Updated: May 23, 2015

Casio Digital Camera Reviews:

Digital cameras have quickly won the hearts of professional and amateur photographers around the globe. Their compact size, ease of snapping and viewing pictures, and the savings from not having to buy film and develop photos makes them tough to beat. Most digital camera manufacturers offer pretty much the same features in their compact consumer models - 3X optical zoom, 2" LCD screen, 5-8 mega pixel resolution. It is the design of some cameras that really set them apart. Casio came out with the Exilim models a few years ago (2002) and amazed us all with their thin, credit-card-like design. Some prior models include the Exislim EX-S600, Z60, EX-S500, and the EX-Z750. The Exilim models keep getting more and more powerful and slicker and slicker in their look. Below, we will take a look at some of the most popular Casio Exilim digital cameras, and see what everyone is talking about.

Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z700

The Exilim Zoom EX-Z700, in a gorgeous black finish, is one of the newest announced models from Casio. It offers 7.2MP of picture resolution, a 3X optical zoom, a 10 second self timer, and the Super Bright LCD for easy picture viewing. The screen is a generous 2.7 inches (measured diagonally) and is easily visible even outside in the sun. Casio also incorporates it's anti-shake technology to reduce bluriness in photos, which is important in these tiny cameras that are not always easy to hold steadily. Battery life is good, letting you shoot 400 pictures on a single charge. Casio also offers some neat tricks, like the Best Shot mode that lets you pick from 37 sample formats, like eBay photo, or auto macro for closeups. Or the Auto Framing function that helps you follow and shoot quickly moving targets, like kids or animals. It also captures movies in an AVI format (640x480 size) and uses SD memory cards for storage. One thing we especially like about this camera is its quick response time. From the time you hit the ON button, it only takes .9 seconds until the camera is ready to shoot; and shutter lag has been reduced to just .007 seconds from when you push the shutter release - that is pretty much instantaneous, and means you will get the shots you want. This is a very compact camera and sells for around $250. Casio has been making these 7MP camera for a while now, and they are just beginning to move to higher resolution models, like the EX-Z1000 Exilim, with a 10.1 MP count. You can read about the various Exilim models on the Casio website: Exilim.casio.com

Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 - 10MP digital camera

The Z1000 is one of the first consumer 10 mega pixel cameras. Like the other Exilim models, it also has a brilliant, bright 2.8" LCD screen (960x240 pixels) on the back that takes up most of the rear of the camera, allowing easy viewing of photos even in daylight. This is important since the Exilim EX-Z1000 lacks an optical viewfinder - all photos must be composed and taken using only the LCD screen as a viewfinder. The camera also features an ISO3200 equivalent shooting mode, which allows you to take low-light photos without flash. We found the timer mode worked well, letting you compose shots and then join in using the 10 second or 2 second timer as needed. The amazingly clear 10MP shots come in at 3648x2736 pixels -- these are HUGE images that when viewed on your computer screen or printed out on poster size paper provide amazing clarity and detail. The built in anti-shake technology helps assure your pictures are crisp and clear as well. An uncompressed full size image takes up about 4MB of file space. If you compress it a bit in JPG format you can end up with files that are closed to 2MB and still of outstanding quality. You can hold about 120 full size images on a 512MB memory card. It comes with a charging cradle (docking station) that allows you to connect your camera to your PC to transfer and view photos and movies. If you have a memory card reader, you can also just pop in the SD memory card to move photos back and forth from your camera. The camera itself is 3.6" wide by 2.3" high by .88" deep. It weighs about 4.9oz. You can buy it online for about $300 at sites like Amazon.com. RECOMMENDED - We suggest browsing the best selling Casio digital cameras here.

If are you a real photo perfectionist, you may want to look into a digital SLR camera for the ultimate in white balance, auto-focus, and clarity of digital photos. These lower end consumer models tend to pack in as many pixels as possible, while sacrificing expensive optics and high-end CCDs that are needed by the professional photographer. Most stores offer returns on digital cameras if you are not happy - just confirm before you buy. Take an Exilim model home, shoot around with it for a week (DONT SCRATCH IT!!) and see what you think. For most casual users, the small size of these cameras and the overal good image quality you get for $200-$300 is enough to make you want to own one. We have used both an Exilim and Canon Digital Elph model for over 2 years and have been very happy with both.