Updated: November 2017

Reviews of the best dollhouses - Where to Buy Doll Houses:

A dollhouse is an excellent way for young children to improve on their imagination and play with dolls. My daughter loves to decorate all the rooms in her dollhouse with miniature dollhouse furniture (beds, tables, lamps, etc). We read reviews from Amazon and other kids toy sites to find the best dollhouses on the market (kid approved). The most popular dollhouses are the Kid Kraft Fashion Deluxe House Set with Furniture ($129) - great for Barbies since the house is so big (over 4' tall) and comes furnished with cute wooden furniture. The Playmobil Take Along Dollhouse ($28.95) is another favorite of kids with 4 rooms and furniture along with family member figures to play with. The best thing about the Playmobile Take Along is that it folds up and is portable to go anywhere. Fisher price dollhouses are always big sellers around Christmas time and we review them below. Amazon keeps an up to date list of the best-selling dollhouses here.

The World of Little People Sweet Sounds ($29.99) is a hot product for little girls (1 to 3 years of age). The dollhouse includes 8 rooms, 12 sounds, and 2 levels. You get a table, two chairs, play center, baby stroller, bed and 2 connectable fence pieces, mom, dad, and baby. The toy is meant for younger toddlers, but parents say that kids up to 3 enjoy the dollhouse for hours. The Fisher Price Loving Family: Fun Foldin' Twin Time Doll House with Mom ($49.99) is another top seller and includes a baby boy in the mix as well. The Barbie 3-Story Dream House ($89.99) is my daughters current favorite toy from Mattel. There's a stove that sizzles, a doorbell, flushing toilet, and a few songs on the house intercom. It's 3 feet tall and fully furnished with lots of cute dollhouse accessory items. For a change of pace we also suggest the Dora the Explorer Magical Castle/Dollhouse for $59.99. This one is great for boys and girls - includes magical wand, revolving bookcase, trap door in the armoire, a treasure chest, and pop-open mirror. If you are looking for an eye stopper, check out the Playmobil Grande Mansion ($129.95) - although expensive it's durable and has 4 good sized rooms and an attic. It's a great long-term dollhouse for your family. Lastly, the Giant Three-Story Wooden Dollhouse ($79.99) we saw on Amazon.com blew us away. It's 4'5" tall, has 3 floors, and looks like fun. Some reviewers say it's not durable enough and would rather have the Imaginarium Dollhouse for $10 more. Greenleaf Doll Houses are more for show than play, but the Doll House - McKinley by Greenleaf is impressive ($119.95) and would make a good gift for an older girl to decorate and play with.

Dollhouse Furniture:

Many women collect dollhouses that are a craft related activity where you can decorate the interior of beautifully built dollhouses. Dollshouse.com has a wide selection of dolls houses, miniature furniture, carpets, flooring, and dolls and teddies. The dollhouse furniture is amazing with the smallest features and realistic touches. You can get bathrooom showers, jacuzzis, beds, bookcases, shelves, chairs, chests & drawers, clocks, shop counters, cupboards, sideboards, desks, dressers, fireplaces, kitchen appliances, mirrors, musical instruments, nightstands, nursery furniture, sofas, tables, and wardrobes. The Mauve Natural Spindle Bunk Beds ($47.50) and the loft beds are made at 1/12 scale for the design. We would say the best dollhouse miniatures we found were at Dollhouseminiatures.net with some unique furniture pieces that are all hand picked by the site owner. They have garage items, garden and outdoors, game & music room pieces, library, office, and kids room stuff. Let your imagination wonder as you sift through their inventory of priceless pieces. More dollhouse furniture here.

Build Your Own Dollhouse:

Building a dollhouse with a dollhouse kit can be a fun experience for entire family. Cheap dollhouse plans cost about $50-$80 while the extravagent, detailed dollhouses run over $250. The styles include Victoria dollhouses, Barbie dollhouses, Colonial dollhouses, Log Cabin dollhouses, Farmhouse dollhouses, Cottage Dollhouses and Tudor dollhouses. We found the best selection at Themagicaldollhouse.com/dollhouse-kits.html and found their most popular dollhouses were the Coventry Cottage Dollhouse Kit ($48) - snap together pieces with shingles and furniture, the Orchid Dollhouse Kit ($32) - Victorian cottage with bay window and ornate trim, Fairfield Dollhouse Kit (1/2 Scale) ($56) - wrap around porch and 4 fireplaces, the Arthur Dollhouse Kit ($44) - 4 rooms and porch, and the Willow Dollhouse Kit ($88) - 18th century architecture and 2 bookcases in a colonial style house. They offer a whole section of the site to "easy build dollhouses" that truly are magnificent and only take about 30 minutes to put together with snap in parts. Dollhousedesigns.com/ offers downloadable dollhouse plans that are great for woodworking, miniature projects or as a hobby.

Doll House Supply - Accessories:

After reviewing several sites for dollhouse accessories and seeing what customers had to say, we came up with a 1 stop shopping site for all your dollhouse supplies. Dollhousecollectables.com offers complete lines of dollhouse accessories, furniture, supplies and miniatures. You could spend a fortune on a site like this if you want with all the accessory items they have. Their 5 piece bedroom sets run about $40-$100 and the nursery furniture sets are about $20. What would a dollhouse be without dolls? Well, this site has it covered tiny porcelain dolls that any kid would love to have. Most dolls are $9-$35 and include boys, girls, parents, family sets, grandmothers, grandfathers, shopkeepers, and all the clothing accessories you could ever want. They have a nice "new items" area where you can always find the latest additions to the site and never miss a thing as well a free Handley House catalog that features 2500 dollhouse miniatures & miniature accessories.