Updated: November 2017

Remote Control Car Reviews:

When I was growing up the only kind of remote control cars that existed were the battery powered $40 cars you could buy from Radio Shack or Sears. Each year I would ask Santa Claus for a 4 wheel drive truck or fast race car type remote control car. They were not very durable and usually broke within a few months of rough play from a 10 year old boy. I would drive them off of jumps, through rocky trails, periodically into water puddles which I'm sure is why they didn't last too long. Now, the hobby quality radio control rc cars and trucks are more popular than the toy remote control cars I used to get as a kid. The new line of radio controlled cars are ultra fast, tunable, and have powerful electric and nitro engines along with adjustable suspensions. Offroad rc cars and trucks can do 35 to 45 MPH and the onroad or street cars can do almost 70 miles per hour. I remember driving one years ago when my younger brother got one and I could barely control the car because it was too fast and the steering was very sensitive to any adjustments.
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The most popular rc cars are 1/10th scale trucks but the mini rc cars for street are gaining in popularity simply because they are so fast. If you plan on running your car on uneven terrain or off of jumps, stick with the offroad radio controlled trucks and cars since they are built to withstand the rough play. Nitro remote control cars are very powerful and fast and offer a realistic driving experience with advanced features. Electric remote control cars are easier for beginners to drive but they too are responsive and quick. As a beginner, consider a ready to run nitro or electric rc car instead of the build your own cars which are meant for more experienced rc car enthusiasts. Learning how to build or repair your car is a great skill to acquire since these cars are alot like NASCAR race cars and need plenty of tuneup work and adjustments all the time. Even the ready to run cars are sold with instruction manuals that show you how to build or tear down the car if needed. Remote control cars are the type of hobby that will get you hands on in no time at all. Some of the top RC car manufacturers are CEN Racing, Team Associated, Traxxas, Tamiya, HPI Racing, Team Losi, and Trinity. We found the most comprehensive remote control (RC) car site on the web at Rccartalk.com - it's an online R/C Car magazine with plenty of information and reviews on the latest remote control cars for beginners and experts. We especially like the user feedback and opinions which definitely help buyers make informed decisions. We sorted through all the reviews we found online in forums and at websites to come up with the "best of the best" in remote control cars (see the results below). You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling remote control cars here.

Best Gas Powered Remote Control Car:

NOTEL We don't recommend these cars for kids under the age of 14 or 15 -- they are expensive and very fast.. CEN Racing makes the #1 nitro sedan on the market in the CT4S. It's ready to run right out of the box and can reach speeds up to 70 MPH. Reviewers say this new model is the "faster, most reliable car on the market". You get a 2-speed transmission and lots of tuning options with the chassis so the car will run perfectly in all track conditions. Top features on the CEN Racing CT4S ($350) include high impact foam bumper, 3mm thick chassis for durability and strength, hard anodized aluminum upper deck, racing wheels, and pivot ball suspension design. The car has a beautiful Porsche 911 top that fits over the body. Some other nitro models include the 1:10 Scale Nitro Gas 4WD Engine Powered Radio Control Car, Nitro Stampede RTR w/ TRX Pro .15, or the Nitro RS4 RTR 3 EVO+, 350Z (has a high torque 2.2HP motor!).

Electric Remote Control Car:

Electric rc cars are the perfect gift or purchase for any beginner in the remote control car hobby. They are easier to maintain than nitro rc cars since they are powered by electric batteries. The good thing is that there are a variety of styles to choose from - rc monster trucks, buggies, sedans, and stadium trucks. Tyco and Nikko make some less expensive models, but experts recommend staying with Traxxas, HPI, or Team Associated electric rc cars. The Traxxas 1/10 Electric Bandit RTR w/TQ Radio ($130) is a top seller in this category and offers speed, affordability, and lots of fun. The Traxxas Bandit has fully-independent suspension, rigid, fiber composite, double-deck chassis, 48-pitch gears, adjustable, oil-filled shocks, and a slipper clutch. The Stinger motor will provide all the excitement and entertainment you need. It's fully assembled and ready to run. You need a Ni-cd 6-cell flat battery pack, Battery charger, and 8 AA batteries for Radio Controller. Hobbytron.com is an excellent site for buying any kind of remote control car.

Offroad Gas Powered Remote Control Car:

The Sportwerks Mayhem ST 4WD R/C Truck RTR with SPM DX2 ($550) is another top selling RC car that performs wonderfully offroad. The Mayhem is a 1/8 scale stadium truck design with oversized off-road tires that come pre-glued and already mounted on dish wheels. The added ground clearance and increased traction make this offroad remote control car special. The car will do almost 45 MPH and the electric starting system is a nice touch. Comes with a 6 volt 1100mAh receiver pack and charger which means just add fuel and your off. Keep in mind that nitro rc cars require a special fuel - don't put regular gas you get from the pump into the car or else you will ruin the engine. The newest nitro rc cars offer lots of adjustments and tuning options so you the driver can have a great experience at your loca remote control car track.

Toy Remote Control Cars:

If the cars above are too much speed or sound too complicated, consider the regular toy remote control cars that younger kids like to get for Christmas. If you are buying for smaller children, we don't recommend spending much more than $75 or so. Most smaller kids are happy with a $30 truck or car, as long as they can control it. And they do break easily - spending a lot more just isn't worth it in most cases. The Bratz Tokyo A Go Go - Remote Control Car, Barbie Remote Control Car or NASCAR remote control cars are all sold at stores like Target. They carry police remote control cars, or offroad hummers. All remote control cars are about $15 to $45. You can see the list of cheap remote control cars online here.