picture. Selfie photographing is often about the perfect angle and this stick lets you get it right. How big is it when stored? Just over 7 inches - the foldable design makes it portable enough to fit in your pocket. When extended out it's 31 inches long and compatible with most smarphones. We've used ours with the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S5. The U-shape silicon clamp keeps your phone safe and stable for all photos. There is even a wrist strap if you want added security so that your phone won't get dropped or damaged. Go with the selfie stick that everyone else has used and recommends.

Professional Selfie Stick:

RECOMMENDED - The FugeTek Pro 3-in-1 is slightly more versatile than the $20 selfie sticks. You will be able to fit a GoPro or digital camera onto the stick and get great photos or videos. Plus the phone mount handles iPhones and other popular smartphones. It's extendable up to 49 inches and with a non-slip rubber handle, you'll be able to get great quality photographs without them looking like you are always using a selfie stick. We like the option for GoPro cameras - take it skiing, biking, etc. The professional selfie stick lets you put on digital cameras - although Bluetooth may be incompatible. Does everyone need this high end selfie stick? No is our answer. However, if you like to switch between smartphones, GoPro and digital cameras, this selfie stick is versatile enough to take them all and let you get the best picture or video possible.