Updated: November 2017

Best Chocolate Fountains

What is a chocolate fountain? Sounds like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it really is sort of an entertaining, enhanced chocolate fondue centerpiece. As you can see in the pictures below, a chocolate fountain (also known as a fondue fountain) looks like a liquid 3 layer cake. It is basically a fountain overflowing with liquid, melted chocolate. There is a bottom holding tank that is heated, and then an upper fountain unit that has an auger (like a corkscrew) in it that moves the chocolate from the bottom to the top. They are generally filled with pre-heated melted chocolate about 15-20 minutes prior to use. You can also melt the chocolate directly in the fountain, but that can take 30-40 minutes or more. These units are popular at parties, receptions, etc. where they can sit on a table and people use skewers to dip various treats into the fountain - fruits, cakes candies, nuts. Certain to be a conversation piece, your guests will be happy and plumper by the end of the evening! You can rent or buy - for one time events, look into renting one to save on prep, cleanup, and supplies. Amazon maintains a list of the best-selling chocolate fountains here.

Renting a chocolate fountain

Where can I rent a chocolate fountain? For many people, using a chocolate fountain is a one-time special event at a party, wedding reception, etc. In those cases, it makes more sense to rent a professional fountain with the proper supplies all laid out for you. There are a number of online chocolate fountain rental sites. Check out SweetFountains.com to start. You can rent a smaller 19" fountain for about $100 - they will ship it to you and you have 3 days to use and return it. It comes with skewers, and you can also buy chocolates from them. If you are planning a larger event, for $299 you get the full service medium chocolate fountain - they set up and prepare and clean the unit, making it available for 2.5 hours for your event. It comes with chocolate and skewers for up to 100 guests and includes a drip zone cloth for protecting the area around it. Another site for renting fountains is ChocoFountain.com.

Chocolate Fountain Review

If you're looking to buy a chocolate fountain for home use, they sell those as well. You're looking at about $40 to $100 for a tabletop fountain, about 14-18 inches tall. A stainless steel unit 21" tall is $57, and it holds up to 6 lbs of chocolate. If you've tried fondue in the past and had fun with it, a chocolate fountain for special events in your kitchen might be just the thing! Sephra sells commercial chocolate fountains and home units. The high-end commercial units can be 3-4 feet tall and are really geared towards professional caterers and event planners - prices range from $2000 to $3500. Their home fountains cost from $99 to $399, depending on how large and fancy you want to get. Check out their 19" Signature fountain: "If you are really out to impress your guests with elegance and style, then the Signature Fondue Fountain is the fountain for you. Constructed of professional quality stainless steel styling, the Signature fountain boasts electronic temperature controls for using a variety of fondues, 6 pound capacity, a removable stainless steel basin for quick easy cleaning, and a durable stainless steel tier assembly that stands up to the most rigorous entertaining demands." Sephra also sells boxes of chocolate to enjoy at home.

If you have a chocolate lover in your life, a smaller, home chocolate fountain might make a great birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift. Everyone loves chocolate - and a gift like this is sure to please everyone!