Updated: November 2017

Toy Workbench Reviews:

The one thing that kids are great at is imitating their parents around the house. For all those fathers out there that enjoy working on a toolbench or workbench, you'll be glad to know that their are toy workbenches you can buy for your son or daughter so they too can enjoy the fun of playing with tools. Many of the kids workbenches come with authentic looking tools and features that will mimic the real thing. Childrens toy workbenches are small and compact enough to fit in closets for easy storage and durable enough to be used outdoors or indoors. The plastic kids workbenches are great for imaginative outdoor play in the summer time while the better quality wooden toy workbenches are meant for indoor play unless the wood is properly finished to last in harsher climates in your backyard. The top selling toy workbenches we saw were mostly made of heavy-duty plastic materials that allows them to withstand rain, snow, and other weather related conditions outside. You can always pull the workbench inside during bad weather if that is a concern.
toy workbench

As to which kids workbench is the most popular or best selling, we would have to say the Home Depot Work Bench with Lights and Sounds Tool Set ($125) gets the best reviews from parents and kids. Amazon and Toys R Us sell the Home Depot Kids workbench product and it comes loaded with over 70 different pieces. You get a metal grinder, power drill, circular saw, pliers, screwdriver, air wrench, hammer and wrenches. Parents say there is so much to play with that their young kids will spend literally hours in imaginatory play with this toy. Some owners say the plastic is not durable enough and that the actual workbench is "flimsy", but overall the toy workbench received excellent reviews. The one drawback we found was that 11 AA batteries are required to make all the sounds and lights work properly (5 AA batteries are included). You need to own stock in a battery company to support a toy like this. The Black & Decker Jr Kids Power Workshop Workbench ($85) is another toy workbench that features nuts, bolts, a working vise, a saw, and much more. Just 4AA batteries are required on this one and parents say it's sturdier than the Home Depot product. We have tried to list the most popular kids workbench products below and where you can find them and for how much. Many of these were sold out when we last checked online so be patient and if all else fails, go to Ebay to bid on a used toy workbench.

Elmo Workbench:

The Sesame Street Sing n' Giggle Tool Bench ($50) is a fun kids workbench with Elmos face right in the middle. There's a cookie monster drill press, a Bert and Ernie circular saw, some pretend nails to hammer and fake wood to cut. Parents say their children love this kids workbench with all the accessories (no Elmo drill included like some thought) but the sound level is too high and not adjustable. It's Elmos singing that gets on peoples nerves so be forewarned on this one. Overall, a good interactive toy from Fisher Price that will keep your childs attention. Many stores were out of stock of this item during Christmas, but we found several available online at Target.com.

Little Tikes WorkBench vs Step2:

The Little Tikes Swirlin Sawdust Workshop ($70) is the deluxe version of all the kids workbenches listed on this page. It features a "swirlin sawdust" drill, realistic wood grain legs, a diamond plate work surface, and a two-piece magnetic board. Parents say this workbench is very durable but it has many of the same "unstable" comments that the other cheaper kids workbenches get. RECOMMENDED - The Real Projects Workshop from Step2 is $60 (cheaper than the Little Tikes) and has 65 pieces of accessories. This was the most realistic of all the workbenches we saw for children. The "wood" pieces are made of Durafoam (float in water) and have interlocking notches and holes so that you can actually put together small projects. There is a spring action vise, electric drill, pull out drawer, storage bins, and fun noises. Some comments from parents said "the foam blocks" didn't stay together so well and assembly was a little rough. Overall, though, parents liked the stability of the unit and say it deserves the award from Family Fun Magazine.

Bob the Builder Workbench:

This was the "best fit" kids workbench on the market. Children watch Bob the Builder and are used to him using power tools and working on projects, so the Bob the Builder Workbench makes sense. We did find the Bob the Builder - Can We Build It Activity Tool Bench ($15) at several kids toy stores but it's a cheaper version of the real thing we have seen listed on Ebay called the Bob the Builder Workbench which is much sturdier and realistic looking. After searching several reputable sites we assume the sturdier version is no longer available and the less expensive model is all you can find in stores. If you don't mind buying used toys, consider going online to Ebay and bidding on the heavy-duty Bob the Builder kids workbench for a better quality product.