Updated: November 2017

Best Textbooks:

Buying college textbooks was always a hassle when I was going to school. The prices were high and the lines were long. I went to San Jose State University in the Silicon Valley and pretty much had to buy the required textbooks at Spartan Bookstore or at the off campus bookstore called Roberts. I would say most of the college books average $75 to $150 each and with 4 or 5 classes each semester you can imagine how the cost of textbooks can ruin college students budgets. Whenever possible I looked for used books, but it seemed that many of the professors wanted to go with the latest edition of the book so we were forced to buy new. Amazon.com has helped streamline some of the issues with purchasing textbooks for college or other purposes. You can go directly to the online catalog of college textbooks here. The directory of books is huge with over 100,000 new titles to choose from and the used listings (over 1 million) can help you save $$$ whenever possible. The website is layed out in a manner that makes it easy to search for books by title, author, or ISBN. You can even sell your textbooks online to get back some of the cost.

Textbook Categories - The good news is that no matter your major at college, you can find books in that field by simply clicking on Accounting, Business, Finance, Engineering, Mathematics, Nursing, etc. Instead of wasting your time searching through a bookstore on campus, you can save yourself the hassle by going online and getting exactly what you need. Beyond traditional textbooks you can also access college Test Prep guides for GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, SAT, TOEFL, and many more. I can remember my Business Law book being one of the most expensive I had to buy during my college years and the ones listed on Amazon sell for roughly 20% off. The discounts are big on some and Amazon has been a trusted seller of books for over a decade now. They offer 2 day free shipping when you are an Amazon Prime member and the return policies are very reasonable in case you decide to drop a class once the semester has started. With the latest technology like the Amazon Kindle (see below), we assume that college kids carrying textbooks around campus will be a thing of the past fairly soon. Why take a 4 pound textbook to class each day when you can download the book into the Kindle reader and take it with you without adding any additional weight to your book bag or backpack. You will find the books in paperback and hardcover bindings and many of the textbooks have reviews written by actual students so you can instantly get feedback on that CPA exam review you had been searching for. Some of the college books we found listed online are also available as an audio download. As you search for books on Amazon you will see that they offer a link where you can "tell the publisher that you want to read the book on Kindle". With enough pressure from college students and avid readers, the publishers will all eventually have to offer their books on Kindle or other reading devices. You can browse the top selling college textbooks online here.

College Textbooks:

How do you buy college textbooks online? It's easy - just go to Amazon.com and check out their massive selection in all categories. Get reference books, prep guides, study guides, used textbooks, free shipping, and reviews posted by consumers. We have tried to list the most popular categories for textbooks used in college courses. Even if you wait until the last minute to order your textbooks for the fall or spring semesters, Amazon will ship them 2-day shipping for FREE if you go with Amazon Prime. Don't get ripped off on college book prices again, shop online to get the lowest cost books available.

Used Textbooks:

Ok, no one wants to waste $150 on a new Human Resource Management book when a perfectly good used version exists. We did some price comparisons on Amazon to see how much you could save by buying used textbooks versus new ones. With HR Management as our example, we found that many of the used college textbook titles were discounted from 20% to 80% off the new price. The cost savings are well worth the effort in tracking down used books. The hardest part of finding quality used books is making sure they are an accepted edition of the book for the class you are taking. Many textbooks are printed new each year with slightly different content matter essentially forcing the student to purchase the latest version and having to spend full price. Sometimes professors are lenient on which edition you purchase for their class. I had several college teachers who wrote the book that they used in class and they new if they put out a new version each year it was another way for them to get income. I sold all my textbooks back at the campus bookstore at the end of each semester and got back about 40 to 60% of the initial purchase price. RECOMMENDED - The used textbook market is large and you can find all the latest inventory online. Browse the most popular used textbooks online here.

College Books on Amazon Kindle:

With the digital age comes the idea of e-books you can read on your computer and the latest device from Amazon called the Kindle which is a smaller device for reading books, magazines and newspapers. More and more books are being offered for use on the Amazon Kindle and over the next few years we figure that 90% of all books will be available on these devices. We have a complete review on the Kindle here. Find out about pricing, see pictures, read up on the capabilities, and order books. My only complaint with books offered on the Kindle are that they still seem overpriced since you are not actually getting a physical product. We are also hoping to see a version of the Kindle offered to certified college students that is priced cheaper than the version offered to the general public. If Amazon can incorporate the Kindle into the daily life of college students it's a win-win situation. More revenue for Amazon and easier access to textbooks for the students.