Updated: November 2017

Star Trek - Own The DVD Box Set Collections

Any Trekkies worth their weight has seen all the episodes from all the Star Trek series, along with all the Star Trek movies. And quite a few of us own some Star Trek DVDs. But who owns all the Star Trek DVD box set collections? We're talking some serious money here, and some serious hours of sci-fi viewing. Fortunately, you can buy EVERY episode of every show -- and this page will show you where to get the best prices. If you are ready to buy right now, jump over to Amazon's Star Trek DVD Page -- they tend to offer prices and specials that are hard to beat. Let's start with the big screen first...

Star Trek Movie Set DVD Collection

The Star Trek Movie Set comprises the 10 big screen films released since the late 70s. The first film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, was released in 1979. It brought back all the originial cast members, led by our indomitable Captain Kirk. While it was great seeing Star Trek on the big screen, the movie series didn't really get going until The Wrath of Khan came out in 1982. Again bringing back original actors from the TV series, Ricardo Montalban delivered a great performance, reprising his role as Khan. The Search for Spock came out in 1984 -- not my favorite, but still pretty good. This was followed by The Voyage Home in 1986 and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier in 1989. The Undiscovered Country (1991) ranks among our top 3 favorites, and it was good to see Kirk and Piccard together in Generations in 1994. The final 3 Star Trek movies were First Contact (the Borg!), Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002). This collection improves over the original releases of these DVD by offering 2 disc special editions of each film, with plenty of "extras" to keep fans engaged for a good long time!

Star Trek: The Original Series TV Show DVD Collection - Seasons 1, 2, and 3

Of course this is where it all started in 1966. Some people think Star Trek was on for many years, but it was only on TV for 3 seasons. There are 29 episodes in Season 1 of Star Trek The Original Series -- from The Menagerie to Arena to The City on the Edge of Forever to Space Seed (the original Khan episode), these are pretty much all classics. You can buy the complete Star Trek Season 1 for about $80. With digital remastering and Dolby sound, these will look better than anything you watched on your old TV 40 years ago. Star Trek Season 2 has 26 episodes, with classics like The Trouble with Tribbles, Assignment: Earth, and A Piece of the Action (Kirk as a gangster!). For less than $60, a very good deal. The final Season 3 DVD Set was just released in 2008, featuring the final 24 episodes. Spock's Brain has gotten a lot of laughs over the years, but other episodes continue to hold up well, like The Tholian Web, Whom Gods Destroy, And The Children Shall Lead. No Star Trek fan's collection is complete without these original series DVDs. You can buy the entire 3 season collection here.

Star Trek The Next Generation DVD Box Set Collection

Star Trek The Next Generation (known lovingly as Star Trek TNG to its fans) was the first "new" Star Trek series to appear on TV after the original, first airing in 1987. With an all new cast, it created a new Star Trek universe while remaining true to the ideals of the original series. It ran for 7 seasons, and you can buy the complete 7 season box set for about $350. This monster collection contains 49 discs, but you can also buy all the individual seasons is you prefer. The individual seasons contain approx. 26 episodes each and sell for around $50 each. You can check out details of the Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete First Season to get an idea of how the seasons are packaged up. Season One is a 7 disc set, with most discs containing 4 episodes. The 7th disc has some bonus materials like behind the scenes interviews and commentaries. Given the longevity of The Next Generation series, many fans feel more connected to this crew than to the original -- but for any fans, these DVDs make a great collection.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Deep Space Nine followed TNG, premiering on TV in 1993. It would run for 7 seasons, just like TNG before it and Voyager after it. This series took place around an old Space Station, headed up by Captain Sisko. Some fans think Season 6 was the best, some like the 7th. Personally, this show grew on me season after season, so I like them all. Individual season DVD collections sell for around $50. Take a look at Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 1 collection here. If you want the entire 7 seasons in one DVD box set collection, you can pick it up here.

Star Trek Voyager TV Show DVD Collection - Seasons 1-7

Star Trek: Voyager was the next TV series to follow Deep Space Nine, featuring a female Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew). It also lasted for 7 seasons, beginning in 1995. Season 1 had only 16 episodes, but the later seasons had 23 episodes each. The series revolves around a 75 year return journey the Starship Voyager must make after being flung 70,000 light years away -- even at Warp Factor 10 it takes a while to cover that kind of distance! You can buy a Star Trek Voyager box set containing all 7 seasons, or you can buy individual seasons. Star Trek Voyager - The Complete First Season sells for around $50 -- you can also access the other seasons of the series from that page. While most Star Trek fans enjoy the different series mostly for their sci-fi adventures, we still all have our favorites and least favorites. For me, this series never really got under my skin. Sure, I've watched a lot of episodes, but I can't say I'd re-watch the series.

Star Trek Enterprise TV Show DVD Collection - Seasons 1-4

The Star Trek Enterprise series began in 2001, just a few months after Voyager ended, and ran for 4 seasons. This series was a prequel to the original Star Trek series, set more than 100 years before the adventures of Captain Kirk. Good premise, and overall a good series. The show certainly had its share of critics, but the plots and characters worked for me. From the first season, some of the highlight episodes include Sleeping Dogs, Fortunate Son, and the finale, Shockwave (26 episodes all together). All 4 seasons are available on DVD priced at around $50, or you can buy a 4 season box set.