Updated: November 2017

Remote Control Helicopter Reviews:

I grew up playing with remote control toys - mostly cars but we did have an airplane and boat at one point. RC helicopters never entered the picture but recent advancements have made them cheaper and easier to fly than ever before. We've all seen those TV commercials for the Air Hogs brands and those remote control helicopters aren't terrible. I bought a few for my kids and they worked ok, but if you want something durable you'll have to spend a bit more money. The good news is that you can find RC copters for less than $50 that will last and give you and your kids hours of enjoyment. Going to your local hobbie shop is a good start, although those types of stores tend to carry the high end remote control helicopters that are beyond the skills of most of us. The basic remote control choppers are available in stores like Target, Walmart and online at Amazon.com. I would suggest starting with a RC helicopter under $40 and see if you like it enough. After you have used the low end models enough, you can then decide if a more expensive remote control helicopter is what you need. See our guide to buying an RC copter below.

Choosing a Remote Control Helicopter - When it comes to RC helicopters there is not much of a middle ground in terms of products. There are dozens of low ends models like the Air Hogs and Syma brands, but few choppers priced between $100 an $200. The high end models from Align tend to be more than $400 or $500 and unless you are an experienced controller of choppers, you probably don't want to start with this price level. If you wreck one of these, you may be looking at $400 down the drain. Syma makes perhaps the best starter remote control copters with easy to fly instructions and fairly durable parts for indoor use only - you can fly outdoors if the weather is perfect with no wind. Blade makes some great intermediate priced helicopters like the Blade mCX2 RTF and the Blade mCX RTF. For $100 you can get some good flying experience on one of these (see all Blade RC helicopters here). The biggest complaint from most users of remote control helicopters is that they are not very good when flying in wind. Most of these choppers are too light and their motors are not strong enough to handle wind drafts. If you want to fly your copter outside, you'll need to go with a higher priced model that weighs more and offers more power. The Walkera Uflys RC Helicopter 4 Channel 2.4Ghz Vesion RTF is a good choice for $300 and consumer reviews are very positive on this chopper. Remote Control Helicopter Reviews - One of the best websites out there is at Remotecontrolhelicopterreviews.net with plenty of useful information. Learn about flyability, reliability, charge time vs fly time, and more. RC-Helicopters.org and Helireviews.com are two more sites with feeback and comments. You can browse the best selling remote controlled helicopters here.

Best Remote Control Helicopter:

RECOMMENDED - We have two products to consider. The first is the Walkera Uflys RC Helicopter 4 Channel 2.4Ghz Vesion RTF which sells for $300 but rates well with experienced flyers. You get more operation accuracy with the metal rotor head. The main rotor diameter is 520 mm and the tail rotor diameter is 145 mm. Want to fly your chopper around other RC enthusiasts? The new 2.4G technology allows for identification and precise code pairing, which means that up to 20 aircrafts can fly in the same zone at the same time. Comments include 'Durable, strong and easy to control' and 'remains stable even in a slight wind'. Another excellent option is the Blade 450 3D RTF that sells for under $500. Don't expect to be an expert on your first try - most owners say they used a flight simulator to get their skills down and then paid the big bucks for the real thing. The biggest gripe from most owners is that when they crash, the repairs can be a hassle. Parts are cheap, but who wants to keep fixing something that cost so much to begin with. If you have the right skill set, then these high end choppers are great. Once you master these, then the next step is a gas remote conrol heli.

RC Helicopter for Kids:

RECOMMENDED - Air Hogs are a decent choice, but we found more reviews for Syma helicopters which rate them as a good buy for youngsters. Even beginners would do well with trying out a Syma remote control copter before stepping up to the more expensive brands. Syma takes 4 out of the top 5 spots on Amazon for 'best rc copters' and the vast majority of their products have hundreds of positive reviews from actual owners. I have flown both the Syma and Air Hogs and definitely the Syma is better. Both are relatively inexpensive at $20 to $25 so you can't really go wrong. My son is 7 years old and has a bit of trouble flying the helicopters for more than about 30 seconds without crashing. So far we have found the Syma to be very durable - our Air Hog has broken twice but both times I was able to use the replacement parts to fix it. We tried both outdoors on our street (away from trees), but the wind was causing havoc so we gave up. These are just too light to take outside and use effectively. Otherwise, we have had hours of enjoyment flying them through our house and around obstacles.