Updated: November 2017

Beard Trimmer Reviews and Buying Guide:

In this guide: we tell you what to look for, which beard trimmer is best, and where to get the best price.
When men grow a beard, part of the problem of keeping one is that trimming and grooming your beard can become tedious. It's much harder to trim your beard than it is to just shave it off. A quality beard trimmer is an essential tool for any man who grows and wants to keep a beard. Years ago I remember my poor father using scissors to try and take care of his beard, what a waste of time. A good beard trimmer will quickly groom your beard with little hassle and keep it looking manicured and nice. Besides a beard, many men grow goatees and mustaches that need to be shaped and trimmed just as often. I personally grow a beard or goatee regularly since I can't stand shaving everyday, so having a beard trimmer around my house is important. So what do you want in a beard trimmer? It comes down to a few key features:
  • Quick and easy to use -- not too many complicated attachments, cordless
  • Precision both in shaping and trimming length
  • Cleanliness -- minimizes mess while trimming and during cleanup
  • Affordable

We looked at a lot of beard trimmers, checking on a variety of features like corded or cordless, wet and dry options for shower use, vacuum functions to clean up little pieces of hair, and various accessory items or attachments that might come with the trimmer. Cordless and rechargeable units are more expensive on average but offer more freedom and convenience. If you can find a beard trimmer that also is a hair cutter that is an added benefit - trimming hair at multiple lengths is a huge plus. Most beard trimmers can also be used for trimming back hair (difficult to do by yourself but easy for another person to do), neck hair, or chest hair. Beard trimmers with hypoallergenic foils cause less irritation and ones with stainless steel blades give great results. An excellent site to start with is Beards.org - a kind of one stop shopping and educational site for growing beards, grooming beards, beard styles, and an excellent FAQ section on beard coloring and care. We went to other consumer sites like Epinions.com, Amazon.com, and Target to read customer reviews and get feedback on what models and brands are considered the best beard trimmers, and we looked at more than 2 decades of our own personal experience when it comes to beard grooming. Norelco, Remington, Philips, Wahl, Braun, Panasonic, and Andis are the top brands, so that's where we start. You can browse the top selling beard trimmers online here.

Best Beard Trimmer:

RECOMMENDED: The Philips Norelco Turbo Vacuum Beard and Moustache Trimmer ($45) gets the best reviews from men trimming their beards. This Norelco beard trimmer features SteelWave Technology, which to you and me means self-sharpening blades that will give you a precise and even trim. You turn a dial on the neck of the trimmer to adjust the cutting guide length -- then the trimmer won't cut any hair shorter than that and you can simply move it along your face (there are 9 different settings, from long to short, to choose from). There is a smaller attachment for even more precise trimming, like along the mustache line or at the sideburns. The vacuum feature might be the best part about this trimmer. If you've ever cut hair or beards with an electric trimmer, you know you end up with thousands of tiny little hair particles all over (the counter, the sink, your shirt, etc.). The QT4070 has a vacuum built right into it, and it sucks in almost all of your beard trimmings (95%) as you cut, leaving very little mess to clean up afterwards. The Norelco QT4070 Turbo has an excellent ergonomic design that makes trimming any beard easy on the hands and wrist, and the flexing guide comb adjusts to facial contours for even and comfortable trimming. It comes with a charging adaptor (an overnight charge gives you almost 45 minutes of trimming time) and cleaning brush, and the Clearview hair chamber lets you see when the vacuum section is full and needs to be emptied of all the cut hairs. Beyond the fact that the Norelco beard trimmer works great, all owners say the vacuum function is amazingly successful at sucking in all the hair that gets trimmed off your beard. Users say that on the Turbo mode 90-95% of all hair is vacuumed away for a clean countertop without all the stubbles of hair. The only complaint we read was that the "Turbo mode" was a little loud. Owners do say that the other modes work just fine as well with a little less noise if you need to be quiet during the early morning hours. This shaver passes our checklist with flying colors - easy to use, cutting length attachments built-in, vacuum for no mess, precise cutting, and affordable. UPDATE September 2014 - We have always liked the Braun men's shavers and their Braun Cruzer 5 Beard and Head Cruzer is one of the latest offerings to consider. You get a powerful beard trimmer that trims evenly and works great with any beard style. Whether you are trimming stubble or a full length beard, the Braun Cruzer 5 performs flawlessly. Reviews back up our opinions as this product has slowly gained recognition amongst the Amazon crowd too. The precise trimming action will surely make this a top seller for a long time. There is a newer Braun Cruzer 6, but the reviews are not as consistent as you find for the Cruzer 5.

High End Beard Trimmer:

Wahl and Andis makes the best professional hair and beard trimmers on the market. Barbers and beauticians recommend these models more than any other to their customers because that is what they use in their business. Don't let the word "professional" scare you off in terms of price, you may spend $75 instead of $50 but get a quality, beard trimmer instead of just a good one. They do offer some less expensive models as well, like this Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer for just $30. You can view the entire collection of Wahl trimmers online at Wahlpro.com and those from Andis at Andis.com/USA/products.asp. They offer all the newest technology in cordless and electric beard trimmers. UPDATE September 2014 - We found a new model from Andis that definitely deserves to be listed in this category. Check out the best selling Andis Professional 04710 T-Outliner Personal Trimmer which sells for $47 on Amazon and gets high praise from consumers.

Value/Budget Mustache and Beard Trimmer:

If you want a reliable trimmer that won't cost too much, go with the Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer. The Remington MB-200 beard trimmer features titanium coated blades that never need oiling, a zoom wheel that lets you pick from 9 length settings, and it's rechargeable with an LED indicator for charging strength. For $30 you can't wrong with this goatee/mustache/beard trimmer from Remington. Owners appreciate that the blades are self-sharpening for long lasting use. The one major complaint is that the battery life tends to drop dramatically after a year or so. You can browse all of Amazon's bestselling beard and moustache trimmers here.