Updated: November 2017

Credit Card Wallet Reviews:

Slim, sleek, stylish, or utilitarian. This can describe any number of things: your car, your computer, your smartphone. But when you go to pay for those things, what is your wallet saying? Is it saying old, ugly, cheap, outdated? Is it convenient for easy use or secure storage in a bag or purse? Does it hold everything you need it to, including credit cards, cash, ID, and, of course, pictures of your loved ones? It's a lot to ask out of a wallet! Today's credit card wallets are very versatile, not to mention slim and sleek. Because carrying cash is often inconvenient and unsafe, many people need to store their credit and debit cards as their first priority. We'll take a look at some of the best credit card wallets so you can have practicality, style, convenience, and value all in one place.

What Kind of Credit Card Wallet Do You Want? - Most of the wallets today are designed with spots for your credit cards; you may find that one of these multi-functional wallets works well for your purposes. You can carry several credit cards, your ID, and some cash as well. You can also opt for a larger credit card wallet, which is an option that many women prefer. These look more like purses, and they come in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials. Many prefer to carry a wallet that is solely for credit cards, whether to use just in their pocket or to place in a purse or bag. Again, these can be found in many different styles. Yet another option is to use a money clip. These are streamlined and slim for lightweight carrying. They can also be used for money and IDs. There are a host of options available: the key is to choose something that appeals to you. We'll show you some great choices to give you a sense of what's available and where to start. You can browse the best selling credit card wallets here.

Credit Card Wallet With Money Clip:

Your choice will depend on your personal preferences, as well as your budget. You could spend hundreds on a credit card wallet or you could spend well under $10. On the high end, you could opt for beautiful fabric, vinyl, or leather credit card wallets from Prada, Kenneth Cole, and Burberry, as recommended by AskMen. This may leave you with nothing leftover to put into your brand new wallet. The outstanding Burberry Brown Men's wallet, for instance, is $280. You can find it for a steal of $195 on Amazon. Prada wallets are available online for as little as $110 and as much as well over $500. Comparatively, the Kenneth Cole women and men's wallets are downright cheap. This premier brand has a wide variety of wallets ranging from $25 to about $50. You can find Kenneth Cole wallets here. Marie Claire published a list of their favorite women's wallet manufacturers, which included Kate Spade, Chanel, Coach, Hobo International, Tod's, and Lulu Guinness. You can find many of these top brands on Amazon at lower prices, but they are still pricy, starting at over $100. Beautiful, classic, and always in style, yes. A budget choice, not so much. A great choice that is inexpensive is the Genuine New Leather Credit Card Holder Wallet from Gem Avenue. This is a favorite of Amazon reviewers, who say it has "upscale leather," is "exactly what I need," and deserves a 10-star rating. The great wallet is made of high quality cowhide leather that is comparable in texture and appearance to fine Italian leather. It has one card slot in the front exterior, which is useful for a card that you will be taking in and out frequently, like a card key, for instance. Inside is a window slot for your ID and two large slots for your other credit cards. This is an incredible value at just $8. It may not have Kate Spade stamped on it, but with all that extra money, who cares? Another one to try if you want to go super light is with a money clip. These are useful to men who don't want bulging back pockets or women who want to tuck a money clip into a purse or handbag. For a great suggestion, just turn on your TV. The As Seen on TV Money Clip is inexpensive but will function well while looking sleek. It is plain chrome, which will work with any type of outfit or look. You can hold up to 30 bills on one side and up to 6 credit cards on the other. The secure lock ensures they stay put. This sells for $30, but you can get it for $6.50. See the top rated men's credit card wallets here.

Credit Card Wallets for Women:

Sometimes, you have to carry a lot of cards. You may have a few credit cards, a few pieces of ID, a few store cards, a library card, a grocery store discount card...the list goes on and on. You need a place to store them, and your regular wallet isn't cutting it. There are a few choices that you can pursue. One is a longer, rectangular wallet. These have become somewhat fashionable among men but haven't caught on fully because most men prefer to carry their wallets in their back pockets. These are great for men who may have a deep pocket in their overcoat or for women who are also using a purse. Gem Avenue comes to the rescue again with their Leather Credit Card Holder Wallets for both men and women. These are taller than standard wallets and have more room for cards. The flipside is that they have less room for cash. Inside this Gem Avenue wallet are slots for your cards and a mesh pocket for your ID. There are also two multipurpose pockets inside that can accommodate a checkbook, cash, or receipts. This is only $12, and in black or brown leather, you cannot go wrong. Another option is to get an accordion-style credit card wallet. A good one to try is the Derek Alexander Leather Accardian Credit Card Holder. This leather beauty is compact and has a full zip. This is great if you want to make sure your cards are extra-secure. Inside are nine individual credit card holders. Different from other wallets, these fan out so you can easily flip through to get to the card you want. If you have more than nine cards, though, you may want to get another wallet. This one is designed to work with one card per slot. You can find it for $34. Whether you love the look of leather wallets or want to go lighter with a money clip, you can find a wallet that will suit your needs and your budget. Look for a wide selection of women's wallets here. Choose a credit card wallet that appeals to your sense of style and your budget and that will work how you need it to.