Updated: November 2017

Rock Polisher Reviews:

A rock polisher takes stones and polishes them until they are smooth and shiny. Rock polishers are popular with both adults as well as children. When you are a child, there is just something captivating about collecting and admiring rocks. A rock polisher produces the same kind of results as a shiny rock you might find on the beach. The elements from the ocean will polish rocks over time until they are shiny and smooth. So an alternative to a rock polisher is to just go to the ocean and look for yourself! However, these days you can choose from a wide variety of rock polishers - often referred to as rock tumblers. Some are geared towards children, and others towards adults and polishing rocks on the "professional" level. See a list of top selling rock polishers here.

Rock Tumbler Reviews - There are two types of rock polishers. The first kind polishes rocks by a rotating tumbler. These are often called rock tumbler. Often rotary tumblers come in a double barrel design. Two barrels allow rocks to get polished more quickly. There are also rock polishers that work by way of a vibrational tumber. The rocks spin around a vertical axis. The vibrational tumblers are more expensive, but they also polish rocks more quickly and quietly. According to About.com's Chemistry guide, Raytech is one of the best makers of vibrational tumblers. Also with the vibratory tumbler, your rocks will retain their shapes. So if they are jagged to begin with, instead of getting round, they will remain jagged. Reviewers on Yahoo said Harbor Freight Tools sells a rock tumbler with abrasives for around $20. It does a nice job polishing rocks of similar hardness. We also looked at Dad's Rock store. This website suggests a rotary tumbler if you are new to rock tumbling. Dad's Rock store recommends Lortone. They state that Lortone's directions are easy to follow and their models are high quality. In fact, you can even watch a video here stating how to use the Lortone rock tumbler:

You can find the Lortone 3A Lapidary Rock Gem Rotary 3 Lb. Tumbler for about $90. Customers on Amazon state that the Lortone 3A Rock tumbler was better than even vibratory rock tumblers. They agreed with Dad's Rock store in stating that the directions were easy to follow. People even comment that the tumbler is quiet. There is also the Lortone Lapidary Double Barrel Rock Tumbler 33B which is $152 and will polish your rocks faster.

Best Rock Polishers:

Another rock tumbler that comes highly recommended is the Model T Kit Rock Tumbler, which sells for $80. Reviewers on Amazon highly recommended the Model T Kit Rock Tumbler. They stated that it was high quality. A few things that people pointed out were to be aware that rock polishers are noisy. Some reviewers mentioned they put the rock polisher in their garage. You also may need to put a bit of oil on the rollers to reduce squeaking. In general, customers loved that the fact this machine was a sturdy metal as opposed to plastic. Other reviewers point out that if you are doing a great deal of rock tumbling, the motor on the Model T may be too small.

Rock Polisher Equipment - Many rock polishers also come with rock polishing equipment. For example, you can get the Thumler's A-R1 Special Kit Rock Tumbler #102 for $133. This kit comes with the rock polishing tumbler as well as polishing abrasives, polishing rocks and accessories for jewelry making. Another highly recommended rock polisher that comes with equipment is Model A-R1 Special Kit Rock Tumbler for $98. The tumbler that comes with this kit has the same level of quality, but a larger motor than the Model T Rock Tumbler. You can also usually find rock polishers and related equipment in hobby stores.

Best Rock Polishers for Kids - Rock polishers are great educational toys for children. They can learn a lot in the process if parents or teachers explain geology and go over different information about rocks and minerals. Toystores tend to sell rock polishers. Although they may not be the top quality, they will get the job done. The problem with rock polishers for kids is that often the power of the rotor is very week. Also if it breaks, you usually just need to throw it away. You can't easily find replacement parts which is the case with regular rock polishers. The type of rock polisher typically sold for kids has a rotating tumbler. This means that the rocks fall over themselves. You can find a variety of rock polishers for kids here. There are some very fun shaped rock polishers including ones shaped like a little spaceship or gun. For example, the Elenco Electronics Elenco Electronics Discovery Planet Rock Tumbler for $35. Some reviewers mention that the Elenco Planet Rock Tumbler breaks easily. If you buy this rock polisher for kids, just keep in mind it is not designed for heavy usage. There is also the Discovery Exclusive Gyrotek Rock Polisher for $30. Again, keep in mind that the rock polishing will take a long time with these toys. You may want to just get a standard rock polisher and supervise while your children use it. Rock polishing equipment you may want to consider is the Elenco Electronics Discovery Planet Rock Tumbler Refill Kit for $18. This refill kit includes rocks as well as components for making jewelry out of your gems.