Updated: November 2017

Cricut Cutting Machine Reviews:

What is a Cricut? - If you are not a scrapbook fanatic, you may have never heard of a Cricut. A Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that creates a variety of shapes and letters out of paper. It is not tied to a computer, and instead runs off of cartridges. The shapes produced by a Cricut are 1 inch to 5 inches. Cricuts are widely used for scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is when people save and compile memorabilia into decorative books. A cricut is a major tool in a scrapbooker's toolkit as it allows scrapbook artists the ability to easily make letters and shapes to go into their books. Cricuts are also commonly used by educators, as it is a great product to have in the classroom. The company behind Cricut is Provo Craft. You can see the different cutting machines from Cricut here. They range in price from $100 to $300 and most get excellent feedback from consumers.
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How does a Cricut Works? So how do you use a Cricut? The process, in fact, is very simple. The first step is that you choose and insert your cartridge. You then can put any kind of paper into a Cricut's cutting mat. Then you select your fonts and cutting selections. Lastly, just press cut. The Cricut takes only seconds to cut out your design. You can view demo videos on Cricut's website which detail the process (http://www.cricut.com/information/gettingstarted.aspx). Cricut machines cut designs that you can use for uses even beyond just scrapbooking including card making, decorating the home, and making crafts of paper. The Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine costs about $120. The Cricut weights about 7 pounds and comes with a handle so that you can easily transport it. This factor is important as often women take the Cricut to scrapbooking parties. The Cricut itself comes with a variety of items including a cutting mat, power adapter, basic shapes cartridge, user manual and handbook. It is also useful to note that the Cricut has a 1-year warranty. Reviewers on Amazon.com love the Cricut. People state that it is the best personal cutting system around. Reviewers also mention that the cutting mats last a long time before they need to be replaced. One thing that reviewers point out that is important to note is that the additional cartridges for the Cricut can cost between $39-$100. Therefore, the price for the Cricut can increase significantly if you want a wide variety of tools and shapes at your disposal. Apparently, the TV commercial advertises 4500 different images and shapes, but this is only the case if you buy hundreds of dollars worth of cartridges.

Cricut Expression Machine:

The Cricut Expression Machine is called the "ultimate cutting tool". It takes the capabilities of the Cricut one step further. The Cricut Expression 24-Inch Personal Electronic Cutting Machine can be found for $275. So what is the difference between the Cricut and the Cricut Expression Machine? The Cricut Expression Machine can cut a larger area than the Cricut. It has the capacity to cut 12 X 12 or 12 X 24. Cricut Expression is a larger machine and is designed to stay in one place, where the Cricut is designed to travel. Reviewers love the versatility that the Cricut Expression's increased size offers. On the negative side, the Cricut Expression is significantly more expensive. In addition to online stores like Amazon, the Cricut and Cricut Expression Machine can be found in Joann Fabric and Crafts, Michaels and Walmart. Cricut and Cricut Expression Reviews - We looked at a variety of other Cricut reviews to assess the pros and cons of the Cricut and the Cricut Expression. One site we looked at called Debtkid mentioned that the downside to the Cricut Expression was the size. Many people may feel the machine is too big to fit comfortable in the home. We also looked at About.coms Family Crafts page. About.com highly recommended the Cricut and Cricut Expression. They said that the designs were beautiful and the size and portability of the Cricut was great. The only negative factor that About.com pointed out was the price. They thought the price for the machine itself as well as the cartridges was a bit high. Rave n' Review also had positive things to say about the Cricut and Cricut Expression Machine. Rave n' Review mentioned this is a "serious crafting tool"and not just a kid's toy. In fact, the reviewer mentioned this product made her feel like a serious artist. The review went on to say that the Cricut is very versatile and easy to use. I know of several women in our neighborhood who own the Cricut for scrapbooking purposes and they all say it helps them with their scrapbook layout ideas and even when the kids want to work on a craft project.

Cricut Cartridges:

In order to get the full capability out of the Cricut, it is important to buy Cricut Cartridges. You can find a wide assortment of Cricut cartridges here. Some of the most popular Cricut cartridges include Cricut 29-0422 Die-Cut Cartridge, Stretch Your Imagination which sells for $36. The cartridge provides for designs that relate to the 4 seasons. Other options include Cricut 29-0222 New Arrival Shape Cartridge which also sells for $36. Another great option we have found a lot of people like is the Cricut 29-0227 Opposites Attract Font Cartridge for $34. Eventhough the cartridges are rather expensive, owner reviews are very positive and say they are worth the added cost.