Updated: November 2017

Music Jukebox Reviews:

The old style music jukeboxes found in diners and restaurants are still around. Their recent comeback is due largely to families buying them for game rooms or entertainment purposes. Also, the mancave is bringing them back as well. We found dozens of online reviews (mostly for the Crosley brand) in which the jukebox is bought for nostalgia. Many of our kids would have no idea what a music jukebox is or even have the slightest idea how they work. The good news is that Crosley has combined the old fashioned look with the latest technology to make it all work. They still feature all the glitz and lights that you have come to expect from a jukebox, but now you have things like iPod docking stations, LCD displays, and LED lighting. The speakers are better than ever making listening to music in your home a pleasure. These jukeboxes are large - some are 4 feet tall. They are definitely impressive and will be a conversation piece in any room. We have seen many of these in game rooms where you can relax and play a game of billiards and listen to your favorite artists.
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Choosing a Music Jukebox - There are not that many models on the market which means two things. The amount of time you have to research or investigate each brand is minimal - that's a plus. The downside is that your selection is limited - so hopefully you can find one you like. We found models like the Classic CLS-300CC selling for $2000 or more online. Features a Sony 300 CD Mega Changer and it plays all types of CDs (CDR, CDRW, MP3). It's huge - 50 inches tall by 27 inches wide by 23 inches deep. With a 7 color LED lighting system and 200 watt peak power amplifier and 4 speakers, the jukebox will get any party started. The Bluetooth adapter lets you wirelessly stream music from iPods, cell phones, or tablets that are Bluetooth enabled. The Crosley iJuke Deluxe II CR12-2-ST12 is another top seller with an iPod docking station. We like the design styling on the Crosley models - brings back the 1940's and 50's. We've seen these classic jukeboxes rented out for weddings - the attendees are allowed to choose songs and DJ the party on their own. The biggest complaints we found were for CD players that don't work as well as they should and the potential for sound systems to be less than adequate. Most of these jukeboxes allow you to hook up external speakers if you want better sound quality. Ultimately, you'll want it to be easy to move around - some come with casters. They should be sturdy - a good base stand is always nice. A few feature storage space at the bottom for music related accessories - cables, CD's, bookshelf speakers. Another popular model is the Electrohome Kinsman Jukebox which sells for around $1000. You get USB and SD playback and MP3 input. You can connect any tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player. The LED lights are totally customizable. View the best selling music jukeboxes here.

Best Music Jukebox:

RECOMMENDED - The Crosley CR12-2i iJuke Deluxe Jukebox is our favorite and it certainly holds up to owner reviews and comments. Crosley is the top selling brand in music jukeboxes and in this case they did a fantastic job. The Crosley CR12-2i will play CDs, MP3 and WAV files and it features an iPod docking station. The AM/FM Radio, Built-in EQ Presets, and BBS bass enhancer are other features that consumers appreciate. The programmable 64 track memory is a nice addition and we like the decorative music playlist. The LCD display is easy to read and the color shifting LED lighting keeps everyone interested. If you are concerned with technology leaving you behind - don't be. Many buyers are concerned with the 30 Pin connector as becoming obsolete with the new 32 Pin connector with the lastest iPhones. You can get a Bluetooth Hi-Fi adapter and plug it into the RCA jacks. Sync your iPhone with the adapter and you can stream music from your device. Yes, these old fashioned jukeboxes are rather expensive, but if you want to add that special touch to your mancave or game room, they make the perfect addition.