Updated: November 2017

Bathrobe Reviews:

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a nice hot shower or bath and then putting on a comfortable bathrobe afterwards. The material that the bathrobe is made from is what makes them so warm and comfy. Bathrobes are made for men, women and children of all shapes and sizes and in lots of different materials. Choose from terry robes, chenille bathrobes, cotton bathrobes, flannel robes, microfiber robes, fleece bathrobes, silk, satin and cashmere robes. The styles are just as varied with luxury robes, short bathrobes, zip up robes, hooded bathrobes, and Turkish spa robes. We always hear that the terry cloth and Egyptian cotton bathrobes are the most comfortable out there and they do get the best reviews. In terms of romance, both men and women say that the silk and satin robes look the best and many are unisex bathrobes meaning men or women can wear them. They all comes in different colors and designs, like the hooded robes for kids (adults can get this option as well).

When you are ready to buy a bathrobe, make sure you try on the various materials to see which ones feel better to your skin. Some people prefer flannel while others need terry cloth. Also consider when you will wear the robe, winter or summer months (perhaps both). Lighter materials are obviously better in summer and robes of fleece or flannel are superior in winter to help keep you warm on colder evenings. We also read reviews online from men and women who bought robes only to find out they don't fit properly, many times because the person wearing the bathrobe is too tall. Know your size before ordering online. One of my first memories of my children is them running around our house after a bath in a hooded bathrobe that covers their entire body. They look so adorable and cozy in those plush robes for toddlers. Many married couples order monogrammed or personalized matching robes as a wedding gift. My wife had this done soon after our wedding and the terry robes have our initials on them. Cost was about $75 for each robe but I must say they have lasted well and it was worth the money. If you are going to shop online for bathrobes, start with Bathrobeshoppe.com. They carry robes for men, women, and children in every material imaginable and they sell top brands like Frankie & Johnny, Kookoo, Hello Kitty, Karen Neuburger, Max & Lucy, Bedhead, Kashwere, and the Cat's Pajamas. The bathrobes range from $50 to $150 depending on the maker and the material used. Cottonplace.com is another favorite site of ours with kimonos, waffle robes, wraps, shawls, hooded adult bathrobes, and kids robes. Their deluxe waffle bathrobes are found in some of the most prestigious spas, resorts, and hotel and sell for around $60. Turkishtowels.com is an Internet bathrobe store with megasoft bathrobes, waffle-terry robes, and straight terry bathrobes. We did some comparison shopping online for bathrobes to find the most popular styles and brands as rated by you the consumers. See below for the top rated bathrobes. You can browse the most popular bathrobes as rated online here.

Best Bathrobe - Men and Women:

The Turkishtowels Terry Bathrobe ($73) is sold both on the Amazon.com and Turkishtowel site listed above. They are made with 100% combed Egyptian cotton in Turkey. These robes provide the best in comfort, softness and overall quality. The craftsmanship is superb with deep looped terry inside and out and one size fits all. We did read one review online that mentioned it might be too small for a man 6' 3" or taller. The terry robe comes in taupe, ivory, white, and silver sage. Women love the texture and quality of this robe and appreciate the warmth it gives you after a shower. The overall thickness and luxurious feel from the terry bathrobe makes this a best seller. Our friends at TurkishTowel also have a popular robe for men called the Megasoft Bathrobe ($80). Although the robe says it's great for either male/female, we found more positive reviews on this from men, and yes men do like soft robes it appears. The bathrobe is constructed with 100% cotton - an exclusive Japanese yarn that gives the a soft and plush feel. Men say it's warm, absorbent, and masculine (espresso color) and one of the softest robes you will ever wear.

Top Luxury Bathrobe

The Lomanve White or Pink Luxury Chenille & Sateen Full Length Robe ($235) is available in both white or pink and is like owning your own hotel robe. The robes totally reversible and made with chic sateen on one side and a lightweight, heavenly, cotton-soft chenille on the other. You find these expensive robes at top spas and hotels worldwide. We also like the Women's Silk & Cashmere Robe ($230) on the Dreamsack.com website. The robe is blended with 85% and 15% cashmere to give you an elegant and luxurious styling. The bathrobe is full length and has two patch pockets and a belted waist. You get the softness and warmth when silk and cashmered are combined.

Kid's Bathrobes

Kids love taking baths and as parents we are concerned they don't catch a "chill" afterwards when they are damp and their hair is still slightly wet. Buying a quality childs bathrobe will give you piece of mind and they look great on kids. Robe.com is the perfect website for kids robes. Their best seller is the Pink Hooded Velour Cover Up ($22) for girls and there is a white or blue color for little boys. The Kids Cashmere/Chenille Cover Up ($24) is another top selling bathrobe with thick, soft fabric that will keep your child warm and dry. BEST - Check out the most popular kids bathrobes here.