Updated: November 2017

Expandable Luggage Reviews:

Long trips mean more luggage, right? Planning on bringing back souvenirs means more luggage, right? It doesn't have to. Anyone who has ever packed for an extended trip or who has tried to fit all their new acquisitions into their suitcases for the trip home knows that expandable luggage can be tremendously helpful. Anyone who has ever had to sit on their suitcase to get it to shut knows that it can be essential to your sanity. You can instantly increase the volume of your bags whether you are coming or going, giving yourself some much needed space. And of course, expandable luggage is far more versatile. Each piece is like having two suitcases in one. Need a smaller bag? No problem. Need some more room? No problem. Expandable luggage is the traveler's best friend, but how do you pick the right luggage set for your needs? Shopping for anything involves hours of tiresome research, comparisons, switching between sites, or worse, driving between stores, right? It doesn't have to. Take a minute to look at our guide to expandable luggage. You'll save time, and quite possibly some money as well.
expandable luggage

What is Expandable Luggage? - Expandable luggage is magic, is what it is. Not magic, maybe, but certainly innovative and convenient design. This luggage looks no different from ordinary pieces, but the compartments can be expanded as needed. You can get three or even more inches of extra space when you need it. The variety you find in other luggage sets extends to expandable luggage as well: you can find expandable rolling luggage, upright luggage, carry-ons, and more to suit your travel needs. When looking for great expandable luggage, make sure to keep the following considerations in mind:

*Ease of use. Expandable luggage needs to be convenient. Can you expand the compartments easily? How about folding them back in? These are two areas to look for in reviews, or if you are shopping in person, to try out. Don't be afraid to test out the bag, fill it, expand it, and then try to fold it back up. Good salespeople will accommodate you.
*Materials. What is the bag made of? Leather, polyester, nylon? Choose a durable material so you can enjoy the most use. Also consider if you want hard-side (usually preferred by frequent travelers) or soft-side (great for both infrequent and frequent fliers).
*Wheels. This is so helpful when you're jogging between terminals. Expandable wheeled luggage combines great mobility with convenient extra space. Look for a large wheel base, sealed ball bearing system, and tough, durable wheels.
*Construction. What is the frame made of? Honeycomb, fiber glass, aluminum, plastic, and polycarbonate frames are common. These materials are lightweight and durable.
*Zippers. Look for zippers that can withstand a lot of pressure.
*Appearance. Be a little vain, it's ok.

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Best Expandable Luggage:

The best expandable luggage for you will depend on your needs as a traveler, as well as your price range. Let's take a look at some of the best pieces for different purposes and budgets. The Best Budget Expandable Carry-0n Expandable Suiter - ConsumerSearch recommends the Delsey Helium Fusion Carry-On Expandable Suitor Trolley. Quite a mouthful. But it is a great bag as well. Delsey is one of the top luggage manufacturers in the world, and the Helium is their most popular series. This carry-on is ideal for those taking shorter trips or those who need a carry-on in addition to their other baggage. The Helium Fusion is made of durable, lightweight denier ballistic nylon and features recessed inline wheels, telescoping handle, graphite frame, tote-along strap, PVC-covered kick area for step and curb protection, and self-repairing #10 nylon coil zippers for maximum durability. Another great feature of the Helium Fusion is that it is super lightweight: it is 30 to 40 percent lighter than average upright luggage pieces. It measures 21 inches x 8.5 inches x 14 inches and expands a full 2.5 inches. Another excellent feature is the price: it starts at only $60 on Amazon. If you're taking a three or four day trip (or can pack even more compactly!), travel infrequently, or are on a small budget, this bag is ideal. On the high end, ConsumerSearch named the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 as the best expandable rolling luggage. This is also a great carry-on that is perfect for shorter trips. It has 2850 cubic inches of space and expands up to 3200. It is compact and light enough to fit into overhead compartments and features a retractable handle system, sturdy wheels, molded pocket, multiple sole patches to prevent wear, skid plate for protection against stairs and curbs), detachable piggyback clip (so you can strap on an extra bag if you want), and slip-away luggage tag. The Tarmac 22 is made of Helix Double Box, Helix Dual Ripstop, 1680-denier ballistic nylon, and 210-deniere nylon oxford. (Denier refers to the density of the fabric.) The bag measures 14 inches x 22 inches x 9.5 inches and expands to another 1.5 inches. A happy Amazon owner calls this his favorite piece of luggage and praises the unique, compact design and its light weight. The Tarmac 22 costs $223 - $285. If you travel more frequently for business or pleasure, this is a good upgrade from the Helium Fusion. The Best Expandable Luggage for Longer Trips and Frequent Travelers - Those who travel more extensively or who are planning longer trips, especially abroad, often prefer bags that are larger. A great one to try is the Atlantic Compass 29" Expandable Spinner Suiter (view all Atlantic luggage here. This bag is made of strong, durable 1680D ballistic polyester and has interior compartments, including a suitfolder system and wet pocket. The Compass has 4 360-degree wheels that are designed to be convenient but unobtrusive and compact. The frame is built with a honeycomb construction so it is lightweight and very easy to maneuver. It measures 19 inches x 13 inches x 29.5 inches and expands to give you more room. Perfect for going to Italy and picking up some great shoes. Woman's Day calls this a "classic" and "perfect for a long vacation." The Compass is also a great deal for frequent travelers at only $112.

Try an Expandable Luggage Set:

For serious travelers, or those of us who overpack, an expandable luggage set is a great idea. LuggageGuides.com recommends the Olympia Summerlin 5-Piece Expandable Luggage Set. It has a great selection of pieces so you can jet off for a weekend in the sun or pack up for a few weeks away. The Summerlin has a large 26-inch expandable vertical rolling case, a 22-inch expandable carry-on, a 16-inch tote, and a 9-inch personal travel kit. Each is made of 1200 denier polyester and has self-repairing zippers. The uprights expand to provide 25 percent more capacity. The Summerlin expandable luggage set is a tremendous deal at $105 - $145. LuggageGuides recommends this for its great "flexibility and ease." Browse the most popular expandable luggage sets here. When buying luggage, it is best to buy the best quality that you can afford, and if you have a smaller budget, don't worry. There is still great quality to be found. Look for names like Delsey, Samsonite, American Tourister, and more. You can browse through the extensive selection of expandable luggage and decide what is right for your travel needs and your budget. Remember to keep the materials, weight, zipper quality, and transportability in mind as well. With great luggage, you have one less worry when you are planning a trip. Enjoy!