Updated: July 23, 2017

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Birth Certificates Resources

If you want to order your birth certificate copy yourself, you can do it by contacting the appropriate state office directly.

The US Government maintains a page dedicated to assisting people replace vital records, like divorce decrees, birth certificates, passports, Social Security Cards, and Medicare Cards:
USA.gov - Vital Records

Here is a list of state by state addresses and contact information for requesting a birth certificate copy. Each state page has a link to their vital records department with specific instructions and required forms.
State by State Listings To Order Birth Certificates

3rd Party Birth Certificate Sites

As noted previously, there are a number of sites that specialize in handling requests for copies of birth certificates. You will still have to fill out required forms and mail, fax, or email them in, but they will handle the rest of the process for you and mail you your birth certificate copy when it is available.

VitalChek.com - this is our recommended site. They are part of LexisNexis, meaning they are legitimate and trustworthy. They charge a processing fee ($2-$16) on top of any fees charged by state agencies. As an example during a recent test, for a California Birth Certicate the state was charging $28, while VitalCheck charged an additional $6 fee on top of that. Straight-forward and easy to use, reasonably priced.

ExpressVitals.com - this is our second choice. They offer essentially the same services as VitalCheck, at similar prices.

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