Updated: November 2017

Kids Easel Reviews:

My 2 kids love to paint and draw - mostly at preschool where they have art easels setup for the toddlers. I've always considered the idea of buying an easel for kids but thought that it would create too much of a mess. Who needs to have to clean up spilled paint or deal with clothes that get covered with paint splotches. I am beginning to cave in since my daughter has begged me so many times for an easel at home. I began my search online at Amazon.com since they tend to carry all the leading brands and usually have the lowest prices on the web. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is the top seller on Amazon and reviews from parents really back up this rating. Other leading brands are Little Tikes, Step2, KidKraft, and Imaginarium. I could only find the Imaginarium kids easels at our local Toys R Us and they were competitively priced with those from other leading competitors online. Expect to spend anywhere from $40 to $100 for a good, quality art easel for children. Some are designed to be cheaper as they are made with plastic while others are higher end and constructed with wood framing.
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What features should you look for in a kids easel?

The best ones are those that are height adjustable - they grow with your child. Some are meant just for painting and most are double sided so 2 kids can be working at the same time on different art projects or drawings. Look for easels that have paint supply trays below the painting area or often you can fit art supplies between the two sides. Not all kids want to paint, but plenty like to use chalkboards or dry erase boards. Even the magnetic double sided easels are inexpensive and provide your child a place to be creative and learn things like numbers, letters, or how to draw basic shapes and figures. I think one of the most important features should be the stability of the easel. Younger kids tend to want to hang on things and sometimes they will even knock into stuff. A sturdy kids easel will have a better chance to survive and stay standing upright. The easels for kids with storage bins or shelves below the unit are great. It's the perfect place to keep extra supplies, art paper, scissors, tape, glue, etc. Also, the storage space (if filled) will make the easel more stable with the added weight. Kids easel reviews are listed online at websites like Toys R Us and Amazon.com. We also found some excellent parent feedback on products at Kidseaselstore.com. All the easels we saw needed some basic assembly, but nothing too difficult. The kids chalkboard easel from KidKraft received positive reviews on several sites and the Step2 Easel for Two is the perfect board with a magnetic surface to place letters. You can browse all the most popular kids art easels online here.

Best Kids Easel:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 selling easel is probably your best option as a parent with small kids that want to use an easel for painting. At less than $50 it's hard to beat this product on price. The standing easel has a chalkboard, dry erase board, and paper rolls can be setup so you always have paper to paint on. What comes in the box? The easel, paint tray, chalk tray, paper roller, and 4 colorful clips to hang your artwork. The adjustable height function is a "huge bonus" says one owner as it will grow with your child. Store your art supplies in the trays and when done just fold up the portable easel and store almost anywhere. Great for doodling, sketching, or painting. We read dozens of reviews on this particular product and not only are parents buying it but so are administrators at preschools and regular elementary schools. The Melissa and Doug easels are proven winners. Our preschool has 2 of these in our sons classroom so I know they hold up well with daily use from younger kids. Browse all the top rate kids easels online here.

Kids Magnetic Easel:

If you have little ones at home you know how hard it can be to keep them busy all day. We have a 2 and 4 year old and the idea of having a easel that had a magnetic surface to play with was just what we wanted. The Step2 Easel For Two includes 77 foam magnetic numbers, letters, and signs. If your kids get sick of using the magnets, then just slip on a piece of drawing paper (paper clips help secure it) and let them draw or paint. Most parents say they use a mat under the easel in case paint gets spilled and others mention that the easel is portable enough to take outside when the weather is good and use it outdoors. The easel has pencil ledges and trays for storing all your markers, crayons, chalk, erasers, brushes and paint. When you are done with the easel and want to store it, just fold it up and you have a nice compact item that fits in closets or under beds. Step2 is a reputable name in the toddler industry and this product won't disappoint. Parents comments include "great value" and "kids have fun with this easel". What I like best is that the two sides give both our kids the opportunity to use it at the same time without fighting over it.

Childrens Chalkboard Easel:

I know that painting children in your house may not seem like a great idea or something you want to take on. That's why many of us parents send our kids to preschool so they can do projects like that our of the home creating less mess for us. A great kids easel with the ability to use the chalkboard or whiteboard without the mess of paints is the KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel. Chalk and markers are much simpler to deal with than paints and so I recommend this model for parents who want to skip the hassle of painting, but still allow their kids the creativity to draw or sketch what they want. Use the paper roll at the top to slide in regular white paper and let kids color with crayons. It's a solid, wood framed easel that serves many purposes. The wood easel from KidKraft is close to $100 and that was the only complaint from owners we could find - that it is a bit pricey. Otherwise parents had high praise for this versatile easel that is durable and well made.